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vrijdag 31 januari 2020

Center Parcs-moeder schrapt 220 banen

Moedergroep Pierre et Vacances gaat ingrijpend herstructureren om opnieuw winstgevend te worden. België blijft buiten schot.

Pierre et Vacances geeft zichzelf twee jaar tijd om opnieuw zwarte cijfers te schrijven. De marktleider in vakantieverblijven is sinds 2011 verlieslatend. In een nieuw strategisch plan mikt het op een terugkeer naar winstgevendheid vanaf 2021.

Het plan voorziet in 50 miljoen euro aan besparingen tegen 2024. Daarbij wordt ook gesnoeid in het personeelsbestand. Er worden 220 van de 12.850 banen geschrapt. Het banenverlies treft vooral de hoofdzetel in Parijs. In mindere mate worden  jobs geschrapt in Nederland, het land van oorsprong van Center Parcs.

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The one-pot pasta recipe of dreams

Back to work, back to school, back to comforting bowls of food that make the dark evenings feel slightly less dreary…

The last thing anyone – myself included – wants on a grey September evening is to slave over pages of a cook book, deciphering a complex recipe, only to face the mountain of washing up later one.

This one-pot meal creates something deceptively delicious from just a few simple ingredients. Apart from a little chopping, it only takes 12 minutes to cook. Often, if I ask my son George what he fancies for dinner, it is this recipe he requests, and I’m only too happy to oblige.

I’m the first to admit I was sceptical when I first started experimenting with all-in-one pasta dishes. It goes against all my cooking instincts to put the pasta in with the tomatoes, herbs and water. But don’t worry – they simmer together, softening and sweetening, to make an excellent sauce that is rich and soothing and delicious, not to mention far more natural than anything you’ll find inside a jar.


Serves 3
340g good quality dried linguine (cheap spaghetti will go gluey)
340g cherry or baby plum tomatoes, halved or quartered if large
2 large shallots, thinly sliced
2-3 cloves of garlic, thinly sliced
A pinch chilli flakes
2 whole sprigs of basil
2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
2 tsp sea salt
¼ tsp ground black pepper
1070ml cold water
Freshly grated parmesan cheese
A few torn fresh basil leaves


1. Place all the ingredients (except your parmesan and torn basil leaves) into a large, straight-sided pan
2. Bring to a boil over high heat
3. Boil the mixture, stirring and turning the pasta frequently until is cooked al dente and the water has nearly evaporated (11-12 minutes)
4. Leave it to rest for a minute and remove the basil stems
5. Serve sprinkled liberally with parmesan and your torn basil leaves

Tip: eat as soon as it’s ready or the starch in the pasta will make the sauce stiffen.

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woensdag 29 januari 2020

Gezinnen gaan weekend weg tijdens onderwijsstaking

De onderwijsstaking van donderdag en vrijdag is voor veel gezinnen aanleiding een lang weekend naar een vakantiepark te gaan. Bij grote ketens die ook in deze regio huisjes verhuren, zoals Center ParcsLandal GreenParks en Roompot, stromen de reserveringen binnen.

Landal meldt zelfs een verdubbeling van het aantal reserveringen. Center Parcs spreekt van een 'unieke situatie', waarbij ruim 90 procent van de vakantiehuizen inmiddels geboekt is. Een kwart meer in vergelijking met hetzelfde weekend een jaar eerder. Bij Roompot ligt de toename tussen de 10 en 20 procent.

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Your guide to Valentine’s Day at Center Parcs

Whether you’ve completely forgotten that Valentine’s Day is in two weeks and you need to pick up a last-minute gift or you want to make your break extra special by surprising your partner, at Center Parcs, we have the perfect present for every Valentine.

So, if you’re joining us for a break over Valentine’s Day, here are our top five ways to celebrate at Center Parcs.

Explore the outdoors

Taking a stroll through stunning scenery can be one of the most romantic ways to spend Valentine’s Day. Our villages offer the perfect setting for a dreamy stroll through acres of leafy woodland. Wrap up warm in your cosiest woolly jumper and take to one of our many woodland paths for a morning wander around our village. Of course, every chilly outing calls for tummy-warming hot chocolate to follow and Sports Café is the ideal place to go for a relaxing drink.

