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zaterdag 30 november 2019

Tips to get cooking as a family

Busy family life means evenings can be a whirl of activity as we attempt to keep the children entertained, help with homework, then get them fed, bathed and their teeth brushed, hopefully with a calm half-hour leading up to bedtime.

Amid all this rushing around, involving the children in the kitchen might be the last thing on your mind, but with a little prep, it can be incredibly rewarding, and may even take the pressure off as you combine family time with meal-making.

Younger children will love practising basic number skills, while activities such as whisking, using a rolling pin, chopping fruit with a butter knife and sprinkling all enhance fine motor skills.

Older children can develop their maths and reading skills as they help you follow recipes and weigh out ingredients. You might even introduce basic scientific concepts such as chemical reactions – what happens when you apply heat to chocolate?

And, for the whole family, cooking is a chance to promote healthy eating by helping children learn where their food comes from and the different elements that make up their diet.

Involve children in cooking whenever you can, even if it’s just rinsing salad, scrubbing potatoes or collecting ingredients from the fridge. The more often they get the chance to be hands-on with food prep, the more confident and competent they’ll become.

Remember that children often want to be as independent as possible, so go for simple recipes, with the minimum need for adult intervention, which will allow children to try out techniques such as kneading, stirring and pouring.

So, what to make? For younger children, it’s good to start with baking because it typically requires blunt utensils, with grown-ups only needed to pop food in and out of the oven. Cookies and simple cakes are perfect. Why not try my Quick and Easy Shortbread or Banana Matcha Tea Cake? Introduce more complex responsibilities – such as grating and chopping – to older children as their coordination improves. My Red Pepper and Cheese Savoury Muffins are satisfying yet straightforward (see for all recipes).

Minimise hazards by setting up the children’s workstation in advance. Set it away from the oven and any dangerous objects you have in the kitchen, and use a stable step for smaller children to stand on.

Of course, there will be mess – often lots of it! Put some paper down, throw on some old clothes or aprons, and go with the flow. It’s more fun if you’re not too hung up on everything being neat and tidy.

If you’re a novice in the kitchen, this all might sound like a disaster waiting to happen, but fear not; cooking together is a chance to learn together. Start simple and work your way up to more complex challenges as a family. Focus first on cooking non-essential treats together at weekends or on family breaks when time is less stretched. That way, it’s no great disaster if your recipe doesn’t work out – you can all just laugh and try again next time!

About Emily

Emily Leary is a writer, presenter, blogger, vlogger and mum of two. In 2011 she launched her recipes and parenting blog, Emily’s book, Get Your Kids to Eat Anything (Octopus), is out now

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Try a Chocolate Chefs Academy or Family Cupcake Decorating activity. To book, log into your account:

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vrijdag 29 november 2019

Black Friday bij Center Parcs

Ook bij Center Parcs is het Black Friday! 

Lekker ertussenuit, met prachtige locaties als vakantiebestemming. Vakantie vieren in Center Parcs is zoals jij het wilt, van ontspanning tot actie, aan de kust of in de bossen.

donderdag 28 november 2019

Festive Spa Days at Aqua Sana

With Christmas being around the corner, take some time to look after yourself before the madness of the big day sets in. Or maybe gift an early Christmas present to a loved one for a special end of the year treat. Whatever you decide, indulge in the most magical, relaxing escape with our on the Nice List Spa Day for 2 from £69 per person, the price may vary per village or per day. Available Monday to Thursday from 2 December until 24 December 2019.

Get in the festive spirit with access to the spa from 9am to 6pm, tuck into a slice of red velvet cake accompanied by a festive Baileys latte each (non-alcoholic alternatives available). Spend the day exploring over 15 different spa experiences, from rejuvenating heat to refreshing water, and leave the forest feeling relaxed and refreshed.

For the most perfect Christmas present for a loved one, give the gift of relaxation with a gift voucher at Aqua Sana for an indulgent escape to the forest. Or why not stay a little longer and treat a special someone to a spa break in one of our luxury Spa Suites across our villages.

