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donderdag 31 oktober 2019

Switch off stress on your break

A GP for 20 years in Manchester, Dr Rangan Chatterjee is mindful to practise the stress-busting techniques he preaches. “Like many people I’m busy,” he says. “I’m married, I’ve got two young children, I work hard, I’m trying to make sure I spend enough time with my family – I’ve got to be careful I don’t burn out doing all of this. I absolutely have to practise stress management myself.”

As well as being a medical practitioner, Rangan is the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Stress Solution and founder and presenter of Feel Better, Live More, one of Europe’s biggest health podcasts. He shares the simple changes we can make for a healthier, happier break.

Why are we so stressed?

Rangan says that up to 90% of what a GP sees in any given day is related to stress. “A whole variety of different health conditions can be caused by stress – not just obesity and diabetes but also things like headaches, insomnia and gut problems,” he says.

Originally our stress responses were there to keep us safe from wild predators, Rangan explains. But now they’re being activated by our daily lives. The problems Rangan sees in his surgery have inspired him to empower people to take control of their stress levels. “I want to give stress management the same importance as eating vegetables or going to the gym,” he says.

Unplug for a more connected break

To help us connect better with our families Rangan believes we should use our digital devices less. “Having your phone there is going to keep you distant from those people around you. So maybe go cycling on one of the beautiful paths at Center Parcs and leave your phones in your lodge. You’ll find it’s a much different experience and you will connect more.”

Get outdoors and into nature

Have you ever wondered why you feel so refreshed after a walk in the forest or a trip to the coast? Rangan says we’re hardwired to be in nature. “Nature is powerful for our physical, emotional and mental health. Just being in nature, or looking at nature, will make your stress levels reduce immediately. So if you go on a Center Parcs break your stress levels will come down.”

Try a family adventure

Rangan says breaks offer a unique opportunity to spend quality time with our family and nourish relationships. He says the best way to be in the moment and more connected with each other is to go on a family adventure. Why not take part in a Treasure Trail session, try some Field Archery, or go on a Wildlife Walk during your Center Parcs break?

Rangan says: “If you’re lost in creating adventures together, you’ve switched off from all the stuff that’s going on in your life. You’re being present, you’re being attentive to yourself and the people around you. These shared experiences together in nature bonds us, and that lowers our stress levels.”

Interested in any of the activities mentioned above? Take a look at our activities and book your next adventure today.

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Profiteer van extra scherpe prijzen! Alleen vandaag nog Bungalowrace

Boek alleen  vandaag nog extra voordelig je verblijf. Bekijk snel de aanbiedingen!

Vanaf €14 p.p.p.n. (vanaf €224 per accommodatie) inclusief verplichte kosten is gebaseerd op een Comfort cottage, 4 personen en 4 nachten op de Limburgse Peel met aankomst 4 en 11 november 2019 en 9 en 16 maart 2020, Port Zelande met aankomst 9 en 13 maart 2020, Ardennen met aankomst 9, 16 en 23 maart 2020.

woensdag 30 oktober 2019

Winter Wonderland en Vuurwerk 2019 in Belgie, Nederland, Duitsland en Frankrijk

Bij Center Parcs ga je letterlijk spetterend het jaar uit. Tijdens Nieuwjaarsavond geniet je van een uitgebreid variëteit aan entertainment.
  • Geniet tot middernacht van livemuziek op het podium van de overdekte Market Dome.
  • Laat je overweldigen door een waar vuurwerkspektakel (Parc Sandur en Le Bois aux Daims (FR) kennen een afwijkende invulling van de show).
Beleef de magische sferen van Winter Wonderland met feestelijke versieringen en winterse activiteiten.

dinsdag 29 oktober 2019

Winter Wonderland Firework Displays 2019

We know that our spectacular Winter Wonderland firework displays* are popular events and are not worth being missed. So, we have put together a helpful guide on how your family can get the most out of our firework evenings across all villages.

*Pyrotechnic displays at Woburn Forest

Our Winter Wonderland fireworks displays start from Sunday 10 November 2019 to Sunday 22 December 2019 and are every Wednesday and Sunday at 6pm (Woburn displays are at 6.30pm). to make sure you get the best viewing location at each village, here is a little tip to where to head:

  • Whinfell Forest and Sherwood Forest: around the lake
  • Longleat Forest and Elveden Forest: the beach
  • Woburn Forest: the waterfront

If you are on a break at Whinfell Forest, why not visit The Green Room and start your evening entertainment early by watching our festive pantomime Aladdin at 4pm? For some mouth-watering food before the spectacular fireworks display, why not pre-book a table at Rajinda Pradesh for a delicious treat. If you are visiting Whinfell Forest, our Indian inspired restaurant Rajinda Pradesh opens earlier at 4pm on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Look out for our free entertainment happening around the village before the displays, including choirs to get you into the festive spirit with well known Christmas carols to sing along to. Here is where you can find the choirs on our villages:

  • Whinfell Forest: Village Centre
  • Longleat Forest: Village Square
  • Woburn Forest: The Plaza
  • Sherwood Forest: The Beach
  • Elveden Forest: Venue Green

Remember to wrap up warm in your winter woollies. All Starbucks across the villages will be staying open late on firework evenings, perfect for you to enjoy a warm hot beverage and to keep your hands toastie whilst watching the displays. At Longleat Forest, you can even enjoy a drink at our outdoor licensed bar, located by the maze at the front of the Sports Café.

