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maandag 28 november 2016

Have you had a taste of Winter Wonderland yet?

It’s beginning to taste a lot like Christmas.

If you’ve visited Winter Wonderland on any of our Villages this year, you may have noticed an exciting new addition to ParcMarket – our very own Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Perfectly formed and full of festive cheer, the doughnuts – exclusive to Center Parcs – are filled with a creamy coconut marshmallow filling and topped with coconut sprinkles.

Work on the Christmas creations began in September, as the Center Parcs marketing team worked closely with Krispy Kreme to ensure the design and taste was up to scratch.

Louise Heaton, Food, Beverage and Retail Marketing Manager says: “Winter Wonderland marks a very special time at Center Parcs, so we couldn’t resist the opportunity to work with Krispy Kreme to develop a delicious doughnut in honour of our favourite time of year.

We’re always striving to offer our guests a unique experience at our Villages, and this sweet treat is just one of the many ways to add some festive sparkle to your short break with us. We hope you like them as much as we do.”

Pick up your own Winter Wonderland Krispy Kreme doughnuts from ParcMarket on every Village, from just £2. But remember – you’ve can only pick them up at winter Wonderland. Book a late availability Winter Wonderland break now.

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vrijdag 25 november 2016

Festive finger food recipes

Even if you aren’t hosting The Big Day itself this year, there’s bound to be a time when people drop in for drinks and nibbles.

There are some smashing party food options in the supermarkets these days – and I’ll definitely be trying some – but to really be the host with the most, I always like to make one or two things myself.

We always make our own sausage rolls because they’re so easy and much tastier than the shop-bought kind. Pick up some good quality sausage meat from your butcher if you can. With one pack of readymade puff pastry you can whip up a batch of my sausage and chorizo rolls and some veggie-friendly cheese and spring onion rolls. Both are excellent when warm from the oven.

The focaccia bites can be as simple as you like – buy your focaccia or make it from scratch. Top it with delicious things. Done!

But my favourite nibble of all is a hot, crispy, bite-sized onion bhaji. They’re much easier than you’d think and you can make them in advance then keep them warm in the oven.

I hope you enjoy all your festive feeds and have a thoroughly merry Christmas!

Chorizo-sausage rolls or cheese-and-spring-onion rolls

1 500g block of puff pastry (this will make 8 sausage rolls and 8 veggie rolls)
1 beaten egg to glaze
Grated cheese and sesame/poppy seeds to sprinkle

Cheese and onion rolls ingredients
140g mature cheddar, grated
4 sliced spring onions
3 tsp grain mustard
60g fresh breadcrumbs (about 3 slices of bread)
Large pinch of salt and pepper
1 large egg

Cheese and onion rolls method
Mix together all the filling ingredients
2 Roll out half the puff pastry into a long rectangle
3 Squeeze the filling mixture into a long sausage shape in the middle of the pastry
4 Brush the edge with beaten egg and fold it over the filling
5 Gently push down on the pastry to remove any air
6 Cut off any spare pastry and press the edges down with a fork to seal
7 Cut into 8 rolls and lightly slash the tops
8 Brush with the beaten egg and sprinkle with cheese
9 Bake for around 15 minutes at 180C until golden brown

Chorizo rolls ingredients
1 pack of chorizo cubes, fried off in a pan
500g good quality sausage meat

Chorizo rolls method
1 Mix the cooked chorizo cubes with the sausage meat
2 Roll out half the puff pastry into a long rectangle
3 Form the rolls using the same method as above
4 When cut into 8 rolls, brush with beaten egg and sprinkle with seeds
5 Bake for around 20-25 minutes at 180C until golden brown
6 Check the filling is cooked through by inserting a metal skewer and ensuring it’s hot to the touch when you withdraw it

Bite-sized bhajis

3 or 4 large onions, thinly sliced and no longer than 2-3”
150g gram (chickpea) flour
60g SR flour
¼ tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp cumin seeds
½ tsp ground coriander
½ tsp chilli powder or chilli flakes
½ tsp ground garlic
¼ tsp turmeric
150ml water
1 tbsp table salt
Sunflower oil