Book your Spa Day or Spa Break for the for the ultimate festive escape or pop in during your Center Parcs break.

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Zoeken naar oorzaak van waterglijbaanongeluk in Allgau

Na het ongeluk (vorige week) in Center Parcs Allgäu bij Leutkirch gaat de zoektocht naar de oorzaken door. Het waterplezier eindigde in het ziekenhuis voor vier personen: twee volwassenen en twee kinderen raakten gewond toen ze op een band door de glijbaan gingen.

Op dit moment worden de betrokkenen bij het incident ondervraagd en wilden meer getuigen, zei een woordvoerster van de officier van justitie donderdag. Daarnaast wordt ook de vraag gesteld hoe de zwemmers zich moeten gedragen bij gebruik van de glijbaan. 

Hebben de zwemmers de verkeerslichten op de glijbaan opgemerkt?
Een woordvoerster van het Center Parcs-resort in de regio Allgäu zei donderdag dat een verkeerslichtsysteem de toegang regelt en aangeeft wanneer de volgende gebruiker mag vertrekken. "De gasten moeten wachten tot het signaal groen is, alleen dan kunnen ze vertrekken." Er moet echter altijd maar één band op de glijbaan zijn.

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maandag 25 november 2019

Get crafty this Christmas

Christmas and crafting go hand in hand – getting cosy and creating your own handmade gifts and decorations while joyful tunes play in the background is the perfect festive pastime. “Christmas is all about spending time with those you love, reconnecting with friends and family and showing how much you care. And for me, there’s no better way to do that than with crafting,” says Yvette Streeter, editor of Mollie Makes magazine (pictured).

“Whether you’re making decorations as a family or getting together with pals for a festive craft session, there are so many ways to get everyone together, get creative and have some fun,” says Yvette. “Plus, there’s nothing better than giving someone a handmade gift. Not only do you get to enjoy crafting it, but you also get the pleasure of seeing the smile on their face when they open it too!”

At Center Parcs, there are plenty of opportunities to get creative as a family and make some treasured Christmas heirlooms you’ll take out and put up year after year.

Design a Giant Christmas Stocking

In our Design a Giant Christmas Stocking workshop, little ones and adults alike can create their very own super-sized, glittering stocking to hang on the fireplace, ready for Santa’s visit. This is a great way to get stuck into the festivities and let your imagination go wild while spending special moments with your children.

Festive Willow Crafts

Handmade decorations will transcend trends and are filled with memories of the times you made them. Led by an experienced instructor, our Festive Willow Crafts session teaches you how to make your very own Christmas decoration using bendy willow fronds. A perfect way to relax into the season, you’ll leave with a precious reminder of your family break.

Festive Pottery Painting

Discover your inner artist with our Festive Pottery Painting session, where can embellish baubles, tree decorations and much more. Little ones will love getting creative with their designs, while adults get a chance to unleash their inner child. Once you’re done, we’ll professionally glaze and fire your pottery overnight, ready for you to take home. Your handmade creation will make a delightful Christmas gift for a loved one.

To book all activities, log in to your Center Parcs account. Book your next Center Parcs break today.

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woensdag 20 november 2019

“We saw in the New Year at Center Parcs”

“My husband, Alex, our one-year-old son, Arlo, and I are regular guests at Center Parcs. As well as having stunning nature right on our doorstep, the convenience of all of the amenities, such as the nearby restaurants and coffee shops, is such a blessing, especially with a young child. So to welcome 2019, we thought it would be magical to take Arlo to experience the Center Parcs festivities.

As soon as we checked in, we couldn’t wait to start exploring. First on everyone’s agenda was a Festive Carriage Ride. We scheduled this for our first full day, as we knew Arlo would love it – that turned out to be the understatement of the year! The wonderful staff spent some time introducing him to the horses before we took off on a ride around the grounds, which lasted around 20 minutes. I couldn’t recommend this more for little ones and grown-ups alike.

