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vrijdag 26 juli 2019

A sip of summer

Get your break started by heading over to Café Rouge or Bella Italia to indulge in a tipple or two. Here is a sneak peek on what’s new on the summer drinks menu…

Bella Italia

Blood Orange Gin & Tonic

Enjoy a summertime favourite with a Gin & Tonic (or two).  Try our signature Beefeater Blood Orange flavoured gin perfectly paired with classic Schweppes tonic.

Pina Colada

If you like Pina Colada’s…head to Bella Italia for the ultimate taste of summer. Try our Pina Coladas and get transported to sunny, long lazy days on the beach. Filled with pineapple, coconut cream and Malibu you’ll be wanting more of the tropical drink.

Watermelon Spritz

For something different, why not try a Watermelon Spritz made with signature Italian Prosecco, Aperol and watermelon puree, topped with dried strawberries, great to put you in the summer spirit.

Café Rouge

Mango Sunset

Perfect as a dessert or a drink, cool down from the summer sunshine with sweet mango sorbet topped with dried strawberry pieces and served with a shot of prosecco. Simply pour over the prosecco to watch the magic happen as the sorbet starts to melt into a delicious dessert.

Melon Spritz

Summer in a glass and bursting with ripe juicy melonade liqueur, quench your thirst with the new Melon Spritz. Served over ice with prosecco and soda, it’s the perfect fruity delight that will get you in the holiday spirit whatever the weather.

Pink Lemonade Mocktail

Not drinking doesn’t mean you have to miss out, try our twist on a much-loved classic lemonade, with our Pink Lemonade Mocktail, for a refreshing summer drink.

Book your next Center Parcs break and check out the new summer drinks during your next adventure in the forest.

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woensdag 24 juli 2019

Your summer 2019 inspiration starts here

It’s coming up to that time of year again. The time to set your out-of-office, hang up the school bags until September (just remember to check for old lunch boxes and apple cores first), and load up the car for your family summer break.

This year, why bother with the hassle of passports and the pain of the airport, when everything you could possibly want is waiting for you at Center Parcs? With the sun shining and the lake glistening, you’re a world away from home with plenty to keep the whole family occupied.

It’s time to swap your ‘to do’ list for our ‘must do’ list.

Saddle up

So where to begin? First things first – swing by the Cycle Centre to pick up your family fleet. Hit the trails in comfort with top-of-the-line premium mountain bikes at all our villages, or cruise with ease on one of our assisted electric bikes. There are trailers, child seats, balance bikes and stabilisers for our littlest cyclists too.

Then you’re off, exploring the forest on two wheels, soaking up the sun as the squirrels scamper alongside you.

Make a splash

But what’s a family summer break without a dip in the pool? It’s next up on your ‘must do’ list. Grab your swimming costume (or pop to Aquatique to treat yourself to something new), and step into the Subtropical Swimming Paradise. The little ones can splash around in our toddler and children’s pools, while older ones play in the waves and you relax with a Starbucks or a cocktail from The Canopy Café and Bar. Of course, watching from the sidelines only lasts so long before it’s time to corral the whole family for a ride down the Wild Water Rapids.

Row your boat

If you’re still not in the mood for dry land, it’s time to take to the lake. Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding or, if you’re staying at Elveden Forest, have a go at Water Cable Skiing – tick something off your summer 2019 bucket list! And if there are little ones in your party, you can hire a Pedalo together, or sit back and relax in an Electric Boat.

Drop in at The Pancake House to refuel after all that hard work. A fluffy American stack and an ice cold gourmet milkshake always go down a treat after a swim.

Take to the treetops

And you’ll need a good meal before you tackle Action Challenge… Head up into the treetops and find your head for heights with Aerial Adventure, where you navigate our course in the canopy. Of course, heights aren’t for everyone, so if you prefer to stay more grounded you can make a beeline for the Outdoor Activity Centre and hop on a Quadbike, zoom around the village with Segway Experience, or see who comes out on top at Paintballing.