Sprinkle your sliced onion with the table salt and stir through. Leave it in a colander over a bowl for 2-3 hours, stirring occasionally
2 Rinse it well to remove all the salt, squeeze out any excess water then dry the slices between kitchen paper
3 Mix the flour, bicarbonate of soda and spices in a bowl
4 Add 150ml of water to make a sticky batter
5 Add the dried sliced onion and stir well
6 Heat a couple of inches of sunflower oil in a small, heavy-bottoms saucepan
7 Test the heat by dropping in a little onion mixture – it should sizzle and float to the top
8 Drop heaped teaspoons of mix into the oil, cooking 4 at a time
9 Flip each bhaji over once or twice with a spatula and remove when dark golden brown
10 Serve with yoghurt mixed with a little mint sauce

Focaccia Antipasti

500g packet of ciabatta bread mix
Any chosen toppings – try fresh or sundried tomato, salami, Serrano ham, olives, cheese, rocket, roasted peppers, courgettes, red onion

1 Mix and knead the break mix according to the packet instructions
2 Once rested, press it into an 8” square greased baking tin
3 Prod holes into the dough with your fingertips
4 Drizzle with olive oil
5 Allow to prove for 30 minutes then sprinkle with sea salt
6 Bake for 20-25 minutes at 200C until deep golden brown
7 When cool, slice horizontally through the middle and cut into 16 squares
8 Top each square with your choice of topping

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donderdag 24 november 2016

Take a look at our seasonal specials

If you’re visiting us on a winter break this year, then our tummy warming, seasonal specials are ones to look out for. Whether you’re heading to The Pancake House for a hearty breakfast to start the day or dining in Huck’s American Bar and Grill for a family get-together, our seasonal specials are the perfect winter warmers.

Gingerbread Stack

If your decision on what to eat at The Pancake House wasn’t already hard enough, we’ve added another mouth-watering pancake to the mix. During the festive season, The Pancake House will be serving a gingerbread-flavoured stack of pancakes with crushed gingerbread and whipped cream. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth and for a limited time only, grab one before it’s too late. If you really want to push the boat out then add a scoop (or two) of stemmed ginger ice cream.

Winter Berry Bellini

Our drinks menus also have a few exciting additions and our Winter Berry Bellini is just one of many topping the list. So why not celebrate your Center Parcs break with our wintery take on the classic Bellini; a combination of strawberry purée and Prosecco blended together.

Mulled Wine and Mince Pie

Simple, traditional and a firm favourite of ours, a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie make the perfect accompaniment to a wintery evening socialising with family and friends. Whether you’re relaxing after an Aqua Sana Spa session, playing a game of bowling at Leisure Bowl or warming up in The Pancake House, this traditional favourite can be found in many of our restaurants and is perfect as the festive season arrives.

Bacon and Brie Panini

Alongside a range of Mediterranean flavours served in Vitalé Café Bar at our Aqua Sana Spa’s we have added a bacon and Brie panini to the list of seasonal specials. Crispy bacon, covered with sliced molten Brie with baby spinach and cranberry sauce make this panini a real showstopper.

Grilled Turkey and Pulled Pork Ciabatta

Our favourite stateside diner is adding a range of specials to both the drink and food menu this winter. But our favourite? The grilled turkey and pulled pork ciabatta. A combination of our Huck’s favourites with traditional Christmas must-haves. This winter try our chargrilled turkey escalope with pulled pork, sage and onion stuffing and cranberry sauce, with lettuce, tomato and onion. All served on a warm ciabatta with rich gravy, Huck’s fries and ‘slaw. Need I go on?

And that’s not all! Alongside the seasonal specials in our restaurants, Krispy Kreme have specially designed a Center Parcs Winter Wonderland doughnut especially for us! Available to buy from the ParcMarket during Winter Wonderland, these doughnuts are filled with coconut flavoured Kreme, hand-dipped in white chocolate flavoured coating and topped off with sprinkles of coconut and a Winter Wonderland plaque.

Left wanting more? For full details of our restaurants and the menus available, check out our website before you join us.