After you have sung in harmony the ‘ooh’s and the ‘ahh’s’, here’s a little hint: stay around after the display for a couple of minutes as you might just see a special somebody in red…

But the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Bust some moves at our family Leisure Bowl Disco (Whinfell, Sherwood and Elveden Forest only).

Don’t forget if you capture any memorable photos of you and your friends and family enjoying the displays, tag us on social using the hashtag #mycp, we would love to see them!

For more activities or restaurants available on your Center Parcs break check out our website and pre-book early to avoid missing out.

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vrijdag 25 oktober 2019

Bungalowrace vs Bungalowweken

De herfstvakantie is voorbij en zowel Center Parcs als Landal stunten weer met acties / verblijven. De Center Parcs Bungalowrace vs de Hema Landal Bungalowweken


Bungalowrace (Center Parcs)

Bungalowweken (Landal)


Vanaf €14 pppn

Midweek voor 139 euro

Weekend voucher (€149) is al op


t/m maart 2020

uitgezonderd Kerstvakantie periode en voorjaarsvakantie

t/m maart 2020

uitgezonderd Kerstvakantie periode en voorjaarsvakantie


t/m donderdag 31 oktober

Voucher kopen  t/m zondag 27 oktober via

Met de Hema voucher kan geboekt worden vanaf 25 oktober t/m 6 januari 2020 op de landal site

# personen / cottage

Cottages beschikbaar t/m 8 personen

Maximaal 6 persoons standaard accommodatie.


Bedlinnen, reserveringskosten, toeristenbelasting en eindschoonmaak (prijs bij volle bezettin)

Bedlinnen, reserveringskosten en eindschoonmaak.



Exclusief toeristenbelasting

How to spend your extra hour at Center Parcs

At Center Parcs, sixty minutes is enough time to make memories that will last a lifetime. From unique activities to eating mouth-watering food at our restaurants, it’s your hour – make the most of it.

Family Hour

For your little adrenaline junkies, they can try Mini Trek, our 30-minute ‘aerial’ obstacle course just 1m above the ground, where you’re on hand for support. For your older ones head to the Aerial Adventure to swing through the trees and conquer the exhilarating rope course.

Adventure Golf takes around an hour, so putt your family to the test with a touch of competition…

Use every last minute with an hour of Ten Pin Bowling – we have bumpers and ramps for little ones to perfect their technique.

With 55 minutes of Indoor Climbing Adventure, you can scale the space wall or challenge a giant chess board.

For more indoor adventures, show off your talents on the court by challenging your family to an hour badminton tournament, and see who will be crowned the winner.

Grab an extra meal

With your extra hour, why not grab an extra meal? Take advantage of our Sports Cafe brunch time special and enjoy any two toasted brunch dishes for only £10.

Or try the new afternoon tea offer at Cafe Rouge as a delicious treat after a long day of fun-filled activities.

Inside or out

Sixty minutes is plenty of time to explore the miles of trails that each village has to offer, so be sure to make the forest your playground and be at one with nature. Head to the Cycle Center and enjoy a 60-minute family bike ride in the tranquil surroundings to start off your day in the best way.

Fancy staying in? Light the fire in your lodge, put on your favourite film and settle in to watch together – don’t forget to get some hot chocolate supplies from ParcMarket!

For more than sixty minutes to experience everything Center Parcs has to offer, book your next break now.

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woensdag 23 oktober 2019

Action for all ages at Laser Combat

With a full-on work and home life, the Bartle family are hard to keep up with. Rob, an IT project manager, and Karine, a logistics consultant, are parents to three young children: Toby, aged seven, Natalie, five, and Noah, three. Even in their downtime, they’re always on the go. Karine is a yoga fan, Rob runs, Toby plays football and Natalie dances – plus the whole family goes skiing once or twice a year.

Such a busy schedule means fitting in time with the extended family is a priority, and the Bartles have found that Center Parcs is the perfect location to get together. “It’s ideal for us because we meet up with Rob’s sister, her husband and their four children, as well as Rob’s parents, Mike and Margaret. There are seven children in total so it’s great that there is loads to keep them occupied. We can take them to the playgrounds, go on bike rides and, of course, the Subtropical Swimming Paradise is fantastic.”

The Bartles have found that Center Parcs activities are a great way to sample fresh experiences. “Over the years, we’ve tried Junior Pony Rides, Cupcake Decorating, Ten Pin Bowling, Soccer Play and Hair Braiding,” says Karine. Laser Combat was a new experience, though, and the grandparents were initially cautious participants.  “I didn’t know what to expect,” says Karine’s mum, Vicky Cook. “I definitely would have sat the activity out and watched instead, but Karine persuaded me to give it a go.”