Next up was the Subtropical Swimming Paradise. Some of our friends had also booked in for a New Years’ break, so we decided this would be a nice activity to do as a group. Arlo and I stayed in the shallows and enjoyed the waves, while some of the others went off exploring the bigger slides. A few of the adults even went back after the children were in bed and had a late-night swim and slide.

The rest of the time was spent outdoors taking beautiful nature walks, relaxing and reflecting on the year that had passed, as well as celebrating in the restaurants (we booked ahead to get the times that we wanted). Arlo loved the soft play area in Sports Café – it meant he could stretch his legs and run around when it was too wet and slippery outside. We were also pleased to discover that the Winter Wonderland was still on, so we spent some time exploring and soaking up the remainder of the festive season. The children loved seeing the animatronic reindeer!

The highlight of the whole trip, however, had to be the fantastic New Year’s firework display. Everyone gathered by the lake, huddled together to keep warm, while Disney songs played in the background. It was so atmospheric – an incredible moment for the adults and the children. It was Arlo’s first-ever firework display, which made it even more special.

Center Parcs is always a great place to visit, but it’s extra special at New Year. Even though it’s so easy to get to, you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere, completely immersed in nature. It’s nice to be able to switch off from the outside world, but still have everything you wish for within walking distance. From the moment we arrived and saw the fake snow falling at the entrance, we knew it was going to be a celebration to remember and the perfect place to welcome in the New Year.”

If you are spending the New Year at Center Parcs, discover one of our special events:

Book your next Center Parcs break.

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dinsdag 19 november 2019

Sunparks De Haan aan zee wordt Center Parcs

Sunparks De Haan aan zee krijgt een uitgebreide facelift en wordt omgetoverd tot Center Parcs Park De Haan. Voor het zover is wordt er fors geïnvesteerd om de Center Parcs beleving neer te zetten. De veranderingen zijn sinds februari dit jaar in volle gang. Zo worden alle cottages en de centrale faciliteiten vernieuwd om het Center Parcs
concept volledig te integreren. Vanaf mei 2020 gaat het park officieel verder onder de nieuwe naam. Na Center Parcs De Vossemeren, Erperheide en Les Ardennes wordt Center Parcs Park De Haan de vierde vestiging in België en de 25e in het totale aanbod.

Volgens Paul Renders, Managing Director Center Parcs België, zijn de aanpassingen van het park belangrijk voor de overgang naar Center Parcs. "We zijn blij dat Sunparks De Haan jarenlang een positieve bijdrage heeft geleverd binnen ons portfolio, maar de vraag voor een Center Parcs aan de Belgische kust is sinds lang aanwezig en investeren we maar liefst 39 miljoen euro om het park voor te bereiden op een beloftevolle toekomst onder de Center Parcs vlag. We zijn ontzettend trots dat we met deze stap een Center Parcs park op deze prachtige locatie aan de Vlaamse kust kunnen aanbieden en een omgeving creëren waar het draait om echt even samen te zijn met familie en vrienden."

Aanzienlijke vernieuwing zorgt voor echt Center Parcs gevoelHet Center Parcs concept wordt volledig toegepast op het park, hiervoor wordt geïnvesteerd in de cottages, in de toename van het aantal in- en outdooractiviteiten en de herkenbare horecaconcepten. In februari is gestart met de aanpak van de 519 cottages, inmiddels is al 70% hiervan gereed. Zo wordt nagenoeg alles vernieuwd in de cottages: van een nieuw design met frisse kleuren en natuurlijke materialen tot nieuwe vloeren, keukens, badkamers en nieuw meubilair. Dat zorgt ervoor dat de cottages klaar zijn voor de toekomst en dat er van de huidige twee luxe-niveaus wordt toegewerkt naar drie niveaus: Comfort, Premium en de VIP huizen met onder andere een eigen sauna.