Unwind with a Spa Day at Aqua Sana

Our Time Together Spa Day for 2 is the perfect way to relax and unwind with a loved one. Start your day with our complimentary refreshments on arrival before exploring our spa experiences and refuelling with a delicious Mediterranean lunch in Vitale Café Bar. Top your day off with a bespoke massage each before strolling back to your lodge feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Dine-in or out, the choice is yours

At Center Parcs, we have plenty of dining opportunities for all to enjoy. Dine out around the world with our collection of cuisines. From Parisian dining at Café Rouge to tasting authentic Indian spices at Rajinda Pradesh, there’s plenty to choose from. Fancy a night in? No problem! At Dining In enjoy everything from Thai to tapas, pizza to poppadums in the comfort of your lodge.

Treat your loved one to something special

Chocolates, jewellery or a new outfit, at Center Parcs we have a range of stores perfect for finding that extra special treat. At Time for Shade shop a range of luxury brands such as Links of London, Ray-Ban and Fossil and find that perfect piece of designer jewellery. If your partner has a sweet tooth then our sweet shop offers a range of traditional and novelty confectionery from the classic pick and mix to homemade fudge, all perfect for enjoying back in your lodge.

Try something new together

Center Parcs is a place for firsts so why not try something new together? Explore our outdoor activities and experience your very own forest adventure, head to The Boathouse and set sail on a gentle cruise around our lake on an Electric Boat, or take a moonlit dip in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise. We’re sure you’ll find something to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

If you’re joining us this Valentine’s Day and want to do something special at Center Parcs, first and foremost, we would recommend thinking about booking a romantic hot tub break with us; but also, make sure you check out our range of restaurants, spa sessions and indoor and outdoor activities here so you and your loved one will have a couple’s getaway to remember.

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Reorganisatie bij Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs: kleinere holding / centrale organisatie

The Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group Presents Its New Strategic Plan Change Up

A strict strategic plan for 2024 aimed at delivering sustainable profitability, based on:
  • Optimisation of current operations,
  • Targeted and profitable development,
  • An agile and entrepreneurial organisation,
  • A current operating margin target for the tourism business lines of 5% for 2022 and 9% for 2024
The Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group (Paris: VAC) announces today its new strategic plan for 2024, Change Up.

Piloted by Yann Caillère, the Group's CEO since September 2019, the objective of Change Up is to accelerate the Group's transformation by improving operating performances.
This plan aims to boost organic growth in the Group's businesses by optimising current operations, and to implement a selective development process based on strict profitability criteria.

On the financial front, the targets of the Change Up plan are:
  • Average annual growth in accommodation revenue of 6% (4.7% same-structure growth):
    • +2.9% organic growth,
    • +1.8% generated by renovations of existing Center Parcs Domains,
    • +2.6% from new site development,
    • -1.3% from a reduction in stock
  • Current operating margin from the tourism business lines of 5% in 2022 and 9% in 2024.
These results, together with a €50 million cost savings plan, are expected to generate cash flow of around €350 million over the duration of the plan (2020-2024).

1. Optimising current operations

Tourism: Review of the tourism asset portfolio
On 30 September 2019, the Groupe operated 2852 tourism sites in Europe. The performances of these residences and resorts have undergone an in-depth individual performance evaluation to establish each site's ability to reach the target profitability level (EBIT margin of 5% of revenue). 
This performance evaluation of the asset portfolio will be monitored and repeated annually.
As such, residences showing insufficient profitability or stock levels will be transferred to under management contracts.

Development of the tourism offer: premiumisation and enhancement of the customer experience
Change Up aims to accelerate modernisation and premiumisation of the tourism assets, by extending the range of premium residences and creating new accommodation concepts (Lifestyle by P&V for Millennials), through renovation works and by increasing the number of activities offered to customers.

The plan will also continue the Group's digital transformation by placing Data and Artificial Intelligence at the heart of the innovation model.

Property development: optimising costs
Change Up will include the implementation of strict measures to reduce the cost of development projects by :

- Redesigning upstream processes with a focus on acceptable rent levels,
- Strengthening the implication of the Procurement department,
- Reinforcing control measures and monitoring throughout the construction phase,
- Optimising management terms with individual and institutional investors,
- Streamlining marketing costs.