Come dine with us

At the end of the day, race back to your lodge and collapse en-masse onto the comfy sofas. And when stomachs start rumbling, there’s a world of possibilities to choose from – head to Café Rouge and take a table on the terrace to enjoy a family meal as the sun goes down. Or you could fire up the barbecue on your private terrace – everything you could need, from steaks to giant marshmallows, can be found at the ParcMarket. Or if you’re simply too tuckered out, treat yourselves and order Dining In – we’ll deliver freshly prepared, restaurant-quality food to your lodge.

Summer holidays should be about escaping the daily grind and revelling in each other’s company. This year, why not do it at Center Parcs?

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zondag 21 juli 2019

Recipe: Gin & Tonic Ice Cream

The supermarket shelves are currently groaning with the weight of a hundred different gins and a multitude of tonics. So we thought it was a good time to pick your favourite and turn it into ice cream.

It’s completely impossible to go through life never making ice cream. It can seem like a lot of trouble, unless you have an ice cream maker. This quick and easy recipe couldn’t be simpler: Just 5 ingredients, a quick whisk then a few hours freezing and it’s ready to eat.

My version here uses a Seville orange flavoured gin and a pretty aromatic tonic flavoured with angostura and pimento berries but you can use any combination of gin and tonic. The alcohol stops the cream from setting too firmly, so it’s nice and soft to scoop, and the fizz from the tonic and the whipping keep it light and tasty. Add your choice of citrus fruit juice. I opted for a mix of orange for sweetness and lime for tang.

As it’s basically just whipped cream and gin and tonic it’s quite rich so a scoop or two is plenty for a ginny treat, keep it in an airtight container and eat within a few days.


200g caster sugar
3 tbsp freshly squeezed juice: orange, lemon or lime
3 tbsp gin
130ml tonic water
600ml double cream

How to make it 

1. In a large bowl mix together the sugar, juice and gin until the sugar has mostly dissolved
2. Stir in the tonic
3. Add the cream and whisk with until it becomes light, and like a thick custard
4. Pour into a container and freeze for 4 hours

That’s it! Serve in a bowl or in a cone and top with anything that would come with a gin and tonic.

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vrijdag 19 juli 2019

Summer Spa days at Aqua Sana

With summer being just around the corner, whether you have already been on your summer holidays or still have yours coming up. Keep your skin hydrated and nourished from the holiday sunshine with our indulgent staycation Spa Days for 2 offers.

Nourishing Olive Spa Day for 2

Where: all villages

How much: from £95pp

When is it available: Monday – Thursday from 24th June until 15th August 2019

Indulge in a nourishing face and body treatment with our Nourishing Olive Spa Day for 2, to add essential moisture to your skin. Infused with olive extract pamper your dehydrated skin and leave feeling soft and smooth. Enjoy all-day access to our spa and discovery sessions, refreshments on arrival and lunch in Vitalé Café Bar, for a day of unwinding and relaxing day.

Mediterranean Mezze Spa Day for 2

Where: all villages

How much: from £69pp

When is it available: Monday – Thursday from 24th June – 15th August 2019

Keep your summer holiday memories alive with our Mediterranean Mezze Spa Day for 2. With a platter to share featuring delicious red peppers stuffed with feta cheese, focaccia bread and olive oil to dip, prosciutto wrapped melon and olives, coupled with a refreshing glass of prosecco. Including a day exploring the spa and discovery sessions, enjoy the perfect Mediterranean escape with a loved one but a little bit closer to home, at Aqua Sana Spa

Watermelon Glow Spa Day for 2

Where: all villages

How much: from £95pp

For an exfoliating summer treatment dreaming of lazy beach days and fruity cocktails. Prep your summer shine with our watermelon full-body scrub and a tranquil scalp, hand and arm massage. Enjoy all-day access to the spa discovery sessions, refreshments on arrival and mouth-watering lunch at Vitale Café Bar included in the Spa Day. With the fresh burst of watermelon, you’ll leave with your skin feeling purified and brightened and smelling summer scented.

Lemon Refresh Spa Day for 2

Where: all villages

How much: £65pp

When life gives you lemons, escape to the spa for an indulgent lemon and raspberry pavlova and a glass of fizz. Relax with access to the spa discovery sessions and explore our nature-inspired spa, the perfect way to unwind in the forest.

Book your Spa Day or Spa Break for the for the ultimate summer escape or pop in during your Center Parcs break.