Het park is de afgelopen 6 weken gesloten geweest en van die periode hebben we gebruik gemaakt om de grootste aanpassingen door te voeren in de centrale faciliteiten. Zo wordt het zwembad onder handen genomen om van de Aqua Fun een Aqua Mundo te maken. Een volledige nieuwe koepel van 70 meter doorsnee herbergt het subtropische zwemparadijs met prachtige decoratie en tropische planten. De kleedruimtes en douches zijn ruimtelijker en luxer aangepast. Het Grabber Joe's Laguna Café wordt het nieuwe horeca concept in de Aqua Mundo.

Ook in de toekomstige Market Dome opent Center Parcs haar verschillende restaurantconcepten zoals Nonna's Family Pizza è Pasta, Frites Affairs en het Grand Café. De komende tijd wordt er nog gewerkt aan de supermarkt, de vergaderzalen, een vernieuwd Cycle Center en de uitbreiding van het activiteitenaanbod. Speciaal voor de kinderen wordt ook het Orry & Friends programma geïntroduceerd en is er het volledig uitgeruste indoor speelparadijs BALUBA. Voorts wordt er nog een nieuwe kinderboerderij gebouwd en komt er een grote en mooie speeltuin.

Center Parcs digitaliseert ook het gastentraject. Gasten krijgen bij aankomst een bracelet waarmee onder andere de sloten van de cottages kunnen worden geopend, toegang tot de Aqua Mundo kan worden verkregen en de lockers kunnen worden geopend. Daarnaast worden de vooraf, in de app gemaakte reserveringen voor activiteiten, toegevoegd aan de bracelet.

Tot de naamswijziging is doorgevoerd kunnen gasten boeken bij Sunparks De Haan en blijven genieten van het park en de reeds gedane investeringen, zoals in de vernieuwde vakantiewoningen. Vanaf 2 december kan er worden geboekt voor aankomsten vanaf mei 2020.

De investering in Center Parcs Park De Haan is onderdeel van de totale innovatieplannen met een totale waarde van meer dan 600 miljoen euro waarmee alle Center Parcs Europe parken een grondige vernieuwing ondergaan. Een groot deel van de investering is bestemd voor de accomodaties. Zo zet Center Parcs in op de uitbreiding en make-over van de luxe cottages in haar parken, de Premium en VIP, én in een upgrade van de Comfort cottages. Daarnaast wordt er geïnvesteerd in de subtropische zwemparadijzen (de Aqua Mundo's), de centrale faciliteiten, de infrastructuur en nieuwe vormen van beleving.

Bron: Persbericht Center Parcs, en Travelpro

maandag 18 november 2019

50th Finn World Masters - 31 mei t/m 5 juni

Half a century ago on an island nation in the middle of the Atlantic, the idea was born to create an event for Finn sailors over 40 years old. At the class AGM during the 1969 Gold Cup in Bermuda, the Veteran Gold Cup was born. It has developed into one of the largest single fleet regattas in the world. It is, of course, now known as the Finn World Masters.
In 2020, the event celebrates its 50th anniversary and is being run by the ever-enthusiastic Dutch Finn sailors who have promised to put on a memorable event both on and off the water. They have set a target of 400 boats, which is not that hard to envisage, with more than 900 Finn Masters worldwide. Several times the fleet has passed 350 entries, so 400 is the next obvious milestone in a class that knows no bounds.

But it is not about the numbers. It's about the boat, the people, the fun, the racing and the parties. The party in 2020 will be bigger and better than ever in a great location, with more new faces and plenty of old ones.

Andy Denison, Finn World Masters President said, "Our 50th Anniversary party has begun; entries are flooding in for what is hoped to be the biggest Finn gathering to date. I would like to thank Finn Club Holland for being very slick and committed to the Finn Masters and for choosing a great venue to host this event."

"Despite the recent Olympic news, we are clear in our vision that the Finn class is one of the most established and successful fleets in the world and hosting quality events has always been at the forefront of our agenda. So to all Finn Masters everywhere, keep fit, keep sailing, and see you in Port Zelande."

The website is up and running at with information on the venue, accommodation and partner programmes available. Cottages in the Centerparks Resort, situated right next to the marina, are still available but running out quickly.