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dinsdag 22 november 2016

De Cool Factor School Battle is weer van start

Net als vorig jaar werkt Talentboek weer mee aan de Cool Factor School Battle: een (gratis) lespakket voor groep 6 over samenwerken, talentontwikkeling en bewegen. De vier Talentboekers Bram, Karolien, Tessa en Renske zijn te zien in de drie lessen van de Cool Factor School Battle. In de filmpjes presenteren ze zichzelf, hun sporten en het lesthema waarna ze aan de klas een opdracht presenteren. Het pakket is ontstaan uit een samenwerking van Talentboek met Sportservice Nederland en Center Parcs.

Het is een lesmethode bestaande uit drie lessen waarin de thema's samenwerken, talentontwikkeling en bewegen centraal staan. Tijdens de lessen gaan de leerlingen aan de slag met het maken van een plan om de klas fitter te krijgen, onderzoeken ze welke (sportieve) talenten ze zelf hebben en verzinnen ze een geheel nieuwe sport of beweegactiviteit. Met die nieuwe, door de kinderen verzonnen activiteit, doet de klas mee aan de School Battle. Een stemactie en een jury bepalen welke klassen de populairste en coolste (sportieve) activiteit hebben verzonnen. Zes winnende klassen krijgen een geheel verzorgd schoolreisje aangeboden. Zij strijden om de Cool Factor Bokaal in een battle met verschillende activiteiten zoals klimmen, boogschieten en meer bijzondere activiteiten.

Schrijf je klas nu in voor Cool Factor School Battle.

dinsdag 15 november 2016

What’s so special about Winter Wonderland?

Whether you are joining us for your 1st or 21st Winter Wonderland break, the excitement of coming to Center Parcs during this time never dwindles. To give you a glimpse into Winter Wonderland, here are our top seven reasons why Winter Wonderland is so special.

The festive season starts in November

Winter Wonderland will get the whole family excited for the Christmas season and why wait till December when you can start in November. Christmas is the jolliest time of year, so we say, why not extend the celebrations? Check out how these guests kicked off their festive celebrations during their Winter Wonderland break.

Guaranteed snow

Yes that’s right. The weather man may not be able to guarantee a white Christmas this year, but we certainly can. The start of November marks the month that all of our Villages are transformed into Winter Wonderland with a crisp white, blanket of glistening snow.

“They’ve put the snow on the Center Parcs sign. It’s official. It’s Christmas.” @_rhiannajohnson

Firework displays

At all our Villages, Winter Wonderland celebrations go off with a bang. Twice a week, on the run up to the big day, our Villages host spectacular firework displays to increase the excitement during your break. So whether you join us in the week or at the weekend, this is one event not to miss.

@CP_UK_Whinfell Winter Wonderland fireworks were absolutely amazing! #CPwinterwonderland” @cookieD1982

Nutmeg the baby reindeer

If you haven’t heard of this adorable little reindeer by now here is your chance to find out more. Nutmeg the baby reindeer is the star of Winter Wonderland 2016 and you can see him all over our Villages this winter. Find out all about Nutmeg’s magical journey here and discover Nutmeg’s magical sculpture before you visit.

Meet Santa at Santa’s Woodland Workshop

A break at Center Parcs during Winter Wonderland, is not complete without a trip to see Santa if you’re joining us with little ones. Santa’s marvellous Center Parcs workshop is a treat for all the family as you explore Santa’s Woodland Workshop, meet the elves and take your Christmas letter to the man himself. We think Bailey has the perfect question for Santa!

“Last year Santa was left dumbstruck when Bailey, age 3, asked Santa what would he like for Christmas and Santa replied, that’s the first time anyone has asked me that.” – Isobel Brown

Festive dining

The best part of winter is being able to indulge in delicious food, so whether it’s a festive carvery with the whole family or a sweet treat for yourself, Center Parcs offers something for everyone. Enjoy a Starbucks Christmas beverage, a festive carvery at The Pancake House or buy all the trimmings from ParcMarket and enjoy a home-cooked meal in your Lodge.

Festive activities for the whole family

Center Parcs is full of thrilling, creative, adventurous and enjoyable activities all year round. This winter you could find yourself exploring our Festive Treasure Trail, enlisting your little ones in our Elf Academy or watching the family pantomime. Do a little or do a lot this Winter Wonderland, the choice is yours.

Check out what James Preston and his family got up to during their 2014 Winter Wonderland break.

