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maandag 24 oktober 2016

Aqua Sana Woburn Forest to welcome Pop Up Spas

Aqua Sana Woburn Forest, Bedfordshire, will be hosting pop up spas from three different product houses across six months from January to June 2017.

VOYA, [comfort zone] and ESPA will each have a four week slot in the retail space and use of a treatment room at Aqua Sana Woburn Forest. The three product houses offer a different approach to spa, giving guests the opportunity to learn about new brands, new products and experience treatments from their own specialised therapists.

VOYA 27 January - 23 February 2017:

Hailing from County Sligo, Ireland, VOYA harnesses the natural goodness of seaweed in all their products. Founded by the Mark and Kira Walton over 10 years ago, VOYA is the world’s first certified, organic seaweed based skincare range. The Irish seaweed is hand-harvested to create over 50 products that utilise the minerals, vitamins and bioactive compounds which make up 80% of seaweed. A highlight of the VOYA pop up spa will be the chance to experience the 300 year old Irish tradition of a seaweed wrap.

[comfort zone] 24 March - 20 April 2017:

Italian product house [comfort zone] was established in Parma by pharmacist and cosmetic chemist Davide Bollati in 1996. After studying innovative approaches to anti-aging, Davide was inspired to create products that combined a soulful, healthy, sustainable lifestyle with advanced science-based solutions. [comfort zone] focusses on a mind-skin connection and places emphasis on overall wellbeing, which spa guests can learn about during workshops and seminars on diet and lifestyle as part of the [comfort zone] pop up spa.

ESPA 19 May - 15 June 2017:

Founded by Sue Harmsworth in 1992, ESPA takes a tri-active approach to spa – blending plant extracts, marine extracts and essential oils to create their range of products. ESPA products specialise in delivering immediate and long-term skin care benefits, as well as multi-sensory, immersive experiences through therapeutic treatments. As part of their pop up spa, ESPA will offer guests ‘10 minute treats’ and workshops ranging from ‘Mindfulness & Breathing’ to ‘Body Cleanse & Revitalise’ to showcase their holistic philosophy.

Kay Pennington, Aqua Sana Group Spa Manager said;

“We’re really excited about VOYA, [comfort zone] and ESPA running pop up spas at Aqua Sana Woburn Forest. Each product house is unique in its approach and offers different types of treatments and products for spa guests to learn about and experience. It’s a first for Aqua Sana and something completely new for our guests – we can’t wait to see what they think.”

Details of each pop up spa at Aqua Sana Woburn Forest will be available online at www.aquasana.co.uk/woburn for four weeks before each slot. All treatments, workshops and seminars on offer can be booked by spa guests online in advance or on the day (subject to availability).

Bron: CPUK


Give your family a spooky greeting for Halloween

If there’s something that little ones love to do more than painting, I’d like to hear it. Combine that with covering their feet in the stuff and you’ve got a winning craft idea for Halloween!

All you need is black card, a hole punch and fun ribbons to embellish your greetings card, white paint and a black pen. Oh and a pair of willing feet!

Step one
For little feet, fold your black card in half to make a portrait style card. Using the hole punch, make two holes. Now you are ready to paint your feet.

Step two
Dip the foot into a shallow bowl or plate and if you want to, use a paint brush to even out your white paint over the sole of your foot. Place your foot on top of the black card and press down to make a painty footprint!

Step three
Leave to dry, then add your ghostly eyes and mouth. Thread two pieces of ribbon one at a time, through your pre punched holes and tie in a knot or bow. Now write a spooky message and send to a friend to wish them a Happy Halloween!

Step four
For bigger ghosts footprints, hole punch two A4 pieces of card and tie them together with your ribbons.

How about making a family of ghost feet? Get everyone involved and on a larger piece of card each make a painted footprint. Hang with ribbons on your front door to welcome trick or treaters.

You could even add a little sparkle and sprinkle white and silver glitter on your wet ghosts before the paint dries.