Meer info:

vrijdag 15 november 2019

Fast Minute dagen zijn gestart! boek je je kerstvakantie nu extra voordelig.

De Fast Minute dagen bij Center Parcs zijn begonnen!Snelle beslissers opgelet: Tijdens de Fast Minute dagen boek je je kerstvakantie nu extra voordelig. Neem even tijd voor elkaar, deze kerstvakantie. Zeg ja tegen wat er toe doet! Boek nu je verblijf al vanaf €329 voor een 4-pers. cottage incl. verplichte kosten.

De vanaf prijs is gebaseerd op een weekend in een 4-persoons Comfort Cottage op Limburgse Peel, Het Meerdal en Les Ardennes met aankomst 3 januari 2020.

Start a self-care routine on your break

Just spending an hour or two trying a new activity by yourself is all you need to feel recharged and ready to have more fun with the rest of your party on your break. It’s also the perfect way to pick up lost fitness plans. Here are just some of the activities you could take part in to grab a bit of me-time and kick-start your fitness again at Center Parcs.


If you really want to spend time caring for yourself, look no further than yoga. The physical benefits of improved strength and flexibility are great, of course, but it’s the clear-out for your consciousness that really makes it a winner. As your instructor talks you through the flowing movements, you’ll zone in on yourself and emerge feeling lighter, looser and a whole lot happier!

Boogie Bounce

There is no better way to forget your responsibilities than to unleash your inner child with a blast on a trampoline. Boogie Bounce uses mini trampolines to keep your heart-rate up as you bounce your way to better fitness and muscle tone. With motivating music to keep you going, you’ll finish full of energy, with a smile on your face – and the children will never get a look-in on the trampoline at home again!

Gym Pass 

Sweat out your worries with a session in the gym, where you can tune in to your breathing or zone out with music to keep your mind quiet. Choose from a range of cardiovascular machines and weights and go at your own pace.


You’ll need to concentrate on your core in a slow, controlled Pilates class, which aims to target the muscles that support your body. Pilates improves your posture, banishes aches and pains, and helps your body to move well during more intense activities – such as boxfit, or lifting your two-year-old into the car.


Our Kettlecise classes use serious strength training to build confidence and blast away worries. Exercises target major muscle groups and you’ll have expert supervision to ensure your kettlebells technique is spot-on. Keep it up once your break is over and be amazed at how quickly this class can reshape your body and make you feel physically and mentally stronger.

Aqua Sana Spa

For the ultimate in self-care, book a three-hour session at the Aqua Sana Spa. Keep the wellness vibe going with a treatment to soothe aching muscles. The Decléor Bamboo Massage is a powerful deep tissue massage that produces a profound sense of relaxation, serenity and inner wellbeing.

To book all classes and Aqua Sana Spa days and treatments, log in to your Center Parcs account:

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woensdag 13 november 2019

2019 Winter Wonderland activities

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Center Parcs, with Winter Wonderland arriving on our villages, the snow has set, and the festive cheer is in full swing. So why not get in the seasonal spirit and start off here with our guide of festive activities your family can enjoy during your visit to the forest until 1 January 2020.

Elf Academy

Bring your little ones to join the Elf Academy to learn from Santa’s elves themselves on all things Christmas. Learn some elf dance moves and games, get creative with some Christmas crafts and decorate some delicious festive treats to eat.

Design a giant Christmas stocking

Join your little ones as they get creative with glitter, colourful fabric pens and festive stickers to make their very own personalised stocking to hang on the fireplace on Christmas Eve ready to dazzle Santa when he comes down the chimney.

Festive Carriage Rides

Riding a horse and carriage ride is always an exciting experience, but what would make it even more special is travelling through the transformed festive woodland during Winter Wonderland. So, take in all of the picturesque views and let the peaceful sounds of the forest wash over you as you trot across the village.

Festive Treasure Trail

Get your bearings of the village as you team up with your family to weave along the woodland trails on two wheels to track down festive clues and discover sparkling surprises in hopes to find all the answers and receive a prize.