We want to hear all about your Winter Wonderland breaks this year, so whichever Village you’re at, tweet us your photos, videos and comments to @CenterParcsUK using the hashtag #CPwinterwonderland.


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maandag 14 november 2016

What will you get up to on your Winter Wonderland break?

The festivities have begun at Center Parcs and we’re more than excited for the Christmas season to arrive. All our Villages have transformed into a magical Winter Wonderland and with this, an array of exciting activities, spectacular events and all round Christmas cheer arrive. Take a look at a few of our favourite Winter Wonderland activities you and your family could be enjoying this winter.


Elf Academy

For who: 3-7 years

Where: All Villages

What’s it all about: Our Village elves are inviting your little ones to join them at their Elf Academy where they’ll become a trainee elf. During this three-hour session, little ones will learn everything they need to know about becoming one of Santa’s little helpers, from making Christmas crafts to decorating delicious treats. Grown-ups are invited to a very special graduation ceremony at the end of the session, where you can see your little ones graduate the Elf Academy.

Who’ll love it: Aspiring elves who are wanting to help Santa out this Christmas.

Adult required: No, but at the end of the session parents are invited to attend the graduation ceremony.


Santa’s Woodland Workshop

For who: All ages

Where: All Villages

What’s it all about: A Christmas tradition that the whole family will love. Santa has joined us at Center Parcs for a well-earned break before the big night, where Santa and his little helpers are spending their time in Santa’s Woodland Workshop. You can visit Santa to tell him what’s on your Christmas list, take a photo with him and to remember your visit, he may give you a special present to take away.

Who’ll love it: Families wanting to spend time together creating magical Christmas memories.

Adult required: Yes. Who’d want to miss seeing their little one’s face light up as they meet Santa?


Little Elves Party Hour

For who: 2-3 years

Where: All Villages

What’s it all about: Accompany your little ones to this festive-themed hour of fun, games, music and dancing. Little Elves Party Hour is great fun for all ages and allows children to make new friends, practice their dance moves and leave with a smile on their face and a party bag in hand. We’re not sure who’ll have more fun? Grown-ups or their little elves?

Who’ll love it: Little elves with energy to burn.

Adult required: Person over 18 must be present.


Festive Treasure Trail

For who: All ages

Where: All Villages

What’s it all about: Festive fun for all the family as you hop on your bike and cycle your way around our woodland trails, discovering Winter Wonderland and answering festive clues you find along the way. If you can work out the answers to all the clues along the Festive Treasure Trail then a special prize could be yours to take home.

Who’ll love it: Families looking to get outdoors and explore our Winter Wonderland.

Adult required: Person over 18 must be paying and participating.


Festive Cupcake Decorating Workshop

For who: 8-11 years and 12 years +

Where: All Villages

What’s it all about: For a memorable session filled with tasty treats, join us for a special festive edition of our popular Cupcake Decorating Workshop. You will master the art of cupcake decorating with the help and expertise of our Activity Den team as you create and take home six delicious cupcakes. The question is, who will you share them with?

Who’ll love it: Those wanting to create a festive treat for family, friends or even Santa.

Adult required: No


Reindeer Hobby Horse Crafts

For who: 3 years +

Where: All Villages

What’s it all about: The whole family can help build and decorate a reindeer hobby horse ready for Christmas Eve. Once decorated you can show off your creation at the final awards ceremony where you will compete for rosettes in best dressed and best behaved. Will your reindeer be good enough for Santa’s sleigh?

Who’ll love it: Little ones with creative minds

Adult required: Person over 18 must be present

For more festive fun, from activities to entertainment, check out our online activities website.

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dinsdag 8 november 2016

Your first look inside the Breckland Apartments

On Monday 14 November 2016, the very first guests will stay in the new Breckland Apartments at Elveden Forest, so we thought it was time to show you around.

The 48 apartments can be configured as twin or double (super king-size!) rooms, making them perfect for couples, parent-and-child duos or pairs of friends.

Built over three storeys, each apartment enjoys uninterrupted views over the Elveden Forest golf course which, during our sneak peek last week, was looking stunningly autumnal.

Where are they?

Set at the edge of the Village, away from the bustling Village Square, you’ll find complete peace and quiet in the Brecklands. Add in the double-layered black-out curtains and you can look forward to best night’s sleep you’ve had in ages.

