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maandag 15 januari 2018

How to beat Blue Monday

Feeling a little blue? Today might be more than your regular case of the Monday blues as it’s “Blue Monday”, the gloomiest day of the year was created in 2005, although when at Center Parcs there’s nothing to feel blue about when you’re nestled in the forest.

With the Christmas comedown in full swing and if like us, you’ve spent the Christmas holidays watching films and eating way too many Quality Street (surely that’s not just us?), it’s time to go back to work and start working on those deadlines while looking forward to your next break…

If you enjoyed spending time with your family over the festive period, why let it stop there? Get together again throughout the year. With five different locations across the UK there’s one village you can get together at half way so you don’t have to make an extra-long journey.

Try something new

With over 200 indoor and outdoor activities there’ll be something you’ve never tried before so what are you waiting for? From Quad Biking and a Segway Experience to an Indoor Climbing Adventure and Caving or for the creative try your hand at Pottery Painting and Cupcake Decorating Workshops, something got your attention? You can have a look at our activities here.

Indulge in fine food

Getting round a dinner table together with friends and family for conversation and laughter is a big part of your break, and may help get over those ‘Blue Monday’ blues. If you want a lazy, long breakfast or delicious dinners there’s something for everyone, from Italian and Indian cuisine to American and gastro pub.

Just spend time together

Whether you’re eating, exploring, relaxing or taking part in activities, beating those January blues has never been easier when you spend time together. And with a mixture of break durations over weekends or the midweek, there’s plenty of opportunity to get together all year round. Three nights could be the perfect way to spend quality time together and what better way than after the Christmas rush, Easter or the summer holidays.

Book your break to get together again and conquer those January blues with something to look forward to.

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donderdag 11 januari 2018

Recipe: Crispy Chicken Tacos with Avocado Ranch

Chicken tacos are a great weekday standby and making your own chicken strips really makes all the difference. The cornflake crumbs I use create a super crunchy coating that’s easy to bake in the oven – no soggy chicken, guaranteed! Ramp up the flavours in the crumb to suit your tastebuds – add chilli and lime zest or warming, smoked paprika.

The Avocado Ranch adds tangy, soft avocado and fresh coriander all in one. The lime juice in the dressing keeps the avocado from going brown too, so you can make it ahead of time. Just warm your tortillas, add a lettuce leaf, crispy chicken, drizzle some dressing and you’re good to go.

• If you have any chicken strips leftover they are great for packed lunches (or after work snacks, straight from the fridge)
• Make a whole box of cornflake crumbs at once and keep them in a container for next time – they’ll stay fresh for ages in a sealed tupperware
• You can make the chicken strips in advance and keep them in the fridge to bake when ready
• You can double-up on crunch by putting a crisp corn tortilla inside the soft flour tortilla
• A drizzle of sweet chilli sauce and a squirt of mayo is a good sauce alternative if you don’t fancy the avocado ranch


For the crispy chicken
1 chicken breast per person
Plain flour
Salt and pepper
Spices (optional): chilli, smoked paprika, flavoured salt, lime zest
Cornflakes (a large bowl)
1-2 beaten eggs
2 tablespoons of melted butter

For the avocado Ranch
Ranch dressing
1 ripe avocado
A squeeze of lime juice

To serve
Small flour tortillas
Lettuce leaves
Lime wedges

Method – chicken

1 Slice chicken breasts into mini-fillet-sized pieces
2 Season a small bowl of plain flour with plenty of salt and pepper and any other spices you like
3 Whisk 2 eggs lightly with a tablespoon of water and a pinch of salt
4 Crush up a large bowlful of cornflakes in a food processor or in a zip-lock bag with a rolling pin
5 Dip the chicken pieces into the flour then the egg, then the cornflake crumbs
6 Place the chicken onto a baking sheet covered in non-stick foil
7 Drizzle with melted butter (refrigerate at this stage if you want to make these ahead and bake later)
8 Bake at 180ºC for 20 minutes turning once

Method – dressing

1 Mash an avocado, mix well with a generous serving of ranch dressing
2 Add a handful of chopped coriander leaves and a squeeze of lime juice

To assemble

1 Warm the flour tortillas in a dry frying pan for 10 seconds each side
2 Fill with a lettuce leaf, a crunchy chicken fillet, some avocado ranch and a squeeze of lime

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Exlusive Cottge op Les Trois Forets

Ontdek de nieuwe Exclusive cottages in Les Trois Forêts waar alles in het teken staat van wellness en ontspanning. Inclusief exclusieve toegang tot de Forest Lodge met receptie, lounge, buitenterras en speelruimte.