Spectacular Fireworks

Our fireworks display happens every Sunday and Wednesday evening at 6pm (6.30pm pyrotechnics display at Woburn Forest) on breaks from 10th November to 22nd December during Winter Wonderland.

Festive Jingles Skate

Perfect for the whole family, whether you wobble on the edge or elegantly skate in the middle of the rink, dress in your Christmas best and shimmy and shake to some festive tunes and our elves Rolo and Rollie will choose the ultimate winner.

Mrs Claus Gingerbread Decorating

Get you and you’re your little one’s imaginations flowing with Mrs Claus, as you help her decorate some gingerbread biscuits while learning some tips and tricks along the way and of course a delicious sweet treat to nibble on afterwards.

Festive Cupcakes for Little Ones

Combining your love of food and family, why not try your hand at a festive cupcake decorating masterclass with your family to learn the tricks of the trade and present at the end your box of beautiful festive cupcakes to share you friends or family or snack on yourself!

Elf Hunt

Explore the woodland trails with your family as you hunt for exciting hidden clues, once you have solved them there will be a special festive treat waiting for you at the end.

Santa’s Woodland Workshop

You better watch out, you better not cry, Santa Claus is coming to Center Parcs. Let your little ones meet the big man himself in his magical Woodland Workshop nestled in the forest. Tell him what’s on your list, take a photograph for a special souvenir and take home an early Christmas present.

Little Elves party hour

Christmas means one thing… it’s party time. Get your little elves dancing shoes on and join us in the festive fun as they shimmy and shake to festive music and play games. There are snacks to keep their energy up and they get a little goody bag so they can keep the party going a little longer in your lodge.

Festive Chocolate Chefs Academy

Perfect for your little budding chefs get all kitted out in their little apron and hat and set off creating their very own range of tasty seasonal-themed chocolate treats. To finish off enjoy some fun festive games to get in the ultimate Christmas spirit.

To book your family’s festive fun, check out our online activities website and make sure that you don’t miss out on the ones that you really want to take part in.

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maandag 11 november 2019

The Hideaway, the hidden gem of our Longleat Forest Aqua Sana Spa

The best-kept secret of our Aqua Sana Spa at Longleat Forest is our Hideaway.

Designed for a minimum of six and a maximum of ten people, it’s the perfect place to spend time with your friends and family to mark special occasions such as pre-wedding, birthdays, baby showers and graduations, all within the relaxing and laidback environment of Aqua Sana.

The Hideaway is a private room incorporating an area for lounging, socialising and private dining, equipped with a mini treatment area, drinks station and washroom facilities. Guests booking The Hideaway will have full use our spa and benefit from a dedicated spa host who will meet and greet guests before being on hand throughout the day to ensure your experience is as enjoyable, relaxing and effortless as possible.

As well as unlimited access to our 15 experience rooms, each guest can choose from one of the following 15-minute treatments which will be carried out in The Hideaway.

  • Scalp Massage
  • File and Paint on fingers or toes
  • Hand and Arm Massage
  •  Foot and Lower Leg Massage
  •  Eye Treatment
  •  Express Facial – Cleanse, Tone, Mask and Moisturise

This hidden gem is the perfect private chill-out space to make any celebration extra special.

For More info, please visit:

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zaterdag 9 november 2019

Vegan Thai Green Curry

There are definitely no Masterchef level skills required to make this and you can prepare it in half an hour so it’s a great option to celebrate Vegan Month. You can add any vegetables you like, but we have added some autumnal options to keep it seasonal, so there are chestnut mushrooms and butternut squash added to the mix. Ready prepared vegetables are great for this if you are in a hurry…or hate to peel and chop!

The method is so simple, first, you make the sauce in a blender, like a spicy Thai smoothie. Then stir fry your favourite vegetables until they are cooked just the way you like them, then add these to the just-simmered sauce to keep everything fresh and vibrant. Add noodles to make it a filling meal for two and roasted cashews for extra crunch and flavour.