But don’t worry about being out of the way – you’re still just moments away from a drink at Forrester’s Inn, a round on the golf course or a dip in the outdoor pool at Aqua Sana.

Of course, if you feel like some action, you’re still just a ten-minute stroll from the Village Square.

So what’s inside?

Each apartment comprises a WC, a glorious rainforest shower, large wash basin and spacious dressing table with hairdryer.

The compact kitchen is cleverly designed to offer all your essentials – combination oven-microwave, four-ring electric hob, kettle, toaster, dishwasher and fridge – as well as some added luxuries – like the coffee machine and wine cooler.

In the bedroom/living area, we’ve thought of everything. Your super king-size bed (or twin singles if you prefer) is fitted with reading lights, bedside tables, electric sockets and USB ports.

There’s ample wardrobe space, a table with lounge chair for dining or just doing the crossword, a desk and chair plus a wall-mounted flat screen TV.

Each apartment boasts its own terrace (ground floor) or balcony (first and second floor) with table, chairs and soft ambient lighting for evening relaxation.

There’s an adapted apartment on the ground floor too, with lowered kitchen worktops, electric bed, comfortable recliner with footstool and a fully adapted shower room, as well as plenty of space to move around.

See for yourself

As of Monday, the Breckland Apartments are officially open for business. Fancy a romantic getaway or a break with a friend? Book a Breckland Apartment, your perfect base for exploring Elveden Forest.


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Do you dare to drop?

Do you have a head for heights, nerves of steel and the constitution of an ox? Then you might want to head down to Action Challenge next time you’re visiting Elveden Forest.

The newest activity to join the likes of Aerial Adventure and High Ropes Challenge is our most thrilling yet. The Drop is a 15-foot tall tower, and the premise is simple: climb the stairs to the top…then jump off.

Double Drop Zip Wire

There may be only one way up The Drop, but there are plenty of ways to come back down to earth. On one side of the tower you’ll find the Double Drop Zip Wire – clip into a safety system and zoom across a clearing back to earth.

Quick Jump

On the Quick Jump, you step off the wooden platform and experience the thrill of freefall before your harness takes your weight and lowers you gently to the ground.

Leap of Faith

On the third side of the tower is the Leap of Faith, where you spring from the platform towards a suspended punch bag, dangling in mid-air. Try to hang on for a moment before you let go and are lowered back down to earth again. You can choose how far away the punch bag hangs to make the leap as easy or hard as you like.

Air Bag Jump

Now that you and gravity are intimately acquainted, it’s time for the big one: the Air Bag Jump. Climb back up The Drop to our first platform while we inflate the gigantic inflatable mattress that will provide your safe and comfortable landing.

Find your feet as you try stepping out from our warm-up 4.5m platform and our intermediate 7m platform.

Finally, those aged 14 and over with bags of bravery will ascend to the top of the tower one last time. There, you’ll walk out onto the edge of the 10m platform.

Take a look over the edge to the inflated bag below – you’re up in the forest canopy and at the height of a three-storey building.

With no harness or rope this time, you’ll step off the platform, experiencing the rush of true freefall until you land in a seated position on the bag below.

If that’s got you chomping at the bit rather than running for the hills, then be sure to book The Drop next time you’re at Elveden Forest.

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donderdag 3 november 2016

Parc Sandur en Alfa-college gaan samenwerken

Center Parcs Parc Sandur in Emmen creëert leerwerkplaatsen voor studenten Business Leisure & Hospitality van het Alfa-college in Hoogeveen.

De eerstejaars studenten gaan zich bekwamen in onder andere front-office werkzaamheden en worden aangestuurd door derdejaars studenten. De professionals van Center Parcs Parc Sandur begeleiden hen hierbij. De samenwerking tussen Center Parcs Parc Sandur en het Alfa-college wordt dinsdag op Parc Sandur vastgelegd en ondertekend door Bert de Groot, General manager Sandur, Jan Voortman, opleidingsmanager Alfa-college en Lector dr. Ineke Delies namens het dubbellectoraat Alfa-college/Stenden ‘Duurzame innovatie in de regionale kenniseconomie’, van waaruit de samenwerking tot stand is gekomen.


woensdag 2 november 2016

Center Parcs maakt zich klaar voor de winter

Center Parcs wordt omgetoverd in een heus Winter Wonderland. Van 1 november 2016 tot en met maart 2017 zijn er extra feestelijke versieringen, extra gezelligheid en leuke winterse activiteiten in de parken. Tijdens Sinterklaas, Kers en Oud en Nieuw zijn er zelfs nóg meer extra activiteiten.