Once the grandparents had accepted their mission, there was no way Karine, Rob and Toby were going to let the older generation back out and it was time for Mike, Vicky and Karine’s dad Paul to head into the Sherwood Forest’s Laser Combat arena. “The staff were excellent – they really helped us to understand the games and encouraged everyone to get involved,” says Karine.

Karine says she loved the competitive element. “It was one hour of running around so it was great exercise. Although, having said that, you can be as active as you want. There were trees to hide behind and forts to sneak into, so you could rest there if you needed.

“We all enjoyed Laser Combat so much that we’re planning to try it again on our next break. It was such good fun – we’ll remember the day for a long time.”

The grandparents’ verdicts:

Vicky Cook says: “Just as we were putting on the camouflage make-up I said, ‘Can I back out?’ But Karine said, ‘No, it’s too late!’ So I got on with it. Toby thought it was hilarious seeing his grandparents with their make-up and laser guns. It was a real adrenalin rush and from start, to finish we did nothing but laugh. I’d highly recommend it. It lasted an hour, but the time just flew by.”

Mike Bartle says: “Laser Combat was out of the ordinary for me, but I’ll give anything a go and I’m so pleased that I did. We took part in a series of games that involved a lot of hiding and running – basically pretending to be a soldier. When Rob and I paired up it was great fun to work together – we covered the territory well and won the game! I used to do a lot of skiing and running. I’m 74 now and haven’t been able to do that for a while, but this wasn’t too much for me. Every grandparent should have a go.”

Want to try Laser Combat yourself? Find out more here

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vrijdag 18 oktober 2019

The updated Subtropical Swimming Paradise at Sherwood Forest

Experience the rides and water play areas at Sherwood Forest’s updated Subtropical Swimming Paradise. Our crown jewel at the heart of the village is now even bigger and better, so what more of a reason do you need to book your next Center Parcs break…

Tropical Cyclone

Our latest ride the Tropical Cyclone also available at Elveden Forest, Longleat Forest and Woburn Forest is a four-person raft ride with an exciting 125 metres of twists, turns and gravity-defying drops, and for an added bonus choose an audio-visual theme while you are experiencing the ride.

Venture Bay and Venture Harbour

Splash and slide in our new water play areas. Venture Bay with water spouts, slides and a splashing pool is the perfect place for your little ones to experience their first dip in a pool. For your older children, the Venture Harbour family play area has fun slides, giant tipping buckets and spray fountains for hours of family fun.

Grand Cascade

The well-loved Grand Cascade ride at Sherwood Forest has re-opened. Hold on tight to your circular raft as you whoosh to the bottom of a twisting turning water shoot, nearly 600m long. 

Have you experienced our new additions to Subtropical Swimming Paradise at Sherwood Forest? Book your next Center Parcs break.

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Sunparks (Center Parcs) De Haan bouwt volledig nieuw dak op subtropisch zwembad

Eerdere gerelateerde artikelen: Sunparks De Haan wordt omgevormd tot Center Parcs

In Sunparks in De Haan zijn momenteel ingrijpende werken bezig aan het subtropisch zwembad, vooral aan de dakkoepel. Er komen ook een nieuw buffetrestaurant en een snackbar. Intussen zijn verder al 359 van de 519 vakantiehuizen in het park opgefrist.
Sunparks is momenteel bezig met werken aan het recreatiecentrum. Het vakantiepark is gesloten tot 14 november om die renovatie te kunnen uitvoeren. In die periode wordt het dak van het zwembad volledig vernieuwd en worden ook de kleedkamers aangepakt. Voor het dak werden 's nachts - onder politiebegeleiding - spanten aangevoerd met twee vrachtwagens van elk 35 meter lang, 3,55 meter breed en 44 ton zwaar. De werken aan het dak springen het meest in het oog, maar ondertussen komen er in de centrale faciliteiten ook een nieuw buffetrestaurant en een snackbar. Daarnaast krijgt het winkelgedeelte nog een make-over.

De voorbije jaren werd al sterk ingezet op het vernieuwen van de vakantiehuizen. Zo zijn tot al 359 van de 519 in het nieuw gestoken. Het park heropent de deuren op vrijdag 15 november. Op wordt nu al reclame gemaakt voor de vernieuwde huisjes met een kleurrijk interieur, meer comfort en nog altijd gratis toegang tot Aquafun en Kids World.

Bron: HLN

donderdag 17 oktober 2019

Spectaculair transport voor zwembad De Haan

In Wenduine is afgelopen nacht (11 oktober)  een uitzonderlijk transport door de gemeente getrokken. Het gaat over de indrukwekkende hoofdspanten voor het nieuwe zwembad van Centerparcs in Wenduine.

Zie Video

De politie van Bredene/De Haan zorgde voor de begeleiding van het konvooi van twee vrachtwagens. De transporten vonden plaats vorige nacht en de nacht ervoor.