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Terrific Toffee Apple Pies

When I think of autumn, I think of apples. It’s the time of year when they’re at their best, when the apple trees shake off their wares and baskets appear outside homes in our village, piled high with fruit, hand-written signs saying “Delicious apples, please take some!”

For the best pies, I mix soft, tangy Bramleys – which cook down to a rich sauce – with little cubes of crisp eating apples to add bite. You can absolutely make these with shop-bought pastry (and I have, several times) but this sweet and short pie pastry is so delicious that they become utterly irresistible. Add in a spoonful of dulce de leche (or heaven in liquid form) and you have a handheld, warm dessert that’s as perfect round a bonfire as it is as a mince pie substitute for currant dodgers.

Terrific Toffee Apple Pies

Makes 10-12 pies


2 large Bramley cooking apples, peeled and slices
2 eating apples (Pink Lady or Granny Smith work well), chopped into small cubes
70g golden caster sugar
1 tbsp milk mixed with 2tsp cornflour
1 tin of dulce de leche (you could make your own, but the tinned is just as good. Find it next to the condensed milk)
Mini butterscotch piece (optional, but amazing)

Sweet Pie Pastry
175g plain flour
75g self-raising flour
50g icing sugar
175g fat (I use 125g butter and 50g lard)
1 egg, whisked with a dash of milk

1 batch of homemade pie pastry or 1 pack of ready-to-roll shortcrust pastry
1 beaten egg mixed with 1 tbsp milk
1 tbsp Demerara sugar


1 Place your Bramley apples and a tablespoon of water into a pan with a tight lid
2 Cook for around 7 minutes, stirring occasionally, until they soften
3 Add your diced eating apples, replace the lid and cook for a further 5 minutes
4 Add your sugar, stir, taste (add more if you feel it’s needed)
5 Add your cornflour and milk
6 Cook for a few minutes to thicken the filling, then leave to cook

Sweet Pie Pastry
Mix the flours and icing sugar then lightly rub in the butter and lard
2 Add most of the milk/egg mixture and stir (or pulse in a food processor) until it starts to come together
3 Pull the dough into a ball, wrap in cling film and refrigerate for 30 minutes

1 Roll out your pastry on a floured surface until the thickness of a pound coin
2 Cut out circles a little bigged than the space in a fairy cake tin
3 Press your pastry into the tins
4 Spoon in some cooled apple and top with a heaped teaspoon of dulce de leche (sprinkle in your butterscotch pieces here if using)
5 Cut out slightly smaller circles and press them on top, sealing the edges
6 Brush with the milk and egg mixture, sprinkle with brown sugar
7 Bake at 175°C for 16-18 minutes until light golden brown
8 Cool in the tin for 5 minutes then carefully remove to a cooling rack

The post Terrific Toffee Apple Pies appeared first on Under the Treetops.

from Under the Treetops http://ift.tt/2emr3US
Source Under the Treetops

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zondag 23 oktober 2016

Amy van der Plas van Center Parcs naar C2B

Amy van der Plas is geswitcht van Center Parcs naar social marketingbureau C2B. Bij C2B zal Van der Plas leiding geven aan het social content team en deze afdeling verder uitbouwen. Bij Center Parcs was Van der Plas social media manager en verantwoordelijk voor alle content voor Nederland, België en Duitsland.

Robert van Meer, Managing Partner bij C2B: “We zijn heel blij dat Amy ons team komt versterken. Met het binnenhalen van haar krijgt C2B er een stoot ervaring bij, die past bij de visie die we voor onze klanten hebben. Amy weet als geen ander fans te verbinden aan een merk door middel van interactie en betrokkenheid. We delen de visie dat teveel merken (zelfs op de social kanalen) nog teveel aan het ‘zenden’ zijn. Met Amy halen we de expertise en creativiteit in huis om onze social content-afdeling naar een nog hoger niveau te tillen.”