De lichtjes en de muziek geven de parken een extra knusse sfeer, terwijl er ook veel activiteiten zijn. Zo kunnen kinderen meedoen aan het maken van een interactieve kerstboom. Ook kunnen gezinnen het tegen elkaar opnemen in de Family Winter Quiz. Daarnaast  zijn er mogelijkheden om je te laten schminken en glitter tattoos te laten zetten.

Natuurlijk kun je ook met het gezin op avontuur in de Kids Winter Parade. Ook maken kinderen een souvenir bij de Kids Winter Workshop. Ook worden er nog Winterse Voorleesverhaaltjes voorgelezen door Orry.

Maar Center Parcs blijft een tropische bestemming, dus er zijn genoeg plekken waar je kan spelen zonder jas aan. Geniet van een cocktail in het Market Dome of neem een duik in het warme water van de Aqua Mundo.

Bron: tripnieuws

Center Parcs transforms its villages into Winter Wonderlands this November

Between the 7th November and 19th December, Center Parcs will transform all five of its villages into spectacular Winter Wonderlands, then offer festive Christmas and New Year breaks up to the 2nd January 2017.

Whinfell, Sherwood, Elveden, Woburn and Longleat will each be adorned with Christmas decorations, artificial snow and lit up with over 70,000 fairy lights. Guests will have an abundance of seasonal activities to choose from including carriage rides* around the village, meeting Santa’s reindeer and a party with Santa’s Elves, creating a magical wintery experience in the forest.

Meet Nutmeg the baby reindeer:

This season Center Parcs is introducing their very own character to Winter Wonderland; Nutmeg the baby reindeer. He’s the star of Center Parcs’ first original storybook, Nutmeg’s Antlers, which is available to purchase at all Center Parcs villages until Christmas Eve. Parts of the Christmassy story will be built into unique sculptures, where guests can get closer to Nutmeg through virtual reality. Families with smart phones can scan a secret code and bring Nutmeg to life on their camera view, allowing grown-ups and their little ones to have their photos taken with this special reindeer.

Visit Santa’s Magic Woodland Workshop:

No break would be complete without taking your children to see Santa Claus in the lead up to Christmas. This year families not only get the chance to visit Santa in his Woodland Workshop, they can also meet Santa’s mischievous Elves and some of his most loyal reindeer. If guests would like to spend more time with Mr Claus and ensure that their child’s Christmas list is in safe hands, they can book a festive brunch with Santa and his Elves.

Seasonal Activities:

Each year Center Parcs provides an array of Christmas activities to get guests feeling festive, from decorating Christmas cakes to getting messy in the pottery studio and much more. Families can get creative making baubles that can be taken home to decorate the family tree, take part in seasonal quizzes and carol services. Other activities not to be missed include the family friendly firework display and the Elves party, where children can dress up and dance with Santa’s helpers!

Carriage Rides around the village:

Guests can soak up the magnificence of Winter Wonderland by taking a magical horse and carriage ride* around the forest. Families can cosy up in the carriage and take in the scenes of thousands of twinkling fairy lights, tonnes of snow and festive figures which transform the woodland.

The little touches:

Sometimes it’s the little things that can be the most memorable at Christmas. The stylish accommodation at Center Parcs includes an open log fire, which guests can warm up by after a day of wintery fun on a chilly day. The villages are also frosted with a coating of glistening snow so there’s no need to watch the weather forecast, it’s guaranteed at Center Parcs.

Christmas Day breaks:

There’s still time to book a Christmas escape to the forest with a four night Center Parcs break beginning on the Friday 23 December. Guests can order a real Christmas tree complete with a selection of baubles, bows, beads and fairy lights for decorations to be delivered to their lodge ready for their arrival. Families who want a home cooked Christmas roast can pre-order a delicious Lincolnshire turkey to cook in their Lodge, or leave the cooking (and washing up!) to someone else by booking a table at one of the fabulous Christmas Day events held in the Center Parcs restaurants.