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woensdag 10 januari 2018

The Center Parcs food experience

Get a seat at the table before you arrive and pre-book your restaurant experience now.

Easy eating at Huck’s

Huck’s American Bar and Grill is a big hit across all our villages with a relaxed atmosphere, great food and plenty of entertainment for the little ones, it really is the ideal place for a family meal. Before you arrive on village you can now pre-book a Huck’s experience menu, the perfect feast for all the family.

Start off with a sharing platter including BBQ wings, nachos and dips, onion rings and cheesy garlic bread, something for everyone to enjoy to start off your evening and a great way to start off the Huck’s experience.

Then move on to a selection of Huck’s favourite main meals including:

  • Grilled Half Chicken
  • Grilled Salmon
  • Mac ‘N’ Cheese
  • Cajun Chicken Salad
  • Texan BBQ Burger Stack
  • Loaded Chilli Dog
  • Chicken or Vegetable Fajitas
  • Fallin’ Off The Bone Pork Ribs

Little ones can choose their own meal by digging into the children’s buffet, before burning some energy in the soft play area or Apple Mac station, leaving you to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

And to wash it down? Adults can choose from a pint of Coors Light, small glass of house wine or a soft drink, while children can enjoy a selected bottomless soft drink.

Not the only ones

Dining In and Rajinda Pradesh are also offering a pre-bookable experience, with their own little twists.

Rajinda Pradesh already offers an experience on their authentic menu, but now you can book this in advance when you book your table. You’ll get a poppadum platter to share, followed by starter platter with some of our favourites including crispy onion bhajis and butternut squash samosas. Then move on to a classic curry from our delicious range of Indian dishes and add a rice and naan bread to share. All polished off with a bottle of Cobra, glass of house wine or a soft drink of your choice.

At Dining In you can now pre-book one of the set menus. So if you’re craving Chinese, Indian or pizza, book it early and save yourself the hassle.

Something got the tastebuds going? Make a restaurant reservation or book your next break to come and taste some of our fabulous food.

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Use your imagination create the perfect homemade den

The places a den could take you as a child were endless, an igloo in the Arctic or a fairy-tale castle you could let your imagination run wild in your den. So rediscover the joys of using your imagination and get together again and build a brilliant den, whatever the weather.

The ultimate outdoor den

If you’re lucky with the weather, you’ll need to go on a gathering expedition for all the sticks, twigs and leaves you can find, but you’ll be able to show off the ultimate outdoor den. You don’t need lots of space in your garden to be able to enjoy a proper old-fashioned den.

What you’ll need:
Sticks or bamboo sticks (the type you can buy from a garden centre)
String (garden twine is perfect)
Old sheets or picnic blankets

How to make it:
1 You need to start with two stick or bamboo ‘tepees’ to support your structure. Make each one by leaning three or four sticks together, crossing over about two inches from the top and securing
2 Get the children involved with the knot tying – they don’t have to be pretty, perfect knots. It just needs to be secure!
3 Once you have two sturdy pyramids, set them out just slightly closer to each other than the length of your longest stick. This is now your roof stick
4 Lay your roof stick across the top of both tepees and secure with more string. That’s your den structure built!
5 Drape your sheets or blankets over the top of the frame, leaving a gap for getting in and out at the front. If it’s windy, you can secure your sheets with clothes pegs
6 Use a picnic blanket or tarpaulin (or even bin bags in a pinch!) as a ground sheet – especially if it’s a little damp
7 Add cushions to sit on
8 Put up your own personalised den sign

Top tip: Add a camping lantern (or a torch hung up by its cord) to one side of your den and you can use it in the dark!

The rainy day den

This is a great one to have up your sleeve when the weather just isn’t playing ball and the little ones need a little entertainment. It takes around twenty minutes to set up, but can offer hours of imaginative play time.