Targeted and profitable development
  • Pierre & Vacances mountain resorts: opening of new residences in Méribel and in Avoriaz (December 2020) and many other projects (Aime 2000, Avoriaz…).
  • Pierre & Vacances in Spain: 3 and 4-star hotels in addition to residences. By 2024, 1,800 additional apartments and rooms are planned.
  • Center Parcs, with focus on Northern Europe: development projects for two new Domains in Germany for 2024 and 2025 as well as management contracts in the Netherlands, Belgium and new regions (target of two management contracts a year).
  • growth in the campsite offer (150 affiliated campsites by 2025).
Furthermore, development opportunities for the Group will be studied on a case-by-case basis with the introduction of asset-light models (management contracts, franchises) in addition to lease contracts, and new financial partnerships.

An agile and entrepreneurial organisation
To accompany the Group's transformation and address the strategic challenges, a new more agile, entrepreneurial and empowering organisation is to be rolled out including:
  • Seven autonomous business lines incorporating their own main support functions (sales, finance, human resources, legal) so as to control their entire value chain;
  • A slimmed down holding company focused on governance, oversight and strategic group-wide functions, in support of each of the business lines;
  • A unified property development division, organised around development projects;
  • Efficient and simplified operating methods between the holding company and the business lines.
Aware of the potential impacts of the Change Up project for its employees, and in view of the organisational changes planned mainly at the head offices in France, the maximum number of layoffs identified, as part of a Redundancy Plan, are about 220 positions out of a total of 12,850 employees. The Group reiterates its strong commitment to fully support employees through all these changes.

The total amount of savings expected for 2024 stands at €50m (€30m from reorganisation and €20m from procurement), 70% of which to be delivered by the end of 2021.

Gérard Brémond, the Group's Chairman, stated: "with its new strategic plan, the Pierre & Vacances – Center Parcs Group moves its transformation up a gear and creates the right conditions for new sustainable and profitable growth. I support the implementation of this plan, which reflects the values and purpose of the Group and I will be at Yann Caillère's side in accompanying its implementation".

Yann Caillère, the Group's CEO, stated: "the strict implementation of the Change Up strategic plan, whose principles are based on targeted and profitable growth for Pierre & Vacances in mountain regions, for Center Parcs in Northern Europe and improvement of our offer along with a "business-oriented" organisation, should enable us to restore profitability as of 2021".

Vernieuwde klimtoren op Meerdal geopend

6 Mio investment Aqua Sana Longleat Forest

The Aqua Sana spa at Center Parcs Longleat Forest, UK has relaunched with a new name and concept following a £6m refurbishment.

With design by Sparcstudio, the new 2,222sq m "Forest Spa" has been reimagined with the creation of 24 spa experiences which draw inspiration from different aspects of nature and the surrounding forest landscape.

Sparcstudio co-director Neil Fairplay told Spa Business: "The special feel of Longleat spa's distinctive forest location was something we were keen to amplify. We've reconnected the spa with the forest and outdoor areas, while at the same time creating an intuitive and relaxing spa journey for guests, which is planted firmly in the natural flora and fauna".

Following the restyle, the spa's footprint has increased by 40 per cent and is spread across five themed zones – Nordic Forest, Hot Springs, Volcanic Forest, Forest Immersion and Treetop Nesting – all of which are designed to take guests on a journey through different aspects of nature using multi-sensory experiences.

Aqua Sana worked with Anapos to create the new experiences, such as the Moonlight Steamroom, an experience which recreates the feeling of being in a dark tropical forest while guests relax in citrus-scented steam.

Another addition is the Forest Cavern, a tepidarium with heated marble loungers designed to mimic a cave in a tropical forest. Infused with scents of pomegranate and myrrh, the experience room is fitted with a mini waterfall and a skylight to allow natural light to illuminate the room.

maandag 27 januari 2020

Recipe: Chocolate Cherry Muffins

Cherries are really at their very best at the moment and they look so glorious on top of a cake or muffin, although I have to admit that I often top half of mine with sprinkles, because everybody loves sprinkles.