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vrijdag 12 juli 2019

Center Parcs revenue up 5.5% during the third quarter of the year

Groupe Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs: Third Quarter 2018/2019  Revenue 
Like-for-like accommodation revenue1 up 5.5%  during the third quarter of the year

The main impacts on revenue are the following:
  • Tourism: in terms of its tourism marketing mandates and various outsourcing contracts (catering, events, ski lifts etc.), the Group acts mostly as an "agent" in the wording of IFRS 15 and only its net remuneration must be recognised in revenue.
    Application of IFRS 15 therefore leads to a decline in tourism revenue, which so far recorded the volume of business generated by these activities, with no impact on the Group's net profit (loss) for the year.
  • Property development: sales operations on behalf of third parties are analysed on a case by case basis in order to establish whether the Group acts as an "agent" or a "principal".
    The outcome of this analysis is a sharp increase in revenue over the first nine months of 2018/2019, driven primarily by the signing of renovation/disposal operations at Center Parcs during the first half, for which the Group is considered as a "principle" under the terms of IFRS 15.

* Adjusted for the impact of:
- the shift from March in 2018 to April in 2019 of school holidays for certain foreign customers (German, Belgian and Spanish especially);
- at PVTE, the net reduction in the network operated (withdrawals from loss-making sites and the non-renewal of leases),
- at CPE, net growth in the network operated (opening of the new Center Parcs at Allgau and annualisation of stocks at the Ardennen domain in Q1, partly offset by the closure of the Ailette domain for renovation during H1 of the year).
** Including Villages Nature Paris (€19.7m on 30 June 2019, €8.6m in Q3), o/w €15.5m in accommodation revenue (€6.8m over Q3).

Tourism revenue
Q3 2018/2019 revenue from the tourism businesses totalled €335.3 million, up 12.6% relative to Q3 2017/2018.

Accommodation revenue totalled €227.7 million, up 5.5% like-for-like (i.e. excluding the impact of supply effects and the shift in the school holidays), ahead of the 4.2% growth reported for the first half.

  • Pierre & Vacances Tourisme Europe contributed €91.9 million, up 5.3% like-for-like.
    Revenue from Adagio residences surged 8.8% after stable activity in Q2 in a backdrop of social unrest. This growth was primarily driven by an increase in net average letting rates.
    Revenue from all other destinations rose by 2.4%, driven by seaside resorts (+3.7%), with rising performances in both France (+3.9%) and in Spain (+3.0%).
  • Center Parcs Europe contributed €135.8 million.
    Revenue rose 5.7% like-for-like, with 2.8% growth at the Belgian, German and Dutch domains and 10.5% for the French domains (o/w +5.6% for the Center Parcs domains and +54.7% for Villages Nature Paris).

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maandag 8 juli 2019

Nieuwe eigenaar voor 7 vakantieparken Center Parks

De Blackstone Group is in onderhandeling over de verkoop van zeven vakantieparken van Center Parcs, waarvan er vier in Nederland zijn gelegen. Dat schrijft persbureau Bloomberg op basis van anonieme bronnen betrokken bij de onderhandelingen. De koper zou het Duitse vastgoedbedrijf Aroundtown zijn.

De voorgenomen verkoop betreft de zeven parken die Blackstone in 2006 in handen kreeg, en waarvoor het bedrijf uit New York destijds €360 mln betaalde. Dezelfde parken in Nederland, België en Duitsland moeten nu zo'n €1 mrd opleveren.

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vrijdag 5 juli 2019

Cycling at Center Parcs

Our car-light villages are set in up to 400 acres of picturesque woodland, and one of the best ways to get around is by hiring a cycle from our Cycle Centre.

At the Cycle Centre our helpful, knowledgeable staff will make sure you get exactly the right equipment for your height, age and ability as well as the correct accessories to keep you and your family safe and comfortable. From junior and adult mountain bikes to tag-a-longs and trailers and tandems, we have every option you can think of.

We recommend that if you’re cycling around our villages that you wear a helmet. If you don’t have your own, helmets are available to buy or hire from the Cycle Centre.

Get into cycling

Here are some activities that are available on all villages that will inspire the little ones to become the next cycling superstar, or give the adults the chance to work up a sweat.