Accounts waar Van der Plas voor aan de slag zal gaan, zijn onder andere STARWARS, PostNL, BIC®, HEKS’NKAAS® en SPAR supermarkten.

Bron: emerce


zaterdag 22 oktober 2016

Groupe Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs: 2015/2016 Full-Year Revenue

Groupe Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs (Paris:VAC):

  • Revenue1 from tourism businesses up 5% over the year
  • Property development turnover in line with the phasing of programmes
  • Sharp growth in property reservations

1] Revenue

The revenue and financial indicators commented on in this press release stem from operating reporting with the presentation of joint-ventures under proportional consolidation.

Euro millions 2015/    2014/ Evolutions  Accommodation
  2016  2015    on a turnover evolution
    same-structure excluding stock
    basis (*) excluding stock
turnover evolution
excluding stock
excluding stock
Tourism 453.3 431.6 +5.0% +2.3%
- PV Tourisme Europe 233.8 223.4 +4.6% -0.4%
- Center Parcs Europe 219.5 208.2 +5.4% +5.4%
o/w accommodation 290.0 289.9 +0.0` +1.5%
excluding Adagio +1.6% +3.6%
- PPV Tourisme Europe 145.5 151.6 -4.0% -1.4%
excluding Adagio -1.9% +2.3%
- Center Parcs Europe 144.5 138.3 +4.5% +4.5%

Property development 44.4 39.2 +13.2%

Total Q4 497.6 470.8 +5.7% +3.2%
Tourism        1253.4  1180.7 +6.2% +5.0%
- PV Tourisme Europe 609.4 594.5 +2.5% +0.3%
- Center Parcs Europe 644.0 586.2 +9.9% +9.9%

*Adjustment for the impact of the acquisition on 13 April 2016 of "La France du Nord au Sud", a recognised player in the market of online distribution of holiday rentals in France and Spain.

**Adjustment for the impact on accommodation revenue:

- of the net reduction in the portfolio operated in the PVTE division, due to the non-renewal of leases (seaside sites primarily in Q4) and withdrawals from loss-making sites.

- the opening of Domaine Center Parcs du Bois aux Daims (as of July 2015)

Under IFRS standards:

- Revenue for the fourth quarter of 2015/2016 totalled €483.6 million (€445.9 million for the tourism businesses and €37.7 million for the property development businesses) compared with €463.2 million on a same-structure basis in Q4 2014/2015 (€435.5 million for tourism and €27.7 million for property development).

- Full-year 2015/2016 turnover totalled €1,372.6 million (€1,225.8 million for the tourism businesses and €146.8 million for the property businesses), compared with €1,395.6 million on a same-structure basis for 2014/2015 (€1,168.9 million for tourism and €226.7m for property development).

Tourism revenue
In Q4 2015/2016:

Revenue from the tourism businesses rose 5% to €453.3 million (+2.3% on a same-structure basis) relative to Q4 of the previous year, in a backdrop in France significantly affected by terrorist threats and action.

Accommodation turnover rose 1.5% to €290.0 million, adjusted for supply effects and 3.6% excluding Adagio, even though the summer of 2015 was a high reference basis.

Pierre & Vacances Tourisme Europe contributed €145.5 million, up 2.3% excluding supply effects and Adagio. This growth was driven by the healthy performances from seaside destinations (+2.7%), which benefited notably from momentum at the Spanish residences, growth in net average letting rates and high occupancy rates (84%).

With more tourist than business customers over the summer period, Adagio continued to suffer from the backdrop in France (near -10% decline in sales over the brand's entire scope).
Center Parcs Europe contributed €144.5 million, up 4.5%, driven by increased activity at the Domains located in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium (+6.8%). Net average letting rates rose 6.1% for all of the Domains.
For the full-year 2015/2016:

Revenue from the tourism businesses totalled €1,253.4 million, up 6.2% (+5.0% on a same-structure basis) relative to the previous year.

