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vrijdag 24 maart 2017

What’s coming to Center Parcs in 2017

We’re a little way into 2017 now. Most of our resolutions have been left in the dust (well done you if you’re still sticking to ‘em!) and once or twice in the last few weeks we’ve even left the house without a scarf (even if we did regret the decision almost immediately).

That means two things are close: spring, with its longer days, warmer mornings and lighter evenings; and the new financial year, with its exciting plans, projects and prospects.

We’re equally excited for both, because this financial year is going to be a doozy at Center Parcs. We’ve got some super surprises up our sleeves for the next twelve months.

As always, we’ll tell you everything we can, as soon as we can. Under the Treetops is still the place you’ll hear our news first, so in that fine tradition, here’s a peak at just some of what we have coming in 2017/18…

Off-Road Explorers goes…on the road

Off-Road Explorers was an instant hit at Sherwood Forest. It wasn’t a great surprise that miniature 4x4s + your adorable little ones + tiny flat caps would be a winning formula.

You might remember we mentioned that we would roll Off-Road Explorers out to Woburn and Longleat Forest this year. Well, we couldn’t let Whinfell and Elveden Forest miss out, so we’re taking it everywhere! That’s right, you’ll be able to try it at any of our five UK villages before the end of the year.

Dropping in at Woburn Forest

Hundreds of guests have now taken the plunge at Elveden Forest since The Drop launched in October 2016.

It’s been such a success that we’ve decided to give The Drop – our most adrenaline-fuelled Action Challenge activity ever – a second home at Woburn Forest this year.

Our biggest lodge ever

Something truly unique is coming to Sherwood Forest this year…our first ever 6-bed Woodland Lodge. Sleeping 12 adults comfortably under one roof, with extra large kitchen, living and dining area, it’s perfect for parties and celebrations.

Exclusive news

For the first time ever, we’re bringing our highest end Exclusive Lodges to Whinfell Forest. Work has already begun on the two-storey, four-bed lodges that each have their own games room and outdoor hot tub. They’ll be available to book later in the year for a five-star luxury break on the edge of the Lake District.

Superstar Spa

If you haven’t heard about the incredible new Forest Spa at Aqua Sana Sherwood Forest, where have you been? We’ve been banging on about it for months! This year we’ll be throwing open the doors for you to discover this completely transformed, one-of-a-kind spa inspired by the magic of the forest, complete with world-first treetop sauna.

While we’re talking all things spa, we’re going to refresh the Vitalé Café Bar menu at every Aqua Sana, with modern Mediterranean dishes to enjoy during your pamper visit.

Happenings at Huck’s

This year, we’ll be bringing a brand new menu to Huck’s American Bar and Grill. We can’t tell you much just now (we’re enjoying the tasting process too much!), but we’re all favouring a ‘low and slow’ approach…

And we couldn’t possibly bring you a new menu without a fresh lick of paint. The light, bright and breezy all-American look at Woburn Forest Huck’s has been so popular that, over the next few months, we’ll be bringing it to every other village. Elveden Forest has been the first, and Whinfell Forest is up next.

Many makeovers

The list of individual shops, areas and restaurants we refresh each year is a long one. Here’s a handful receiving a facelift this year: Elveden Forest’s Pottery Painting Studio, Treats at Whinfell Forest, ParcMarket at Longleat Forest, shop fronts in Sherwood Forest’s Village Square…

Of course, we’ve only just scratched the surface. We’ve got plenty more under our hat, up our sleeves and everywhere in between. Keep your eyes Under the Treetops for more news soon.

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maandag 20 maart 2017

Your first look at Aqua Sana Sherwood Forest

After months of hard work, hundreds of tiles. litres of paint and one exciting vision, Aqua Sana Sherwood Forest is very nearly complete.

The new Forest Spa concept brings together the best of Aqua Sana and makes the most of our natural surroundings, to bring the outside in and create areas that reflect seasons and forests around the globe.

Perfectly inspired by nature, there are six spa zones culminating 23 different spa experiences, from steamy to cool, relaxing to awe-inspiring. The spa is now available to book as part of a spa session during a Center Parcs short break, or as spa day or spa break guests wanting to simply experience all that Aqua Sana has to offer.

Six spa zones to discover

The Nordic Forest
Taking its cue from Scandinavia, this spa combines purifying Alpine Steam and intense Nordic Sauna with an invigorating Ice Cave and glorious outdoor Scandinavian Snug, complete with flickering fire pits.

The Volcanic Forest
The dry heat of the fiery Volcanic Sauna relaxes muscles and boosts circulation. The Volcanic Steam room eases tension and detoxifies skin, while the soft amber glow of our ‘volcano’ helps you sink into deepest relaxation.