What you’ll need:
A table (relatively high, a dining table or desk is ideal)
A laundry basket or large bucket
Sheets, blankets, duvets and so on
Two chairs
Cushions or pillows

How to make it:
1 A table will be your base. It’s easy to set up, easy to tidy away and more sturdy than just sheets.
2 Add an upturned laundry basket or bucket on top of your table for that tepee look
3 Place a chair on either side for more space inside
4 Now drape your soft furnishings! Fitted sheets are great as the elasticated corners can be tucked under table legs to stay in place
5 Layer up for a darker, cosier den. You could even have a scavenger hunt around the house for materials – blankets, duvets, even Dad’s dressing gown!
6 Pile up pillows and cushions inside for the perfect play area
7 You can use an extra sheet over the front as a door – just hang it from the lip of the table and pop something sturdy on it to keep it from falling down
8 Put up your own personalised den sign.

See where your imagination can take you on a break at Center Parcs.

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Let your imagination run wild

Pottery Painting Studio

For who: All the family

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: Let everybody get involved in this creative session that will have you choosing and painting your very own piece of pottery. Choose from a range of pots and then get started on your masterpiece. You can find extra touches of imagination in the Pottery Painting Studio by using our Rusty the robot stencil to decorate your masterpiece in wonderful ways.   

Crazy Science

For who: 3-7 years

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: You and your little scientists can join us in the lab to try all sorts of exciting experiments. Make a volcano erupt, create real-life slime, climb into a giant bubble and so much more. So grab your miniature lab coats and have some super science fun at the Activity Den.

Den Building and Decorating

For who: 3 years+

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: What better place to make a den than in the heart of the forest. Get the whole family together and get stuck in to this fun and creative activity that will have you building you own woodland den out of leaves, twigs, fern and then decorate your masterpiece with feathers, ribbon and much more. Using your imagination this ordinary den can be turned into a castle to hide away from the leaf monster.

Treasure Trail

For who: All the family

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: Grab your bikes and head out in to the forest to solve our treasure hunt and work together to crack all the clues. If you get them all right, you’ll each win a prize. Using your imagination you can see if you can spot any friendly forest creatures or make up your own.

Indoor Climbing Adventure

For who: Minimum height 1.10m

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: From climbing up a castle wall to climbing up into space; there’s plenty of different climbing walls to get to grips with. So whether you’re climbing to get away from a leaf monster or trying to find your forest friends at the top of the walls, the Indoor Climbing Adventure has plenty of opportunity for your imagination to run wild.

Want to see what you can imagine? Book your next Center Parcs break and encourage your imagination to discover something wonderful.

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Your guide to February half term at Center Parcs

Want to try something new this February half term? Well take a look at some of the indoor and outdoor activities we have for everyone to enjoy at all our villages.

Laser Combat

For who: 6 years +

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: Keep your eyes peeled as you sneak through the forest in this heart-racing activity. Armed with laser guns and targets, tactically guide your team around our course and beat your rivals to solve the ultimate Ranger Mission.

Segway Experience

For who: 12 years + (Woodland Wheelers for 8-11 years)

Where: All villages

What’s it all about:  Put your balance skills to the test as you glide around our Segway track in this futuristic activity. Our expert instructors at the Outdoor Activity Centre, will help teach you how to guide your Segway safely before letting you head out on to the village to explore.

Aerial Adventure

For who: Minimum height 1.22m

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: Prepare for a thrilling adventure as you climb up into the treetop canopy to complete our aerial course at Action Challenge. Swing through the trees, trek to the highest points and make your way back down to the ground by zooming down our zip wire through the trees – if you’re brave enough, the zip wire at Elveden Forest, Woburn Forest, Sherwood Forest and Longleat Forest will have you flying over the lake!

Scavenger Hunt

For who: All ages

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: Explore unique and wonderful areas of our villages on our whimsical scavenger hunt as you use our checklist to hunt down items. With our scavenger hunt free and suitable for all ages you can turn this into a full day of adventure and exploration.