These are great if you don’t have a mixer as you just stir the ingredients into a custardy batter in a saucepan with a wooden spoon. No creaming or whipping required. Adding the rich ganache is gilding the lily really, but it serves as a delicious chocolate glue to stick the cherry on top.


2 tablespoons cocoa powder
100g soft brown sugar
220ml water
50g cornflour
75g butter – cut into cubes
75g good quality milk chocolate – chopped
50g dark chocolate – chopped
75ml sunflower oil
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 large eggs
125g caster sugar
2½ teaspoons baking powder sifted into 125g plain flour


120g chocolate
120ml double cream


1 Put the cocoa, soft brown sugar, water and cornflour into a medium, non-stick saucepan and stir gently but constantly with a wooden spoon until it melts, then thickens.
2 As lumps appear, pull it off the heat and beat with the spoon.
3 Remove from the heat and stir in the butter and chocolate until it’s melted.
4 Add one egg and the oil and vanilla and stir well.
5 Add the second egg and caster sugar and stir again.
6 Pour the flour/baking powder in and stir well until completely mixed.
7 Spoon into 12-13 muffin cases in a muffin tray and bake for 25 minutes at 170ºc

To finish

• While they are cooling heat 120ml of double cream in a small pan.
• When it is hot, and as it starts to bubble at the edges take it off the heat and stir in 120g of chocolate.
• Let this cool a little until it is thick and spoonable then spoon onto the muffins.
• Top with a cherry.

We’d love to see your version of these rich and gorgeous cakes, so leave a message in the comments if you give them a go.

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Nederlanders vaker op korte vakantie in 2019

Nederlanders zijn vorig jaar vaker op korte vakanties geweest, zo blijkt uit het Continu Vakantie Onderzoek 2019 van NBTC-NIPO Research dat traditiegetrouw op de Vakantiebeurs Vakdag wordt gepresenteerd.    

Uit het onderzoek van NBTC-NIPO blijkt dat 84 procent van de Nederlanders in 2019 op vakantie ging met een totale besteding van 21 miljard euro. Dit is 3 procent meer dan in 2018. Gemiddeld gingen Nederlanders 2,8 keer op vakantie. Andere noemenswaardige zaken zijn de toename (+5%) van de hele korte vakantie (1 tot 2 nachten) en de stijgende populariteit van buitenlandse vakanties met de trein (+27%).

44 procent van de vakanties die vorig jaar gemaakt zijn, gingen naar bestemmingen in Nederland. 'In 2019 hebben Nederlanders zo'n 300.000 meer vakanties van één of twee nachten in eigen land ondernomen dan in 2018. Alhoewel het aantal overnachtingen tijdens vakanties in eigen land is afgenomen zijn Nederlanders wel meer gaan besteden. In totaal hebben Nederlanders in 2019 3,2 miljard euro uitgegeven aan binnenlandse vakanties. Vakantiegangers gaven meer geld uit in een kortere vakantieperiode in vergelijking met 2018', aldus Marieke Politiek, directeur NBTC-NIPO Research.

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zaterdag 25 januari 2020

Why taking a family break is so important

As many parents with full- and part-time jobs know, it can be hard to find a moment to relax and soak up quality time with your children and your partner, as well as balancing every other demanding aspect of life. “In the early years of having children, it can be a shock to suddenly feel like there is just no space for adult life. Weekends are lost to children’s activities and the weeks fill with ‘must-dos’. It’s difficult to find mental and physical space to relax and do what interests you,” says Christine (pictured). “Organising family time well, doing your job to the standard you want and keeping a house running can all be pretty tough.”

The pressure to ‘do it all’

The weight we feel to keep up with the Joneses is rife these days. “It is a social pressure,” Christine explains. “Modern life feels competitive and we all want the best for our children. We see images on social media of what appear to be super-mums living our dreams, children in forest schools and perfectly presented angels who always seem happy. When you interview those people, though, they have just as many struggles and tantrums (theirs and the children!) as the rest of us.”

Time to take a break

While stepping away from your everyday routine and taking a refreshing family break may seem like an indulgence, it’s actually something that’s essential for every parent’s wellbeing. “All working parents need to take breaks because an exhausted, frazzled parent isn’t going to be happy or a great role model for their children,” advises Christine. “We all have to take the time to take care of ourselves for the sakes of our children, our relationships and so that we thrive at work.”

