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maandag 16 januari 2017

Sports Café new menu: craft beers

The new Sports Café menu is nearly up and running and we‘re eager to share some of the exciting features with you. So we asked Group Executive Chef James Haywood all about the new selection of craft beers.

We’re intrigued to find out what new beers you’re bringing to Sports Café?

The craft beers we are introducing to the new menu include a range of world beers from great brands such as BrewDog, Flying Dog, By the Horns and many more. The craft beer menu is an exciting addition as all the beers are of great quality and offer a great extension to the Sports Café drinks menu.

Why is craft beer a perfect fit for Sports Café?

We started selling craft beers in Sports Café a couple of years ago and they did so well and were so popular with guests that we moved them into Huck’s and The Pancake House. We introduced craft beers from areas of America into Huck’s to match the brand, and in The Pancake House we decided on a selection of world beers. Guests really loved these so we decided to include some in the new Sports Café menu.

How did you choose which ones to include?

By tasting them! We started with around 30 types of craft beers and began by tasting them all so we could decide which would work on the new menu. We did this in rounds until we ended up with the few we have now. The end result is a great selection of craft beers in bottles and tins.

So if you’ve tasted them all, which is your favourite?

That’s tough because they all taste so good! I think my favourite would to be the BrewDog Elvis Juice which is brewed with grapefruit peel. It’s a strong craft beer of 6.5% but the acidity from the grapefruit peel gives it a great freshness.

Excited? We are! We’re counting down the days till we can head to Sports Café for a taste of the new menu which will be available at all Villages from 27 January 2017.

Want more? If you haven’t already, feast your eyes upon on what you can expect from the new breakfast and brunch menu at Sports Café.

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zondag 15 januari 2017

Geniet samen van de start van het voorjaar: vanaf 279 voor een 4 persoonscottage

Nu het jaar weer volop aan de gang is en de feestdagen achter de rug, kijkt u misschien alweer uit naar een vakantie. En dat kan bij ons! We hebben nu scherpe voorjaarsvakantie Last Minutes al vanaf €279* voor een 4 persoons cottage, inclusief verplichte kosten. Kom samen genieten van een gezellig verblijf met familie of vrienden, en beleef een winters verblijf zoals u dat wilt!

donderdag 12 januari 2017

We’re all going on a scavenger hunt

If you’re wondering why we’re talking about all things magical and imaginary, then it’s because we have sprinkled Center Parcs with a bit of creative imagination that will be brought to life when you join us on your break.

Intrigued to know how we’ll do this? Well, we’ve created a whimsical scavenger hunt that will get you and your family out and about discovering the forest, as you rediscover your childhood. Amongst other activities, our scavenger hunt is one of many ways we are encouraging you to use your imagination.

So we’re all going on a scavenger hunt, are you joining us?

If the answer’s yes, then here’s what to do.

Step 1:

Download our checklist by clicking on the image below
Step 2:

Once downloaded, print out your checklist and remember to bring it with you on your break

Step 3:

During your break, take your checklist with you around the Village and keep your eyes peeled for what you might spot

Step 4:

To complete our scavenger hunt, tick off the items once you find them

Now that we’ve fully prepared you for a scavenger hunt full of adventure, what are you waiting for? Head out onto our Villages and remember to use your imagination, in order to discover things that you never could have imagined before.

Whilst you’re out and about exploring the forest, remember to share your photos and stories with us on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #justimagine.

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Cool Factor is terug op TV! Getest: Tower Jump, Vrije Val

Zo kijk je vanaf grote hoogte neer op de mensen beneden je en zo lig je 7 meter lager op het veiligheidskussen. Veilig geland, uiteraard. Emma Vandecasteele (12 jaar) testte vorig jaar de Vrije Val voor het televisieprogramma Cool Factor.

Cool Factor is terug op TV! Vanaf 15 januari kijk je elke zondag om 09:00 naar gloednieuwe Cool Factor avonturen bij Nickelodeon. Tot dan worden er vanaf 4 december op dit tijdstip herhalingen uitgezonden.

Wat is Tower Jump: Vrije Val?
Terwijl je veilig vast wordt gemaakt aan touwen en kabels sta je maar liefst op 7 meter hoogte. Eenmaal gezekerd maak je een vrije val naar beneden waar een mega luchtkussen op je ligt te wachten. Super veilig, maar oh zo spannend!
Je vindt de Tower Jump: Vrije Val in De KempervennenDe Eemhof, Het Heijderbos, ​De Vossemeren (België) en Les Trois Forêts (Frankrijk).

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woensdag 11 januari 2017

Center Parcs terug bij NewsLab

Center Parcs keert terug bij NewsLab. Dat is een belangrijke mijlpaal voor het Amsterdamse PR-bureau. Toen Newslab tien jaar geleden werd opgericht, was Center Parcs namelijk één van de eerste klanten.

Na een adempauze van enkele jaren doet Center Parcs opnieuw een beroep op NewsLab, dat verantwoordelijk wordt voor alle PR-activiteiten in de Nederlandse markt. 

The latest RDA your family might be missing out on

If your children have a busier calendar than you do, you’re not alone. 

According to a new report, many of us are well-meaningly filling our children’s days with educational extra-curricular activities – at the expense of free time.

The report, issued by child psychologist Dr Sam Wass (from Channel 4’s ‘Secret Life of 4 and 5 Year-Olds’) and Center Parcs, shows that parents are over-timetabling their children, leading to them ‘working’ up to 46 hours a week – that’s 9 hours more than the average adult!

Crucially, they’re left with an average of just one hour and 29 minutes of unstructured free time on a weekday.

How much free time does your child enjoy?