New Year breaks:

The celebrations don’t stop at Center Parcs once Christmas is over – why not see in the New Year of 2017 on a pre New Year three night break from 27th December or a three night break from 30th December into January? Guests can choose from glittering parties where they can dance the night away, family quizzes where they can let their competitive sides out, then round off New Year’s Eve with a countdown to midnight and a spectacular fireworks display. The next morning, guests can start 2017 with a refreshing winter walk through the crisp forest.

Verkoop Park Hochsauerland: Investeren in Center Parcs, Europa's meest sterke en bekende vakantiemerk!

Start verkoop Center Parcs Park Hochsauerland, zaterdag 26 en zondag 27 november a.s.
Na het verkoopsucces van de Duitse projecten Center Parcs Park Bostalsee en Center Parcs Park Nordseeküste, introduceren wij u met trots ons nieuwste investeringsproject: Center Parcs Park Hochsauerland!

Het park omvat 548 recreatiewoningen welke volledig worden vernieuwd met kwalitatief hoogwaardige materialen. In tijden dat uw spaargeld weinig opbrengt bij bank, is investeren in recreatief onroerend goed uitermate geschikt voor vermogensopbouw.

Op zaterdag 26 & zondag 27 november a.s. start de verkoop van Center Parcs Park Hochsauerland. Wanneer u zich aanmeld voor het start verkoopweekend bieden wij u exclusief de mogelijkheid om als één van de eersten een kavel te reserveren op deze toeristische toplocatie middenin het skigebied van Winterberg.

What’s new this month: October

First look inside Las Iguanas

The wait is over and we are pleased to announce that Las Iguanas at Longleat Forest is now up and running. Whether you’re dining for lunch or dinner, Las Iguanas will be serving up a range of Latin American inspired dishes and with an exciting children’s menu the whole family are catered for. Check out the first glimpse of Las Iguanas here.


Outdoor Activity Centre video

If you haven’t yet taken a look at our brand new Outdoor Activity Centre video then this is one not to miss. If you’re coming on a break to any of our Villages, take a look at what the Outdoor Activity Centre has to offer with our adrenaline-fuelled, fun-for-all-age’s video.


Together for Short Lives: Meet the Abbott family

In June we announced that Together for Short Lives was to be our new charity partner for the next two years. This month we have introduced you to the Abbott family, a family who have shared their experience of the support they have received from Together for Short Lives and their local hospice with us.


Bring Nutmeg to life at our magical sculptures

Last month we introduced you to the star of Winter Wonderland, Nutmeg the baby reindeer. Our magical sculptures at each Village really are showstoppers as they bring Nutmeg to life and add him to your family photo. Find out where our sculptures are at each Village and how to use them, to ensure you don’t miss your chance to take a selfie with baby Nutmeg.


Ultimate Hot Chocolate

As the dark, winter nights are quickly approaching, we think this ultimate hot chocolate recipe is the perfect accompaniment for a cosy night in, snuggled on the sofa. So whether it’s a weekday or weekend, we’re all in favour of making this mouthwatering, ultimate hot chocolate recipe… not forgetting the marshmallow fudge stirrers! Yes please!


Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with…H!

Over the past few months, Peanut the hedgehog has certainly stolen the spotlight at Woburn Forest and it seems some of her friends are after her crown. Our maintenance team recently found this baby hedgehog out wandering along the road. As hedgehogs are nocturnal and should be tucked away during the day, the little hedgehog was safely cared for by our conservation team until Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital came to collect him, where he will be cared for over the winter.

Our Senior Conservation Ranger Lucie, said “it’s fantastic to know hedgehogs are breeding on Village. If you see a hedgehog out during the day or very small babies, please leave them where they are, if it is safe to do so and call the grounds team so we can check if they require any help.”


Coming soon…

Next month we have a bumper edition with Winter Wonderland being the topic of conversation here at Center Parcs HQ. With only five days to go till the launch of Winter Wonderland, we’ve got plenty of exciting things coming your way, including updates on our favourite little reindeer, Nutmeg.