Bron en hele artikel: businesswire


Packing for your October half term break

It won’t be sunhats and sun cream this October half term break, but it will be wellies, warm clothes and cosy woolly hats. With plenty of adventure and activities to get up to at Center Parcs, be prepared for a fun-filled break no matter what the weather. Here are our top five essentials for a Center Parcs break this half term.


A warm coat for long walks in the forest

Slowly but surely we’re finding ourselves heading to the wardrobe to put on more and more layers as winter gradually approaches. This October half term, ensure a waterproof coat is on the top of your Center Parcs check list. All our Villages are set in acres of beautiful, leafy woodland, so step outside, enjoy the fresh air and marvel as autumn takes over the forest. If the weather catches you out then Spirit offers a range of seasonal clothing for both adults and little ones, from brands such as Fat Face, Crew and Joules.


Wellies for splashing in puddles

If the rain decides to join you on your break then a pair of wellies are a must this half term. From splashing in puddles to muddy walks on the forest trails, wellies for little ones and big ones are an essential item to pack. Center Parcs is the perfect setting for an outdoor adventure so put on your wellies, wrap up warm and head to the forest to explore.


Swimming essentials for fun in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise

Our Subtropical Swimming Paradise is open all year round and heated to 29.5 degrees, so whatever the weather is up to outside, you can enjoy a slice of summer inside. Each Subtropical Swimming Paradise at all our Villages is home to child-friendly pools for little ones and jaw-dropping slides for big ones. So whether you’re coming for a morning dip, a moonlight swim or you decide to spend the day, the whole family can join in the fun. Forgot something? Swimming essentials from towels, goggles, floats and swim costumes can be found at Aquatique.


Board games and playing cards for fun in your Lodge

After a long day of activities, nothing can beat relaxing in your Lodge, as you sit by the fire surrounded by family and friends. For an evening of entertainment (where pyjamas is an acceptable dress code), board games and playing cards are perfect for creating family memories. So prepare to gather round the table or kick back on the sofa, order a takeaway from Dining In and get competitive with a traditional game of cards. Don’t worry about digging out and dusting off your old deck of cards, at Just Kids you can choose from a range of fun-filled games and at The Store Room browse an excellent range of retro games.


A camera for capturing special moments

A Center Parcs break is perfect for capturing family moments all year round. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, Center Parcs in autumn is bursting with colour, creating the perfect backdrop for your family photos. Take it from us, Center Parcs is a haven for wildlife, so if your camera’s to hand you will get some extraordinary photos. If you want to take tips from the pros then check out Sherwood Forest Conservation Ranger, Mike Hill’s photography tips.


To find out what you could get up to on your October half term break, check out our guide to activities for all ages, marvel at our Outdoor Activity Centre activities video and if you’re packing for little ones, watch our video of essentials to pack.

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vrijdag 21 oktober 2016

Beleef de magie van Winter Wonderland bij Center Parcs.

Zodra u het park binnenkomt voelt u het al... u bevindt zich in een waar Winter Wonderland! Laat u onderdompelen in een sfeervolle, winterse ambiance. Allerlei fonkelende lichtjes en bijzondere winteractiviteiten, zoals de betoverende Kids Winter Parade door het park, Winterse Voorleesverhaaltjes, Glitter Tattoos en schmink, en de Kids Workshop waarin u samen een souvenir maakt.

En tijdens Sinterklaas, Kerst en Oud & Nieuw doen we er nog eens een extra feestelijke strik omheen. Met speciale activiteiten voor iedereen.

Laat u ook betoveren! Boek nú uw verblijf tijdens Winter Wonderland , van 1 november 2016 t/m 31 maart 2017, en beleef samen een onvergetelijke, magische winter.

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What activities will you try this Halloween?

Our activity guides just keep coming! From activities for little ones to October half term activities you must try, we are now getting into the spooky spirit and showing you what you could get up to on your Halloween Center Parcs break.