If your answer came out at any less than 3 hours and 51 minutes a day, you might be missing out…

The same report sets a new Free Time Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA), developed by Dr Wass. It calls for children to enjoy an average of 3 hours and 51 minutes a day.

How to hit your RDA

If your child could do with a little more free time in their life, here are Dr Sam Wass’ tips to help children make the most of their free time:

Follow your child’s interests
Every child is interested in something. All you need to do is to support them, and provide what they need to help them develop their interests. And it helps if you can get them interested in what you’re interested in. It can be hard to switch off the button in your head saying ‘I’m in charge’ – but it’s really important to engage with your child, but still let you child set the agenda.

Don’t be scared to hear ‘I’m bored’
The first thing you’ll hear when you turn off the screens is the cry that they’re bored. But the more children get used to using their imagination to entertain themselves, the easier they will find it.

Screen time can be shared time, too
Even sitting playing a computer game with a child can be a great bonding experience, and can help the child to learn more from the game. Watching TV together can help to start up conversations, and to encourage them to watch a greater variety of different types of TV.

Help them to help themselves
There’s a saying that goes: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Well, the same applies to play! Children have to be taught how to play, and to develop their own structured, long-lasting projects that will allow them to entertain themselves without needing other forms of stimulation. You might have to sit with them, and support them for a while, as you teach them how to play productively. But what they learn from this process, in terms of lifelong skills is every bit – or possibly more – important than what they learn at school.

Want to know more? You can read the full report by Dr Sam Wass here.

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Niet meer in de rij om aktiviteiten te boeken: Vernieuwde App van Center Parcs

De nieuwe app van Center Parcs gaat nu zelfs qua funtionaliteiten een stap verder:
Je kan je aktiviteiten boeken terwijl je op het park bent. Dus je hoeft hiervoor niet meer naar de receptie te gaan en in de rij te gaan staaan.

Wat is er nieuw in versie 2.0
RESERVEER ACTIVITEITEN en creëer een verblijf op maat

Dit jaar wordt Planet Center Parcs in een nieuw jasje gestoken:
• Een nieuwe onmisbare functie: reservering van activiteiten.
• Gebruiksvriendelijker.
• Een eenvoudiger en moderner design.
• Een hoger presterende app.


Waanzinnige Woensdag: extra scherpe aanbiedingen

maak weer gebruik van Waanzinnige Woensdag: extra scherpe aanbiedingen

dinsdag 10 januari 2017

Chasing hygge at Center Parcs

Crackling log fire, soft fabrics, warm drinks and the easy company of loved ones: since early 2016 we’ve been told what hygge is and why we should all be seeking it.

For the uninitiated, hygge originates in Norway but the concept is familiar in most Scandinavian countries. It has no direct translation in English, but it goes something like this – a contented sense of wellbeing, taking joy from small, understated moments of happiness, with an emphasis on cosiness and self-care. It’s an antidote to hectic modern life.

And that got us thinking about hygge at Center Parcs. Our Villages are designed, down to the smallest detail, to allow you to spend quality family time together, to take your break at your own pace, and to relax and unwind.

But how do you hygge at Center Parcs? Here are a few of our ideas…

Stay in

Whichever Lodge you choose, you’ll enjoy a wood-burning fire, cozy sofas and open-plan living. They’re perfect for a quiet evening in – cook something special together (or order Dining In, we don’t judge) and really catch up. For top hygge marks, make a batch of ultimate hot chocolate and enjoy them in your pyjamas in front of that crackling fire.

Get grounded

Hygge might seem synonymous with cosiness, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. Wrap up in your softest scarf, pull on your wellies and go for a real romp around our hundreds of acres of forest. You can look out for some of our resident wildlife on your own, or book a place on a Ranger’s Walk to learn from an expert. They’ll take you to all the best spots for the best chance to find squirrels, rabbits, badgers, deer, birds and more.

Really unwind

When was the last time you had nothing on your mind? That’s the aim of the game at Aqua Sana, where our carefully curated experience rooms will guide you from stress to serenity. Bring out the hygge by attempting a spot of mindfulness – settle back in a steam room and focus on nothing but relaxing your muscles, the warmth of the air and your own breathing.

Quiet creativity

One of our favourite ways to leave the outside world behind us is to step into the Pottery Painting Studio. Pick your pottery, choose your colours and close your mind to everything except your brush strokes. It’s a powerfully relaxing, almost meditative activity. We love the quiet, idle chatter as you really focus on creating something.

In a world that keeps us racing at a million miles an hour, seeking a moment’s hygge is soothing and restorative. If you and your family could do with some a break from it all in the heart of the forest this year, book a Center Parcs break.

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New breakfast and brunch at Sports Café

From sausage sandwiches to avocado toast, here are the new dishes – and the old favourites – gracing the Sports Café breakfast/brunch menu.

The all-new Sports Café menu for 2017 arrives on Friday 27th January, but here at Under the Treetops, we'll be bringing you a smattering of inside scoops between now and then.

Today, we're talking breakfast – the most important meal of the day, and brunch – our favourite meal of the day (not to mention the chicest way to style out a 'second breakfast').

If you're headed straight to the Subtropical Swimming Paradise in the morning, you're probably after something light that won't hold you back as you zip down the Rapids.

How about a fresh fruit platter, a layered yoghurt and granola parfait, or one of our freshly made smoothies? Green Kick is loaded with the good stuff to keep your energy levels tip top until lunch – kale, kiwi, cucumber, spinach and apple.

But then there are the days when only a cooked breakfast will do. And don't fear – we've still got your favourite Full English (and a vegetarian option, of course) as well as all the side orders to really make it your own (the day we don't order an extra hash brown is how you know that's really our evil twin).


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