"Het transport was elke keer de avond voordien vertrokken in het Duitse Niederkruchten en diende, door de buitengewone afmetingen, een speciaal daarvoor vergunde reisweg te nemen", zegt Dennis Goes van de politie Bredene/De Haan.

"Op de autosnelwegen en grote wegen verliep de rit vlot, maar in Wenduine was het wat meer precisiewerk aan de kruispunten.  De gevaartes van elk 35 meter lang, 3,55 meter breed en 44 ton zwaar konden veilig door Wenduine geloodst worden naar hun eindbestemming. Tijdens de doortocht werd het verkeer slechts enkele minuten gehinderd.

Bron: Focus WTV

Center Parcs owner is playing waiting game

The Canadian property group that owns Center Parcs is expected to wait until its recently opened holiday village in Ireland has established itself before drawing up plans to float or sell the business.

Brookfield Property Partners, which acquired Center Parcs four years ago for more than £2.4 billion, is expected to review its options once the £200 million holiday village that opened in July at Longford Forest, Co Longford, has at least a year's trading under its belt.

Analysts also suggested that Brookfield would want to wait until Britain had left the European Union and possibly had identified the next site for a new Center Parcs to allow it to emphasise the growth potential of the business when it decides to push the button on…

Continue reading on  The Times

woensdag 16 oktober 2019

Your babymoon at Center Parcs

Before your bundle of joy arrives and the sleepless nights and nappy changes begin, get away with your partner, friends or family. Enjoy your last breakaway, and where better than the tranquil forest before the chaos sets in. Here is what you could get up to on your babymoon at Center Parcs…

Lay in and brunch

Make the most of your lay in’s and undisturbed sleep while it lasts with long lazy mornings surrounded by the wonderful woodland. Indulge in a slow morning, wake up to the sounds of the wildlife, before heading outdoors, exploring the village and grabbing some brunch.

Open all day and no need to book, head to  Sports Café for a tasty and nutritious bite to eat. Increase your nutrients intake with a delicious Roast Butternut Squash Salad, rich in vitamin A, potassium and fibre and wash it down with a Fruits of the Forest smoothie, perfect for your healthy carbs, vitamin C and getting your antioxidants.

Relax and unwind

During one of the most special times in your life, enjoy our Mother to be Spa Day at Aqua Sana Spa. Treasure some me time to relax amongst the forest with access to the spa from 9am to 6pm. Look as glowing as you feel with a 55-minute Decléor Radiant Mother To Be treatment and lunch in Vitale Café Bar. You’ll leave the forest feeling renewed and refreshed for their final trimester.

Pottery Painting

For a calming, creative activity head to the Pottery Painting Studio, choose your favourite piece of pottery, paint away as big or bold as you like. We’ll professionally glaze and fire it overnight ready for you to collect from 11am the next day. For a perfect keepsake for your time away in the forest or a little something for your little one’s arrival.

Late dinner 

Before your baby arrives, make the most of having a relaxing late-night dinner with your partner, before the early bedtime routines and hourly wakeups for feedings begin. Take a trip to Huck’s American Bar and Grill for a delicious vegan rich bean chilli packed with black beans and chickpeas this dish is full of flavour, fibre, protein, iron and vitamin B9, great for the mum to be to get in her nutrients.

Treat yourself and wash it all down with a mocktail or two, try our Old- Fashioned Lemonade or California Dreamin’, a fruity fusion of orange, pineapple, cranberry and lime juice shaken into a tall glass of West Coast sunshine.

Get your babymoon break booked in the diary and discover more about your next adventure at Center Parcs today.

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Groupe Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs: 2018/2019 Full-Year Revenue: tourism businesses up 7.2%

Revenue* from the tourism businesses up 7.2% over 2018/2019

Under IFRS accounting:
  • Q4 2018/2019 revenue totalled €537.7 million (€466.8 million for the tourism activities and €70.9 million for the property development activities).
  • FY 2018/2019 revenue totalled €1,595.0 million (€1,300.7 million for the tourism activities and €294.3 million for the property development activities).
The Group nevertheless continues to comment on its revenue and the associated financial indicators with the presentation of joint undertakings in proportional integration, in compliance with its operating reporting.