As Center Parcs offers so many memorable family experiences and activities, organising a short break that suits your family is easy. It’s a chance to bond over experiences, slow down and bask in some pure quality time with each other. “There is no joy like watching your children play happily while you feel calm, knowing they are safe. Anything that gives you some moments to be ‘you’ again is precious. I call them ‘islands of sanity’ and I try to build them into our schedule,” says Christine.

Making the most of your trip, switching off from the outside world, and being fully present in the moment, is invaluable. This headspace, as well as setting aside time to have fun and relax, will have a positive impact on both you and your family – not only for the duration of your stay at Center Parcs but long after you return home too.

Book your next Center Parcs break today

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donderdag 23 januari 2020

Minder CO2-uitstoot? Center Parcs loopt voor!

Nieuwjaarsdag 2020 was een bijzondere mijlpaal: sinds die dag draaien al onze 27 parken in Europa op 100% groene elektriciteit. Daarmee zijn we twee jaar sneller dan onze eigen planning. En we lopen mijlenver voor op de Europese regels.

Meer dan de helft lager
Of je nu de tv aanzet in je cottage of van de wildwaterbaan af suist: groene energie! Elektriciteit is groen, niet alle energie! Warmte ligt aan het park. In alle faciliteiten, alle cottages, alle parken. Onze CO2-voetafdruk is nu maar liefst 58% lager dan in 2010. En omdat we toch in de flow zitten, hebben we onze ambities voor 2022 gewoon verhoogd: dan willen we 70% minder CO2 uitstoten dan twaalf jaar geleden.

Eigen warmwaterbron
Villages Nature® Paris is op het gebied van energie zelfs al helemaal CO2-neutraal. We hebben er onder meer een eigen warmwaterbron op 2000 meter diepte. Daarmee verwarmen we niet alleen onze eigen gebouwen en cottages… zelf onze buur Disneyland® Parijs profiteert er van mee! Villages Nature® Paris zet zo de toon in verantwoord toerisme. Niet alleen wat betreft energie trouwens. Van de honderden liters honing die onze bijenvolken produceren tot het samen verzorgen van onze boerderijdieren en de workshops broodbakken met lokale producten. Zo genieten ook onze gasten van prachtige ecologische initiatieven.

Onze Goede & Groene Daden
Om de natuur te koesteren en goed te doen voor de mensen om ons heen, hebben we ons een aantal Goede & Groene Daden gesteld. Als sinds de oprichting meer dan 50 jaar geleden is het uitgangspunt van Center Parcs: zorg dragen voor mens en natuur. Dat zag je altijd al, en dat ga je nog veel meer zien in onze parken. Van afvalscheiding tot zonnepanelen op de daken. Het is een DNA waar we trots op zijn.
Meer weten over onze duurzame initiatieven?

woensdag 22 januari 2020

First Quarter 2019/2020 Revenue Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs

Under IFRS accounting rules, Q1 2019/2020 revenue totalled €334.5 million (€265.5 million for the tourism activities and €69.0 million for the property development activities).

The Group nevertheless continues to comment on its revenue and the associated financial indicators, in compliance with its operating reporting namely:
- with the presentation of joint undertakings under proportional consolidation,
- excluding the impact of IFRS16 application.

A reconciliation table presenting revenue stemming from operating reporting and revenue under IFRS accounting is presented in the appendix at the end of the press release.

Tourism revenue
Q1 2019/2020 revenue from the tourism businesses totalled €281.9 million, up 14.2% relative to Q1 2018/2019.

Accommodation revenue rose 13.1% to €191.9 million, driven by both net average letting rates (+7.8%) and the number of nights sold (+5.0%).

On a like-for-like basis, i.e. excluding supply and calendar effects, revenue was up 6.8%:
  • Pierre & Vacances Tourisme Europe contributed €67.8 million, up 2.3% like-for-like.
    This growth was driven by all seaside destinations (+5.9% in France and Spain), and by the mountain residences (+2.9%) which posted an occupancy rate of 85% over the quarter. The Adagio residences business (which accounted for 56% of revenue in the Pierre & Vacances Tourisme Europe division in the first quarter of the year), affected by social movements in France, was nevertheless stable over the period.
  • Center Parcs Europe contributed €124.2 million, showing growth of 9.4% like-for-like.
    Growth in activity concerned both the domains located in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium (+10.5%) and those in France (+7.2%, o/w +5.3% for the Center Parcs domains, and +19.5% for Villages Nature Paris).
Supplementary income grew by 16.5%, with a rise of 20.5% for Center Parcs Europe and 8.7% for Pierre & Vacances Tourisme Europe, mainly due to the development of activities.