The Hot Springs
Sink into one of our deliciously warm outdoor hot tubs. Soak in the view of pine forest as steam curls up around you. Breathe in the pure woodland air and close your eyes; the only sounds are the birds and the bubbles.

Forest Nesting
In the Forest Glade Steam Room a fine cooling mist creates a tropical climate while hydrating your skin. Step through the Rainforest Showers to experience their different scents, sounds, colours and temperatures.

Forest Immersion
Experience the power of forest bathing while you relax between heat experiences. Lie back in the Forest Meditation space to gaze at our magical sky that changes from dappled daytime to inky night before your eyes.

Forest Bathing
Discover the jewel in our crown, the Treetop Sauna. Step inside this breath-taking sauna high up the treetops to experience awe-inspiring views of Sherwood Forest while the dry, therapeutic heat does its magic.

Outdoor Pool
Let your mind drift as you float in our heated courtyard pool. Whether the sun’s shining, stars are twinkling or rain falls gently on the water’s surface, it’s a tranquil and refreshing experience all year round.

Book now and experience all that Aqua Sana Sherwood Forest has to offer.

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vrijdag 17 maart 2017

RC Drift 2017

The date for the World Championship RC Drift has been chosen: from the 12th untill the 19th of June 2017, Center Parcs Parc Sandur will be fully in racing mode!

We look forward to welcome you at Parc Sandur again for the 6th big international event World Championship RC Drift! You can book your own comfortable cottage here.

Please note that you must subsribe for the World Championship via D1-10.


donderdag 16 maart 2017

Bungalowrace: laatste uren om te profiteren van extra scherpe prijzen

Bungalow Race: profiteer van extra scherpe prijzen
Kanspakkers opgelet! De Bungalow Race is bijna over. Boek vandaag nog extra voordelig je verblijf in maart, april, mei, juni en begin juli. Bekijk snel de aanbiedingen!

Vanaf €224 (€14 p.p.p.n) inclusief verplichte kosten is gebaseerd op een 4-persoons Comfort cottage op de Limburgse Peel, Parc Sandur of Het Meerdal, 4 nachten met aankomst maandag 13 maart 2017 en Limburgse Peel met aankomst maandag 20 en 27 maart of 8 en 15 mei 2017.


I spy with my little eye…

Our TV advert has got your imagination running wild as the family in our advert have shown you just where your imagination can take you on a break in the forest. So now that you’ve been introduced to our mischievous little robot, gigantic forest whale and playful forest creatures, be prepared to spot them during your break.

To spark your imagination, inside your pre-arrival ‘create your perfect break’ booklet you will find a special pull-out that includes a range of imaginative games and activities for you to enjoy before and during your break.

So what is inside this special booklet I hear you ask?

What to pack

The first page of your booklet will be a packing checklist where you can write down and tick off all the essentials you’ll need for a break full of adventure.

Adventure ticket

Before you arrive, create your adventure ticket ahead of your break and remember to bring it with you. Our Arrivals Lodge team will give you a special sticker so you can complete your ticket and begin your adventure.


For a more entertaining car journey that will reduce the amount of “are we there yet?” coming from the back seat, we have included a storytelling game that will get all the family involved as you use your imagination to complete the story.

I spy with my little eye…

The final page is an ‘I spy’ feature that will have you spotting some familiar faces along the Center Parcs driveway.

So, if you want to take part in our game of I spy, then here’s what you have to do.

  1. Check your ‘create your perfect break’ booklet and find the special pull-out inside.
  2. Bring the pull-out with you on your journey and make sure you turn to the I spy page as soon as you see the Center Parcs sign.
  3. Take part in our game of I spy by counting all the forest creatures you see along the driveway.
  4. Remember the number and write down how many you see in your booklet.

Tip: These little creatures can be quite shy, so remember to look out for ones who may be hiding.

If you’re looking for more ways to use your imagination and create your very own adventure during your break, take a look at our whimsical scavenger hunt and our Imagination Trail to see what you discover in the forest.


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Explore our Imagination Trail

If you watched our TV advert, then you will have met our mischievous little robot, Rusty, and our mammoth forest whale. But, we know that at Center Parcs, there’s a lot more to discover if you use your imagination. So if you’re ready for an adventure then we have a very special activity that is set to get your imagination running wild.

Our Imagination Trail will have you exploring unique locations around all our villages. On arrival, you will receive our Imagination Trail map that will guide you to various locations around the village, leading you to discover something beyond the ordinary. All you need is a little imagination…

So what will you discover?