Tourism revenue
  • Q4 2018/2019: Revenue from the tourism activities rose 9.2% to €486.3 million compared with Q4 of the previous year.
    • Accommodation revenue rose +8.6% to €328.3 million, driven by both net average letting rates (+5.9%) and the number of nights sold (+2.5%). The occupancy rate stood at 84% (vs. 82.3% in Q4 2017/2018).
    • Adjusted for the impact of supply effects, revenue was up 4.2%.
    • Pierre & Vacances Tourisme Europe contributed €145.0 million, up 0.9%, driven by seaside destinations (+1.1%) and mountain destinations (+2.4%). Revenue from the Adagio residences was stable, after noting that Q4 2017/2018 provided demanding comparison (+7.9% growth in revenue).
    • Center Parcs Europe contributed €183.4 million, up +7.0%, with higher performances in both France (+9.6% o/w +7.2% for the Center Parcs domains and +28.1% for Villages Nature Paris) and in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands (+5.7%).
    • Supplementary income grew by +10.6%, with a rise of +14.7% for Center Parcs Europe and +6.4% for Pierre & Vacances Tourisme Europe.
  • Full year 2018/2019: Revenue from the tourism activities rose 7.2% to €1,365.1 million compared with the previous year.
    • Accommodation revenue rose +7.6%, driven by both net average letting rates (+5.1%) and the number of nights sold (+2.4%). Occupancy rates totalled 75% over the full year (vs. 73.6% over 2017/2018).
    • On a same-structure basis revenue rose 4.5%, ahead of the full-year target of +4% set by the Ambition 2022 strategic plan.
    • This growth was driven by all destinations: +5.2% at Center Parcs Europe (+3.7% for the Center Parcs domains and +45.7% for Villages Nature Paris), +4.7% for the Adagio residences, +4.7% for the mountain resorts and + 2.2% for coastal resorts (mainland France, French West Indies and Spain).
    • Supplementary income grew by +6.5%, with a rise of +7.5% for Center Parcs Europe and +5.1% for Pierre & Vacances Tourisme Europe.
Outlook: In view of the portfolio of reservations to date, the Group expects growth in the tourism businesses in Q1 2019/2020, at both Pierre & Vacances Tourisme Europe and Center Parcs Europe.

bron en hele artikel: Business Wire

dinsdag 15 oktober 2019

Recipe: Halloween Cupcakes

The evenings are getting a little darker, Halloween is approaching and with children around, there often seems to be some sort of spooky event to cater for.

These decorated cupcakes are a fun little project that children – of all ages – can easily master. If you are short on time or baking skills you can decorate ready-made cakes and use ready to roll icing. Having a Halloween party at home? You can keep your guests amused by giving them some icing and a cake and getting them to decorate their own.

The cake recipe is a standby for all your fairy cake needs, you can add anything to the mix, have them as an after school (or work) snack with an added handful of sultanas and glacé cherries.


Plain Vanilla Cakes

125g Soft Butter
125g Caster Sugar
125g SR Flour
2 Large Eggs
1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
2 Tbsp Milk

Plain Chocolate Cakes

125g Soft Butter
125g Caster Sugar
100g SR Flour
25g Cocoa
1/2 tsp Baking Powder
2 Large Eggs
1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
2 Tbsp Milk

Ready-made (or homemade) buttercream for topping, or you can use Nutella.

1 Beat the butter until soft and light
2 Beat in the caster sugar and vanilla until pale
3 Add the eggs and flour (plus cocoa and baking powder for chocolate version) and mix well
4 Add the milk and mix to a soft spoonable consistency
5 Spoon into 9 muffin cases in a muffin tin
6 Bake for 20 minutes at 175ºC turning the tin around after 15 minutes
7 Cool on a rack
8 Spread each cooled cake with a spoonful of buttercream/frosting

If you prefer to make smaller fairy cakes this mix will make 12, just use fairy cake cases and reduce the cooking time to 18 minutes


Black and white ready-to-roll fondant icing
Liquorice Catherine Wheels

1 Roll out some black icing and cut out a circle with a cookie cutter slightly bigger than your cake
2 Smooth the circle over the frosted cake
3 Unravel the liquorice and cut into 3cm pieces
4 Make leg holes in the sides of the icing and push the liquorice legs in
5 Make eyes with small balls of black and white icing and fix on with a little water
6 Use the end of a brush or a skewer to make a mouth and add white fangs if you fancy

Pumpkin Patch

Green and Orange ready-to-roll fondant icing
Brown icing or some flakes of chocolate

1 Roll out some green icing and cut out a circle with a cookie cutter slightly bigger than your cake
2 Smooth the circle over the frosted cake
3 Roll a ball of orange icing and mark it with a skewer to make pumpkin segments
4 Press a hole in the top and add an icing or chocolate stalk
5 Twist rolls of green to make tendrils and stick these and the pumpkin to the cake with a little water

Jack Skellington

Black and white ready-to-roll fondant icing
Black food colouring or a tube of black decorating icing

1 Roll out some white icing and cut out a circle with a cookie cutter slightly bigger than your cake
2 Smooth the circle over the frosted cake
3 Make eyes with squashed balls of black icing
4 Poke nose holes with the end of a brush
5 Press on a wide mouth with the end of a brush or skewer and add a few ‘stitches’
6 Brush or squeeze some black icing or food colouring into the nostrils, mouth and stitches


Black, green and white ready-to-roll fondant icing
Red and green food colouring

1 Roll out some white icing and cut out a circle with a cookie cutter slightly bigger than your cake
2 Smooth the circle over the frosted cake
3 Cut a circle of green for the iris, and a smaller black circle for the pupil
4 Stick these ones with a drop of water and add a small white dot of icing for a highlight
5 With a thin brush add a little colour to the iris and some extra bloodshot wiggles around the eyeball

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Vernieuwd Center Parcs Les Ardennes (Be) officieel geopend

Na een omvangrijke vernieuwing van 350 cottages en alle centrale faciliteiten opent de directie van Center Parcs Europe vandaag officieel de deuren van Center Parcs Les Ardennes. Center Parcs heeft 42 miljoen euro geïnvesteerd in de innovatie van het park.