Baby Balance Bike Buddy

For who: 10 months+

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: Designed to help your little ones find their feet on our new baby balance bikes, it’ll teach them all about agility, balance and coordination. Help them enjoy their new-found independence as they take on our special course.  

Teach Me Balance Bike

For who: 2-5 years

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: Learning to ride a bike is something you’ll never forget. This fun session focuses on building those early skills to give your little ones more confidence on two wheels, making the transition to a proper bike easier.

Active Cycle

For who: 14 years+

Where: Sherwood Forest

What’s it all about: Feel your heart pounding and your adrenaline pumping as you pedal away in this high-intensity aerobics class on static bikes, burning calories and toning your muscles as you work.

Fancy cycling around our villages, taking in the views and the adventure? Book your next break at Center Parcs.

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Fors meer zomerboekingen bij Center Parcs in Nederland – Ook Landal plust

Het aantal boekingen voor de zomerperiode bij Center Parcs parken in Nederland ligt meer dan 10% hoger dan in dezelfde periode vorig jaar. Dat blijkt uit de boekingcijfers voor aankomsten in juli en augustus over alle Nederlandse parken.

Is er nog ruimte voor de zomer?
Vorig jaar was de bezettingsgraad in de zomer ook goed. Nu zit er al meer vol, maar er is zeker nog ruimte voor de zomer. Last minuteseizoen in volle gang, loopt ook  heel goed.

Nog last minute Zomerboekingen

Wat is de reden voor de groei?
Natuurlijk geeft het fantastische weer van afgelopen jaar reden om meer vertrouwen in een vakantie in eigen land te hebben. Het concept van Center Parcs past bovendien goed bij onvoorspelbaar weer vanwege de vele overdekte activiteiten. Bij mooi zomerweer bieden de parken volop buiten- en wateractiviteiten. Anderzijds zorgt de grootschalige refurbishment van de parken voor een impuls.

Belangrijke trend is dat we ook steeds meer lange boekingen van 10 tot 14 dagen zien in de zomerperiode.

Ook bij Landal GreenParks spreekt men van een zeer goede start van het seizoen: Erik van Essen van Landal: "We verwachten een mooie zomer, met hoge bezettingscijfers op de parken in Europa. We hadden al een sterk voorseizoen met volle bezettingen tijdens Pasen, Hemelvaart en de meivakantie en voor wat betreft de zomerboekingen lopen we voor op vorig jaar. Daarmee presteert Landal beter dan de markt. Het aantal Nederlanders dat bij Landal zomervakantie komt vieren is met 7% gestegen (t.o.v. vorig jaar), het aantal Duitse en Belgische gasten nam met respectievelijk 13,6% en 8,2% toe. Overigens scoren niet alleen de Nederlandse parken goed, maar dat ook de Duitse parken lopen goed voor in vergelijking met 2018."

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donderdag 4 juli 2019

Na 15 jaar weer een nieuwe wildwaterbaan in Nederland

Nog zo'n twee maanden wachten en dan kunnen liefhebbers voor het eerst in 15 jaar gebruik maken van een nieuwe wildwaterbaan in Nederland. De Center Parcs' vestiging in Zandvoort heeft na zeven maanden bouwen de eerste testen succesvol uitgevoerd.

,Als je voor het eerst water door de baan ziet stromen, komt het kind in mij naar boven," zegt directeur Mark Giethoorn. De baan bestaat uit smalle en brede gedeeltes en een aantal ruige bochten. Per uur wordt er zo'n 2.4 miljoen liter water door de baan gepompt. Door een speciale coating behouden de bezoekers hun snelheid.

In de komende maanden wordt de wildwaterbaan volledig afgebouwd zodat het grote publiek in september de eerste rondjes kan maken.

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woensdag 3 juli 2019

Erperheide en Vossemeren in de verkoop!

Center Parcs in Peer en Lommel worden verkocht

De private equity-investeerder Blackstone voert exclusieve gesprekken met het Duitse vastgoedbedrijf Aroundtown over de verkoop van een reeks Center Parcs-vakantieparken, melden anonieme bronnen die vertrouwd zijn met het dossier.
Ook twee Belgische vestigingen (Erperheide in Peer en De Vossemeren in Lommel) zouden verkocht worden, net als een vijftal parken Nederland en Duitsland. Aroundtown zou voor het pakket 1 miljard euro op tafel leggen.