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Your guide to a perfect bonfire night

Our firework display extravaganzas are a big event at Center Parcs and one we wouldn’t want you to miss. So before you wrap up warm and head to our firework displays with a toffee apple in hand, read our guide to the event at each Village.

Whinfell Forest

When: Wednesday 2 November and Saturday 5 November

Where: The Watersports Lake – viewing areas are around the lake near the Village Centre

Time: The firework display starts at 5.15pm

Top tips: We advise that you arrive 15 minutes before the firework display begins to secure a good viewing point. The evening will start with entertainment in the Village Centre from 4.45pm. Seasonal refreshments will be available during the evening with a range of food and drink stalls at Dexter’s Kitchen and to join in the magical light display you can purchase a selection of glow products from our glow product stand.


Sherwood Forest

When: Wednesday 2 November and Sunday 6 November

Where: The Watersports Lake – the viewing areas are around the beach

Time: The firework display starts at 6pm

Top tips: We advise that you arrive 15 minutes before the firework display begins to secure a good viewing point. The evening will start at 4.30pm with seasonal refreshments including a hog roast, mulled wine, pie and peas, hot dogs and a licensed bar. To kick off the excitement, entertainment will begin at 5.30pm around the beach. For the best view of the display, premier viewing of our spectacular firework display is available at the Guy Fawkes Carvery Evening at The Pancake House or at Huck’s Premier Firework Viewing, both of which are available to book online.


Elveden Forest

When: Wednesday 2 November and Sunday 6 November

Where: The Watersports Lake – the viewing area is on the lawn outside The Venue

Time: The firework display starts at 5.30pm

Top tips: We advise that you arrive 15 minutes before the firework display begins to secure a good viewing point. The evening will start at 4.30pm with seasonal refreshments where a range of food and drink stalls will open, including a BBQ, hog roast and all your favourite hot and cold drinks including mulled wine. To kick off the excitement, entertainment will begin from 5pm, which includes a spectacular glow drummer.


Woburn Forest

When: Wednesday 2 November and Sunday 6 November

Where: The Watersports Lake – the viewing area is outside The Pancake House

Time: The pyrotechnic display starts at 6.30pm

Top tips: We advise that you arrive 15 minutes before the pyrotechnic display begins to secure a good viewing point. The evening will start from 5.30pm where seasonal refreshments will be available with a range of food and drink stalls open throughout the evening. To kick off the excitement, entertainment will also be provided during the evening.


Longleat Forest

When: Wednesday 2 November and Sunday 6 November

Where: The Watersports Lake – the viewing areas are outside Jardin des Sports and certain areas around the beach

Time: The firework display starts at 6pm

Top tips: We advise that you arrive 15 minutes before the firework display begins to secure a good viewing point. The evening will start from 5pm where seasonal refreshments will be available with a range of food and drink stalls including a hog roast and BBQ. To kick off the excitement, there is an opportunity to purchase a selection of glow products from our glow product stand and entertainment including a fire act and a samba band will continue throughout the evening until approximately 7pm.


Take a look at a range of restaurants you can head to at each Village to carry on the evening celebrations.

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dinsdag 1 november 2016

U heeft nog maar 3 dagen! Bungalow Race vanaf €12 p.p.p.n.

U heeft nog maar 3 dagen om extra voordelig uw verblijf te boeken met de Bungalow Race. Boek daarom nu uw verblijf al vanaf €12* p.p.p.n. inclusief verplichte kosten want het aantal cottages is beperkt! De Bungalow Race eindigt op 3 november 2016.

Win 3 x £100 of Center Parcs vouchers for Christmas

What would make your Christmas extra special this year? Extended family flying in, a dusting of snow on Christmas morning, someone else volunteering to wash up on the big day?

We might not be able to guarantee any of those (sorry!), but we can add a little extra Christmas sparkle to your festive period with £100 of Center Parcs vouchers. Use them towards booking a break in the New Year, or if you already have one in the diary, you can spend them in our shops, restaurants or to book activities.

To win, all you have to do is email with your full name and tell us: what’s your favourite part of Christmas?

To get the ball rolling, we’ll tell you ours: the moment the lights are switched on at our Villages for Winter Wonderland – it happens at the beginning of November (Monday 7 November this year), but to us, it means the beginning of Christmas magic.

Read the terms and conditions.

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