In de afgelopen drie jaar steeg het aantal overnachtingen in Center Parcs Les Ardennes met maar liefst een kwart. Van de gasten is 55 procent afkomstig uit de buurlanden van België, van wie ruim een derde uit Nederland.

Center Parcs Les Ardennes heeft in de afgelopen jaren een volledige metamorfose ondergaan. Zo zijn alle 350 cottages in een nieuw jasje gestoken en zijn de VIP-cottages onder meer voorzien van een privésauna. Ook alle centrale faciliteiten zijn vernieuwd. Zo hebben bezoekers van de Market Dome toegang tot een nog uitgebreider en gevarieerder aanbod. Ook heeft het kasteel in het park een gedaanteverwisseling ondergaan en biedt dit nu onderdak aan een multifunctionele (vergader)ruimte van 200 m². Het kasteel is middenin de bosrijke Ardennen gelegen en is de ideale uitvalsbasis voor inspirerende meetings, trainingen, conferenties, evenementen en teambuilding events.

Bron en hele artikel: pretwerk

vrijdag 11 oktober 2019

Did someone say Spa Day…

With autumn in full swing, the nights are getting darker. The weather is taking a turn and we can often see a dip in our mood as we long for sunnier days. However, once you start to celebrate autumn’s best bits, the crunchy leaves and cosy moments, it can soon become one of your favourite seasons. So why not treat yourself and a loved to one of our luxurious autumn Spa Day’s. Perfect for a pick me up, embrace autumn for a day and try our exclusive offers.

Rose Gold Spa Day for 2

Where: all villages

How much: from £95pp

When is it available: Monday – Thursday from 14 October until 5 December 2019

Pamper yourself with a rose gold inspired full body treatment, prevent the breakdown of collagen and get a healthy glow to your skin with a delicate rose gold scrub combined with 23c gold products. Enjoy access to our spa from 9am to 6pm and explore our spa Discovery Sessions, refreshments on arrival and lunch in Vitalé Café Bar, for an indulgent day relaxing with your loved ones.

Festive Fiesta Spa Day for 2

Where: all villages

How much: from £69pp

When is it available: Monday – Thursday from 14 October until 5 December 2019

Raise a glass of sangria to celebrate the party season beginning with our Festive Fiesta at Aqua Sana Spa. Devour a Spanish sharing platter for two which includes manchego cheese, olives, chargrilled peppers, sliced chorizo, prosciutto ham and focaccia ham for a delicious treat. Then spend the day exploring our spa and the 15 different spa experiences it has to offer, from wet to dry, to herbal to meditative, leave the forest feeling refreshed and revitalised.

We are delighted to share that three of our spas have been shortlisted for the Good Spa Guide Awards 2019 and will be going to the finals this November.

If you love spending time at our spas, please vote for us to win! As a thank you, voters will be entered into a prize draw to win a Luxury Spa Break for 2. Vote for us before midnight on Thursday 31st October to enter. Competition terms and conditions apply. Vote here:

Book your Spa Day or Spa Break for the for the ultimate autumn escape or pop in during your Center Parcs break.

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Spooky Spider Pizzas

The spooky spider pizzas are fun and easy to make and (if you cut up the olives for them) it’s a great way to get kids involved in the cooking. Get them involved in kneading the dough and spooning on the topping, then everyone can get involved creating the cheese string cobwebs and arranging all the little spiders.

Enjoy making and eating your scary treats!

Pizza Dough Ingredients (Makes 1 large pizza and 12-15 small pizzas)

250g plain flour

250g strong bread flour

1 7g sachet easy bake yeast

1 tsp salt

2 Tbsp olive oil

300ml lukewarm water


1 jar pizza topping

1 pack of cheese strings

grated cheese

1 jar black olives


  1. Put the flours in a large bowl or in a stand mixer and stir in yeast and salt.
  2. Gradually add the warm water and olive oil and mix to a dough.
  3. Knead with a dough hook or by hand for 8-10 minutes.
  4. Cover with a plate or cling film and leave to rise in a warm place until the dough has doubled in size.
  5. While it’s rising cut black olives into 8 strips to make spider legs, use a whole olive for the body and half an olive for the head.
  6. Preheat the oven to 200ºC
  7. Roll 1/3 of the dough into a dinner plate-sized pizza base and place on a baking tray.
  8. Spoon some tomato pizza topping onto the base and use cheese strings to make a cobweb shape.
  9. Take ping-pong ball-sized pieces of dough and roll out to make the small pizzas.
  10. Top with a spoonful of topping and a sprinkle of cheese.
  11. Add your spooky spiders to the large and small pizzas.
  12. Bake the large pizza for 1-15 minutes until crisp, the small pizzas will only need 5-8 minutes.