Forest Crafts – Broomstick making

For who: 2 years +

Where: All Villages

What’s it all about: Join in the witchcraft this Halloween by getting creative and making your very own broomstick. Witches and wizards of all ages can join us for this fun-filled activity, where your little ones can accessorise their costumes with their very own broom.

Who’ll love it: Little ones who are feeling creative


Halloween Cupcake Decorating Workshop

For who: 8-11 years

Where: All Villages

What’s it all about: This fun and creative session is perfect for those wanting to create a spooktacular treat in time for Halloween. Take to our master class to learn tips and tricks on how to decorate six delicious Halloween cupcakes. The question is, who will you share them with?

Who’ll love it: Those wanting to create a sweet treat for family and friends


Spooky Chocolate Chefs Academy

For who: 3 to 7 years

Where: All Villages

What’s it all about: For trick-or-treat goodies like no other, come along to our Spooky Chocolate Chefs Academy, where you will put on your chef’s hat, tie on your apron and get to work as a master chocolatier. Create a range of scrumptious Halloween treats, join in the fun and games and design your own spooky, secret recipe.

Who’ll love it: Mini chefs looking to try something new and create something spooky


Pumpkin Making

For who: 3 years +

Where: All Villages

What’s it all about: Perfect for all the family, join us for this traditional Halloween activity as you design, carve and take home your own pumpkin lantern. Will you carve a ghoulish frown or a spooky witch? The choice is yours.

Who’ll love it: Families wanting to spend time together making memories


Halloween Treasure Trail

For who: All ages

Where: All Villages

What’s it all about: Our woodland trails are the perfect setting for our special Halloween Treasure Trail. All the family can take to their bikes and explore the twists and turns as you keep your eyes peeled along the way and complete the Treasure Trail.

Who’ll love it: Families who want to explore the outdoors


Halloween Night-Time Tree Trek

For who: Minimum height 1.10 metres

Where: Elveden Forest and Woburn Forest

What’s it all about: Be the bravest of them all as you take to our treetop canopy in this unique activity with a spooky twist. Make your way around our aerial course, climbing the ascents and descents of the treetops. The twist? You’ll be up in the trees when the moon comes out, so make sure your head torch is on full beam.

Who’ll love it: Daredevils with a head for heights


Halloween Party Time

For who: 3-7 years

Where: All Villages except Sherwood Forest

What’s it all about: This is a Halloween party you won’t want to miss! Calling all witches, wizards, ghouls and goblins to join us for our very special Halloween Party Time. This exciting session will involve games, makeovers, music and creative activities for your little ones to enjoy, all followed by spooky snacks after a busy day playing with new friends.

Who’ll love it: Those with plenty of energy to burn


For more activities during your break, check out our guide to activities for little ones or our guide and video to the Outdoor Activity Centre.

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First look inside Las Iguanas

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donderdag 20 oktober 2016

Platina en tweemaal goud voor Katwijkse Kids Disco cd’s

orry center parcs ruud rerink mike etman

Het entertainment team van Center Parcs heeft donderdag in vakantiepark De Eemhof een platina en twee gouden cd’s uitgereikt gekregen. Kids Disco 1 bereikte onlangs de grens van 40.000 verkochte exemplaren, goed voor platina. Van Kids Disco 2 gingen zowel de Nederlandstalige als de Duitstalige versie over de gouden grens van 20.000 verkochte exemplaren.

De Kids Disco cd’s werden ontwikkeld in samenwerking met de Katwijkse kinderpopgroep Minidisco, bekend van o.a. Tsjoe Tsjoe Wa, Klap Klap Stap Stap en Cowboy Johnny. Zij schreven voor het project ook het themalied Kids Disco.

Gouden en platina platen worden tegenwoordig vooral behaald op Spotify en i-Tunes. Bijzonder aan de Kids Disco albums is dat ze alleen op cd verkrijgbaar zijn. Volgens Didi Dubbeldam van Minidisco is de verklaring simpel. ‘Voor kinderen is een cadeautje dat ze vast kunnen houden toch nog altijd het allermooist.’

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