Adventure Golf

For who: Everyone

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: Whether your family want to get serious or simply just have some fun, our Adventure Golf course is the perfect place for a lot of family fun. You’ll find out who has got the best putting skills, as you tackle the tricky tests set out for you on the course.

Short Tennis

For who: Everyone

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: Every Wimbledon champion has to start somewhere and short tennis, played with shorter rackets and larger soft balls, and is a brilliant way of introducing little one to the techniques of tennis.

Mermaids and Sharks

For who: 6-12 years

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: Pull on your choice of mermaid or shark fin then learn how to kick, twist and glide your way around the shallows of our swimming pool. Braver swimmers can even try diving for treasure on the ‘ocean floor’.

Pottery Painting Studio

For who: Everyone

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: Select a piece of pottery from our huge collection, and then pick up your brush and start painting your masterpiece. Leave it at the Pottery Painting Studio overnight and it will be glazed and fired for you to pick up the next day.

Seen something exciting? Look at our range of activities or there’s still time to book your February half term break.

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Nieuwe aktiviteiten op Kempervennen: Virtual Reality Experience

Nieuw: Escape Room
Raadsels, vraagstukken en uitdagende opdrachten voeren de spanning op in de Escape Room. Door een informant weten jij en de andere geheim agenten dat Mr. Aleksandrov, de Russische oligarch, een show in het theater zal bijwonen. Lukt het jullie om de geheime documenten die hij bij zich draagt te kopiëren? Jullie hebben 45 minuten om de missie te volbrengen

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dinsdag 9 januari 2018

Compleet vernieuwde Center Parcs Les Ardennes open voor gasten

Vanaf 22 december 2017 kunnen gezinnen genieten van Center Parcs Les Ardennes. Een nieuwe naam voor een compleet vernieuwd park in de Belgische Ardennen. De in totaal 350 cottages, variërend van Comfort, Premium tot VIP; het overdekte parkcentrum Market Dome en het subtropisch zwemparadijs Aqua Mundo hebben een volledige facelift ondergaan.
De perfecte mix van avontuur en ontspanning
De prachtige Ardennen hebben van alles te bieden: heuvelachtige natuur, buitensport, culinaire verrassingen en pittoreske plaatsen als Vielsalm, Coo, Stavelot en La Roche. Center Parcs Les Ardennes is hier middenin gesitueerd met een oppervlakte van 38 hectare. Op het park zijn naast de prachtige cottages ook het subtropisch zwemparadijs Aqua Mundo met de dubbele glijbaan ‘Duo Racer’, het overdekte parkcentrum Market Dome met verschillende nieuwe restaurants (Grand Café, Market Restaurant La Bergerie, Cabane Café) en activiteiten als het touwparcours High Adventure hoog tussen de boomtoppen te vinden. In de loop van 2018 wordt de nieuwe overdekte speelwereld Action Factory geïntroduceerd met onder andere BALUBA, het indoor speelparadijs voor de kleintjes. Bovendien komt er ook een luxe spa en wellness center. De beboste heuvels rond het park zijn ideaal voor avontuurlijke sporten als mountainbiken, quad rijden, klimmen, abseilen, skiën en langlaufen in de winter. Wie liever rustig aan doet kan genieten van een wandeling of fietstocht (op de e-bike) door de mooie natuur.
Bron en hele artikel: Verkeersbureau

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maandag 8 januari 2018

New Waterfront Apartments

Our new Waterfront Apartments, nestled deep in the heart of Elveden Forest, are the perfect way for couples or friends to discover the 400 acres of our picturesque Suffolk village.

Just a stone’s throw away from the lake and a two-minute stroll into the Village Square, your luxury apartment is in the perfect location for the ultimate Center Parcs experience.

Each one-bed apartment, which can be a double or twin bed, has everything you need for the ideal break including self-catering kitchen, en-suite shower room and a private balcony. Perfect for enjoying breakfast looking out onto the lake, while the open-plan living space is great for getting cosy after a busy day of activities.

The small luxuries that come with the Waterfront Apartments make your stay a home from home, including modern furnishings and fittings, kitchen appliances and a daily housekeeping service.

The Waterfront Apartments are available to book now for breaks from Friday 1 June. Have something special to look forward to in 2018 and try out this brand new accommodation.


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