Tip: If you want your cobweb and spiders to be extra defined you can cook the bases first then add the spideriness for the last 2-3 minutes only.

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maandag 7 oktober 2019

Nederlandse Center Parcs parken ontvangen Green Key ‘Goud’-certificaat

Acht Nederlandse Center Parcs parken hebben gisteren het Green Key 'Goud'-certificaat gekregen. Het Heijderbos, De Eemhof, De Huttenheugte, Het Meerdal, Limburgse Peel, De Kempervennen, Port Zélande en Park Zandvoort hebben allen de hoogst mogelijke certificering behaald.Parc Sandur in Drenthe volgt naar verwachting later.

Het Green Key-programma wordt in Nederland uitgevoerd door de Stichting Keurmerk Milieu, Veiligheid en Kwaliteit. De certificering van Center Parcs laat zien dat zij voldoet aan alle normen die Stichting KMVK heeft gesteld.

Volgens Mark Giethoorn, directeur van Center Parcs Nederland, toont de certificering aan dat Center Parcs vooruitstrevend is op het gebied van duurzaamheid en maatschappelijke betrokkenheid: "Ik ben ontzettend trots op onze acht met goud gecertificeerde parken. Sinds onze oprichting zetten wij alles op alles om de natuurlijke rijkdom in onze parken te koesteren en te verrijken en tegelijkertijd goed te zijn voor mens, dier en natuur. Deze certificering is een prachtige erkenning voor de vele 'groene en goede daden' in onze parken. Het behalen van het hoogst mogelijke niveau van het internationale keurmerk Green Key is een weerspiegeling van de duurzame ambities van Center Parcs."

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vrijdag 4 oktober 2019

Fast Minute Dagen Herfstvakantie

Snelle beslissers opgelet! Tijdens de Fast Minute dagen boek je je herfstvakantie nu extra voordelig. Neem even tijd voor elkaar, deze herfstvakantie. Zeg ja tegen wat er toe doet! Boek nu je verblijf al vanaf €319 voor een 4-pers. cottage incl. verplichte kosten. Aanbieding geldig t/m dinsdag 8 oktober 2019.

woensdag 2 oktober 2019

World Wildlife Day: The adventures of Archie the red squirrel

Back in the summer, a guest staying at Whinfell Forest found a little red squirrel in the forest that looked to be injured. The guest did a brilliant job and contacted a member of staff. Two Forest Rangers collected the little red squirrel and took it to the local vets. Our Red Squirrel Ranger, Jerry, was contacted who took the squirrel in and administrated antibiotics and pain relief. It was then that Jerry realised how young the squirrel was and that in fact, it was only a little kitten of 6-7 weeks old. Jerry said

“It seemed from the injuries that the kitten probably fell from its drey (nest) or fallen off a branch and hit his little head and nose. Me and my partner, Sarah, took the red squirrel in to our home and named him Archie”

Jerry lovingly hand-fed Archie replacement milk, a puppy and kitten replacement formula, which is full of goodness and helped to keep him hydrated. Archie stayed with Jerry and Sarah as he recovered, spending his first few days in a hamster cage, with heat pads and a fleece hat. Archie slowly started to nibble on nuts and fruits. Jerry moved Archie into a larger cage which they call the ’rat cage’. A week later he had improved that much that Jerry felt comfortable moving the little red outside in a large pen in Jerry’s garden, fitted with feeders, nest boxes, branches and moss.

Seven weeks after Archie had been in the care of Jerry and Sarah, they both agreed that Archie was ready for his release! They found a safe area, where Jerry knows there are a good number of reds which come to the feeders and is already set with nest boxes. He had a wonderful send-off as he was released into the forest. Glen Franklin, General Manager at Center Parcs Whinfell Forest, said:

“Thanks to the care and attention of Jerry and Sarah, little Archie’s story had a happy ending. Our red squirrels are firm favourites with our guests, and I want to thank the family who found Archie for their swift actions. Archie has captured the hearts of everyone who has seen him and it was such a special moment to see him returning to his natural habitat. I’m sure he’ll now be exploring the forest with his new friends, but he’s always welcome at Whinfell Forest!”

Over time Jerry and his partner Sarah have hand-reared over 20 red squirrel kittens. Jerry expressed

“It is a very demanding job with feeding the kittens little and often every 2-3 hours. However, it is the most rewarding job having looked after them to then watching as they are released back into the forest.”

Center Parcs Whinfell Forest is in Cumbria, one of the most highly populated areas for red squirrels in the UK and is one of a few remaining red squirrel strongholds, providing a haven for the native species. Jerry has worked at Center Parcs Whinfell Forest as the Red Squirrel Ranger for 16 years, where his unique role requires him to work on the village and in a 5km buffer zone around Whinfell Forest, monitoring and caring for the endangered species. Only one other Center Parcs village is home to red squirrels: Longford Forest in Ireland, where there are up to 15 red squirrels and sightings have increased over recent weeks, as the kittens have begun to forage on their own.