With your map in hand, step out onto our villages and start exploring the forest like never before. You could become a wildlife explorer watching out for foraging squirrels and forest creatures, or a brave deep sea diver meeting magical mermaids in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise or an intrepid explorer discovering beasts in a forest safari. And the fun doesn’t stop there…

Are you ready to get involved?

All adventurers looking to take part in our Imagination Trail will have eight unique locations to visit around our villages. So grab your map, gather your family and bring your imagination along with you as you prepare for your adventure.

At each of the eight locations you will find a special letter that you will need to write down on your map. Once you have collected all eight letters, you will have completed the Imagination Trail and found the mystery word (hooray!)

To be in with a change of winning a £10 Center Parcs voucher, take your mystery word and your completed entry form to Guest Services.

Set your imagination free

Our Imagination Trail is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your family as you explore what the forest has to offer. No matter what your age, we all have an imagination that will come alive at Center Parcs and take us back to our childhood.

You’ll discover unique and wonderful areas of our villages and you can turn this free activity into a full day of adventure and exploration.

So if you’re taking part in our Imagination Trail and you come across a colossal leaf monster or meet a giant near the Redwood trees, share your photos with us on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #justimagine.

The post Explore our Imagination Trail appeared first on Under the Treetops.

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Laatste kans om gebruik te maken van de bungalowrace

Bungalow Race: profiteer van extra scherpe prijzen
Kanspakkers opgelet! De Bungalow Race is bijna afgelopen. Boek vandaag nog extra voordelig je verblijf in maart, april, mei, juni en begin juli. Bekijk snel de aanbiedingen!

Vanaf €224 (€14 p.p.p.n) inclusief verplichte kosten is gebaseerd op een 4-persoons Comfort cottage op de Limburgse Peel, Parc Sandur of Het Meerdal, 4 nachten met aankomst maandag 13 maart 2017 en Limburgse Peel met aankomst maandag 20 en 27 maart of 8 en 15 mei 2017.


woensdag 15 maart 2017

Sesamstraat Weekend op Limburgse Peel

Het Sesamstraat Theaterfestival komt naar Center Parcs! In het weekend van 22 tot 25 september 2017 staat Center Parcs Limburgse Peel in het teken van Sesamstraat!
Bij aankomst wordt het hele gezin verwelkomd door één van de karakters uit Sesamstraat en in de cottage ligt een Sesamstraat welkomstpakket klaar. Verder kan je gedurende het weekend exclusief de Sesamstraat Doe- en Beleefruimte bezoeken waar je:

  • Grote Sesamstraat tekeningen kunt maken, sieraden kunt knutselen en Cup Cakes kunt versieren
  • Bert, Ernie, Elmo, Tommie en Pino kunt ontmoeten voor een knuffel, een boks of een mooie foto
  • Kunt genieten van het Sesamstraat Theaterfestival met de grootste hits uit het theater!

Daarnaast kun je natuurlijk ook genieten van je cottage, lekker zwemmen in de Aqua Mundo en de rest van het recreatie-aanbod van de Limburgse Peel uitproberen. Het programma van het Sesamstraat Weekend wordt aangeboden namens - en verzorgd door - Kidshelden.nl.
Als het weekend weer ten einde is ontvangen alle Sesamstraat vriendjes een leuk cadeau om mee naar huis te nemen.

Bron en boeken: Center Parcs


dinsdag 14 maart 2017

Healthy Fest: de warming up!

De laatste healthy trends komen aan bod in het weekend van 19 t/m 21 mei 2017 op Center Parcs De Eemhof. Benieuwd wat u kunt verwachten? Angenita gaat in 8 afleveringen de uitdaging aan en neemt u mee om te laten zien wat er allemaal te beleven is op Healthy Fest.


Center Parcs Les Ardennes save the date 25 & 26 maart 2017!

Op zaterdag 25 en zondag 26 maart a.s. organiseert Center Parcs Vastgoed een verkoop- en informatieweekend voor het project Center Parcs Les Ardennes in Vielsalm. 

Center Parcs Les Ardennes beschikt over 350 recreatiewoningen die verspreid over de zuidhelling van het park liggen. De vernieuwing van de recreatiewoningen en de parkvoorzieningen én de gewilde toeristische bestemming, maken van Center Parcs Les Ardennes een unieke investeringskans. 

Uw voordelen als eigenaar op Center Parcs Les Ardennes:
  • Gegarandeerde huuropbrengst van 5% van de netto-koopprijs tot 30 september 2032
  • Zorgeloos beheer en onderhoud door Center Parcs
  • U koopt ook de grond
  • Geen verhuur provisie of leegstand risico
  • Hypothecaire lening mogelijk
  • Doorverkoop altijd mogelijk


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