(If you don’t want to miss out on meat you could add chicken breast and a splash of fish sauce)

Sauce Ingredients

1 400ml can of full-fat coconut milk
1 small bunch of coriander
1 small bunch of basil
6 mint leaves
The juice of 1/2 a lime
1 Tbsp maple syrup
2-3 tsp green curry paste (Blue Dragon or Thai Taste are vegan options)
1 tsp salt
1/2 a red Thai chilli or a pinch of chilli flakes
2 tsp soy sauce

Vegetable Options (add any of your favourite vegetables)

1 tbsp vegetable oil
1/4 butternut squash – peeled and cut into 1cm cubes
1 courgette – sliced
6 baby corn cobs – sliced
1/2 orange pepper – cut into 1cm pieces
A handful of chestnut button mushrooms – halved
A handful of sugar snap peas
Salt and pepper
Optional 2-3 sliced shallots or spring onions
Cashew or peanuts – roasted in the oven for a few minutes until dark golden
Extra herbs and lime to garnish.


  1. Add all the sauce ingredients to a blender and blend well, for a minute or two until you have a smooth, glorious green liquid
  2. Stir fry the vegetables in the oil, starting with those that need the longest cooking. For our curry we cooked the butternut squash well for a few minutes to make sure it was slightly caramelised and soft, then we added the courgettes and cooked a few minutes more, followed by the rest of the vegetables.
  3. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Prepare some noodles by boiling in water for 3-4 minutes.
  5. Toast some cashews or peanuts in the oven (170ºC) for a few minutes until brown.
  6. Heat the sauce in a small pan until simmering and check for seasoning.
  7. Pour the sauce into bowls, add the drained noodles, stir-fried vegetables and top with the nuts, fresh lime wedges, and extra herb leaves.

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vrijdag 8 november 2019

What’s so special about Winter Wonderland?

Whether you are joining us for your first or 21st Winter Wonderland break, the excitement of coming to Center Parcs during this time never dwindles. To give you a glimpse into Winter Wonderland, here are our top seven reasons why Winter Wonderland is so special.

The festive season starts in November

Winter Wonderland will get the whole family excited for the Christmas season and why wait till December when you can start in November? Christmas is the jolliest time of year, so we say, why not extend the celebrations?

Guaranteed snow

Yes, that’s right. The weatherman may not be able to guarantee a white Christmas this year, but we certainly can. The start of November marks the month that all of our Villages are transformed into Winter Wonderland with a dusting of glistening snow.

Firework displays

At all our villages, Winter Wonderland celebrations go off with a bang. Twice a week, on the run-up to the big day, our villages host spectacular Winter Wonderland firework or pyrotechnic displays. So whether you join us in the week or at the weekend, this is one event not to miss.

Meet Santa at Santa’s Woodland Workshop

A break at Center Parcs during Winter Wonderland is not complete without a trip to see Santa if you’re joining us with little ones. Santa’s marvellous Center Parcs workshop is a treat for all the family as you explore Santa’s Woodland Workshop, meet the elves and take your Christmas letter to the man himself. We think Bailey has the perfect question for Santa!

Festive dining

The best part of winter is being able to indulge in delicious food, so whether it’s a festive carvery with the whole family or a sweet treat for yourself, Center Parcs offers something for everyone. Enjoy a Starbucks Christmas beverage, a festive carvery at The Pancake House or buy all the trimmings from ParcMarket and enjoy a home-cooked meal in your Lodge.

Festive activities for the whole family

Center Parcs is full of thrilling, creative, adventurous and enjoyable activities all year-round. This winter you could find yourself exploring our Festive Treasure Trail, enlisting your little ones in our Elf Academy or watching the family pantomime. Do a little or do a lot this Winter Wonderland, the choice is yours.

It’s not too late to book a last-minute, magical Winter Wonderland break for you and your family

If you are coming to stay, we want to hear all about your break, so whichever village you’re at, share your photos and videos with us, tagging @CenterParcsUK and using the hashtag #mycp.