Exclusive to Whinfell Forest, why not try our Red Squirrel Family Adventure? Book your next Center Parcs break today.

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Center Parcs gaat Belgisch Terhills Resort als premium park in de markt zetten

De Limburgse Investeringsmaatschappij LRM maakte bekend dat Center Parcs het Terhills Resort 15 jaar lang zal commercialiseren en managen. Terhills Resort is gelegen aan de voet van het Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen, in Belgisch Limburg.

Op de voormalige mijnsite van Eisden is de Limburgse Investeringsmaatschappij LRM, via haar dochtervennootschap Terhills NV, een vakantiepark aan het bouwen met 250 watervilla's. Center Parcs stelde reeds haar kennis en expertise ter beschikking bij de ontwikkeling van het park.

De woningen in het resort zijn opgetrokken uit duurzame en hoogwaardige materialen. Het resort is in omvang kleiner dan de andere parken die Center Parcs in beheer heeft. Voor het beursgenoteerde bedrijf wordt Terhills Resort een premium park en zodoende een nieuw product op het schap.

Het nieuwe Terhills Resort zal het kloppend hart worden van Terhills. Samen met het Terhills Cablepark, Elaisa Wellness, het Terhills Hotel, de hoofdtoegangspoort tot het Nationaal Park en Maasmechelen Village is er een aanbod gecreëerd voor een meerdaags verblijf op de voormalige mijnsite.

De Limburgse Investeringsmaatschappij, LRM, heeft als opdracht om de voormalige mijnsite van Eisden met haar unieke industriële erfgoed om te vormen tot een bovenregionale toeristische bestemming. Het masterplan van Terhills bestaat uit verschillende deelprojecten op het grondgebied van stad Dilsen-Stokkem  en de gemeente Maasmechelen.

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dinsdag 1 oktober 2019

LRM, Terhills en Center Parcs ondertekenen overeenkomst voor 15 jaar

Op de voormalige mijnsite van Eisden is de Limburgse Investeringsmaatschappij LRM, via haar dochtervennootschap Terhills NV, een vakantiepark aan het bouwen met 250 watervilla's. Center Parcs stelde reeds haar kennis en expertise ter beschikking bij de ontwikkeling van het park. Vandaag maakte de Limburgse Investeringsmaatschappij LRM bekend dat Center Parcs het Terhills Resort 15 jaar lang zal commercialiseren en managen. Terhills Resort is gelegen aan de voet van het Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen, in Belgisch Limburg. De woningen zijn opgetrokken uit duurzame en hoogwaardige materialen. Het resort is in omvang kleiner dan de andere parken die Center Parcs in beheer heeft. Voor het beursgenoteerde bedrijf wordt Terhills Resort een premium park en zodoende een nieuw product op het schap.
Pascal Ferracci, CEO Center Parcs Europe: "Ik ben verheugd om vandaag officieel het partnership tussen LRM/Terhills en Center Parcs te bevestigen. Terhills Resort wordt een nieuw park op het schap van Center Parcs. De afgelopen 2 jaren was Center Parcs al nauw betrokken bij dit project, mede door onze know-how en expertise ter beschikking te stellen aan de ontwikkeling en positionering van het Resort. Terhills Resort zal in de markt gezet worden als een premium park met duidelijke verschillen in beleving en aanbod in vergelijking met de bestaande parken. Wij zijn blij dat het Terhills Resort door Center Parcs zal worden gecommercialiseerd en gemanaged in de volgende 15 jaar. Hierdoor bevestigd Center Parcs zijn leiderschap als Europese marktleider."

Paul Renders, Managing Director Center Parcs Nederland en België: "Met haar 250 watervilla's is Terhills Resort kleinschaliger dan de andere vakantieparken die we beheren. De villa's, die allemaal aan het water liggen, zijn luxueus ingericht en opgetrokken uit duurzame en hoogwaardige materialen. Er is een brede waaier aan attracties en belevingen in de onmiddellijke omgeving en te midden van de natuur, maar ook op het Terhills Resort zelf. In het centrale gebouw zullen een indoor- en outdoor zwembad, een superette, een restaurant en een grand café aanwezig zijn. De kleinschaligheid van het park zien we als een troef die we willen combineren met een hoge servicegraad en kwaliteit. Zodoende kunnen we onze bezoekers een unieke vakantiebeleving aanbieden."

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Center Parcs breidt uit in Maasmechelen

Vakantieparkenuitbater Center Parcs gaat in Maasmechelen de komende vijftien jaar een nieuw vakantiepark exploiteren.
Het gaat om het Terhills Resort nabij Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen. De 250 huisjes van het park worden momenteel gebouwd. De verwachting is dat de werkzaamheden eind 2020 zijn afgerond. Het park moet in het voorjaar van 2021 operationeel zijn.


Center Parcs stelde eerder al zijn kennis en kunde ter beschikking bij de ontwikkeling van het park op de voormalige mijnbouwlocatie van Eisden. Investeringsmaatschappij LRM kreeg de opdracht om de locatie om te vormen tot een toeristische bestemming.

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