Blackstone kocht de vakantieparken in 2006 van Pierre & Vacances, voor 630 miljoen euro. Begin dit jaar werd voor 200 miljoen euro aan investeringen in de parken aangekondigd.

Do you have a case of Wimbledon fever? We’ve got just the remedy

If you’re visiting Center Parcs this summer, we have everything you’ll need to get into that winning Wimbledon spirit.

Taste of tennis
I’ll take any excuse to indulge in a bowl of juicy strawberries and luscious cream. And during Wimbledon, it’s practically compulsory. If you’re in need of some pre-match snacks for your Lodge, ParcMarket is the perfect place to get stocked up. Why not add a bottle of Champagne or prosecco to your tennis-themed evening? After all, Wimbledon only comes round once a year!

Elsewhere at Center Parcs, in dedication to all things British, The Pancake House will be serving up a strawberry and cream topping available on both waffles and pancakes. Served with a strawberry compote, whipped cream and fresh strawberries it is perfect for this time of year.

Mini Murrays
If you and your family feel a case of Wimbledon fever coming on, we have just the remedy. Indoor and outdoor tennis courts are available to book for hire, as well as rackets and balls, which can be booked online ahead of your break or at a Booking Desk on the village.

If you want to encourage your little ones to become mini Murrays, Tennis for Tots is a fantastic introduction to the sport. Aimed at children aged 3-5, the parent-accompanied session lasts for 30 minutes and is a fun way to pick up the basics. According to Jake Barnard, activities assistant at Elveden Forest, it’s suitable for all abilities: “Lots of children have never played tennis before but it doesn’t matter,” he says. “Tennis for Tots gives children a taste for the sport without being intimidating. We use short tennis courts with soft balls and smaller rackets, so it’s a really good opportunity to work on basic techniques.

“In each session, we work on their grips and hand-eye coordination before moving on to shots, with the help of their parent, and then get out onto the court. Children of all abilities come to try it out; by the end of the session I work to ensure everyone is achieving a forehand volley over the net and that they understand the basic rules.”

Wimbledon matches will be shown at the Sports Café.

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maandag 1 juli 2019

I scream for ice cream at Center Parcs


Where: all villages

The home to all things sweet and delicious, a trip to Center Parcs isn’t complete without a visit to Treats. For a range of classic ice flavours, all made with authentic Cornish clotted cream try Kelly’s ice cream to take home or enjoy in your lodge.

Sports Café

Where: all villages

Finish off your Sports Café experience in the sweetest way with the Ultimate Chocolate Sundae. Layered with chocolate and caramel ice cream, marshmallows, crushed flake and Maltesers topped with whipped cream and finished with a drizzle of chocolate and toffee sauce, you’ll be in the ultimate food coma.

Huck’s American Bar and Grill

Where: all villages

After a meal at Huck’s American Bar and Grill, satisfy your sweet tooth and try our crisp on the inside, fluffy on the inside cinnamon waffle topped with vanilla ice cream and a delicious apple cinnamon compote. The perfect dish to complete a tasty family meal out.


Where: all villages

Open all day, with a wide range of refreshments, snacks and essentials to keep your family going and of course a delicious sweet treat with Kelly’s ice cream. Whatever the weather, make a quick pit-stop at Refresh for some ice cream in a waffle cone for your little ones to enjoy as an after-dinner snack or mid-day treat.

Bella Italia

Where: Whinfell Forest, Sherwood Forest, Elveden Forest, Longleat Forest

Bringing you the taste of Italy to your Center Parcs break at Bella Italia. Try our creamy and smooth Italian gelato. With a full list of flavours and toppings, you can pick and choose your ice cream just the way you like it.


Where: Woburn Forest

For the sweet treat fanatics, head to Monty’s to try our mouth-watering selection of Slurp ice cream shakes, ice cream scoops in waffle cones and sorbet, perfect for a poolside snack after a day of splashing and slide in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise.

Book your next Center Parcs break to try our different eateries.

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