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woensdag 6 november 2019

Why it’s good to eat out with children

With such a huge selection of family-friendly restaurants to choose from, Center Parcs is the perfect place to eat out with your children. This can be a positive family experience that helps boost your children’s communication skills, confidence and sense of adventure. We asked Anita Cleare, a parenting coach and author of the Thinking Parenting blog (, to tell us more about the benefits.

Time to talk

Eating out together gives families an often-rare chance to come together and shoot the breeze. “Having conversations with your children is one of the best ways to boost their intelligence and neurological development,” says Anita. “Research shows that the number of conversations a young child participates in can still be seen 10 years later in their language and literacy levels. So, it’s not just about the amount of language they’re exposed to, it’s the number of conversations. And the dinner table is one of the best places to have conversations.”

Fewer distractions (and zero washing up to do)

Do you ever sit down for a meal at home, only to get up two seconds later to check on something? All you can think about is the washing that needs to be done – you can’t switch off. “When you go out to eat, you have that luxury of someone else cooking the food and doing the dishes for you,” says Anita. “That means you can focus on the nice bits rather than it just being one more chore – because dinner can be a bit of a chore when it’s at home and part of a busy life.

Confidence building

Eating out together as a family helps children learn how to behave in different places. Even ordering a drink can hone your child’s social skills. Plus, talking about what you’ve done that day over dinner helps them to make memories. This plays a part in carving out their identities, in turn boosting confidence. Anita says: “Memories are important for children’s resilience and an internal resource to draw upon – they’re a little well of happiness. They help form a sense of family identity, answering questions like, ‘Who are we? What do we do together?’ And that’s important for children to build their own sense of selves.”

Adventurous eaters

Anita says children are more likely to be adventurous in their food choices when they got out to eat. “When children see other children eating different foods, they’re more likely to try it themselves,” she says. “If children are willing to take a risk on something little like trying new foods, then hopefully that gives them the confidence to take calculated risks in other situations where they may be unsure at first.”

Book it

Our restaurants can get very busy so we advise that you make a reservation. A £5 deposit per person will secure a table and will be taken from your final bill. To book, sign in to your account: There is no need to book at The Pancake House or Sports Café – just turn up. Children’s play areas can be found in many of our restaurants.

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dinsdag 5 november 2019

Four Luxury Treehouses are coming to Whinfell Forest

Introducing brand new Treehouses at Whinfell Forest, available to book for breaks from July 2020.

This luxurious accommodation includes four en-suite bedrooms and whichever bedroom you choose, each has a private balcony so you can soak up the forest views as you wake. The beautifully styled open-plan living area makes Treehouses perfect for an extra special family escape.

Guests with limited mobility can also enjoy the most spectacular accommodation at Whinfell Forest, in our adapted Treehouse.

10 spectacular Treehouse features…

  • Early arrival from 2pm
  • A games den with a pool table, games console and bar
  • Dedicated parking for you and your guests
  • A luxury hot tub, perfect for stargazing
  • A gas barbecue
  • En-suites in every room
  • A sauna
  • Welcome hamper and bottle of fizz on arrival
  • An entertainment system with Sky TV
  • A dedicated Treehouse host – making your break hassle-free

Find out more about Treehouses here.

Book your next Center Parcs break here.

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maandag 4 november 2019

Center Parcs (UK) bans transgender guests from using single-sex changing rooms unless they have fully transitioned

Transgender visitors to Center Parcs England cannot use the changing rooms of their choice unless they have gone through a "full transition".

The UK holiday company's policy came to light after a transgender woman emailed customer services ahead of her visit to ask if there were any rules she should be aware of.

Victoria Hodges was planning to visit Center Parcs in the Lake District, where she's been with her family every year for the last three years, but the forthcoming trip would be her first since transitioning.

At first, Center Parcs replied by saying that transgender guests could make use of "private changing rooms" on site.

When Hodges emailed back to ask if that meant she could not use the women's changing rooms, a representative for the holiday company said: "Transgender guests are welcome to use the changing rooms that match with their acquired gender if they have gone through the full transition

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zondag 3 november 2019

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