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dinsdag 21 januari 2020

Stompetorens gezin in Limousine naar De Eemhof voor bezegeling samenwerking stichtingen Opkikker en Droomdag

Sabine Beukers en haar kinderen Kess, Juul en Soof werden zaterdag 18 januari onder politiebegeleiding met een limousine opgehaald. Ze vervoerden het contract dat even later zou worden ondertekend tussen stichting Opkikker en stichting Droomdag in Center Parcs De Eemhof. Beide stichtingen werken voortaan samen om onvergetelijke dagen te organiseren voor gezinnen met een ernstig zieke ouder of kind, zoals het gezin uit Stompetoren. Sabines man Vincent overleed in oktober aan ALS. In de zomer ervoor had het gezin een prachtige dag dankzij Droomdag.

Sabine: ,,We waren toen ook in de Eemhof, maakten een helikoptervlucht en deden dingen die de kinderen geweldig vonden. Vincent genoot. Die dag is een dierbare herinnering.'' Het gezin was geselecteerd ...

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maandag 20 januari 2020

Title: Tips to beat Blue Monday

On Blue Monday and every other day of the year, it’s important to put plans in place that help us to escape everyday stresses, here’s how:

Have calm on your commute

If you spend your commute on your phone and checking emails, why don’t you choose a book to enjoy and immerse yourself in? With phone and tablet apps such as Kindle and Audible, you can listen or read on the go.

Get outside on your lunch break

Especially when you’re busy at work, it can be easy to cut your lunch breaks down or eat at your desk. If you commit to getting outside during your break, not only does it give you a change of scenery, but fresh air and sunlight can also give you more energy and a sharper mind ready for the afternoon.

Make time for mindfulness

When life can get manic, it’s important to take care of our mental wellbeing. Mindfulness is a great way of ensuring you are fully “present” in a moment and can help to restore calm. With the website Mindful and apps like Calm and Headspace, there are plenty of guides to introduce you to mindfulness. Even if you dedicate as little as five minutes a day to mindfulness, you’re likely to feel the benefits.

Escape the office and spend time in the forest

Today at Woburn Forest, the Conferences and Events team are hosting a one-day event, “Space to Breathe”.  The event features two thought-provoking sessions, a walk around the village and a relaxing yoga session.

  • The natural outdoor environment is known to reduce stress
  • Access to nature in the workplace associated with lower levels of perceived job stress and higher job satisfaction

The event will feature a morning session by fitness instructor Frank Sinclair (‘Fit with Frank’), who will explore the role exercise plays in mental and physical wellbeing and discuss how certain exercises can help reduce stress levels.

After exploring the forest, leading Mental Performance Coach Jamie Edwards will discuss the truth behind neutral thinking and share the one tool for unlocking potential in sport, business and life. To end the day, we’ll unwind with a relaxing yoga session.

Center Parcs delivers unforgettable events and team building days at four of our locations across the UK. Take a look at our corporate event packages, to give you and your colleagues an opportunity to swap a day in the office for an unwinding, stress-free day in the forest.

Book your next Center Parcs break today.


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zondag 19 januari 2020

Nederland boekt vakantie massaal op zondag in januari

De tweede zondag van januari is al jaren dé dag waarop we massaal onze vakantiereis boeken. Maar: zit jij in 2020 met een mojito in je hand op een strand of trek je liever het bos in.
Boek nu snel je verblijf bij Center Parcs

Recipe: Kedgeree

The warming curry flavours work well with the rice and the delicately smoked fish…and you won’t miss the meat! Swapping to a fish like haddock is a great way to pack in some omega 3, add the eggs and this dish will give you about 70% of your recommended daily intake of protein too.

If like me, you are not very confident about cooking fish this is a great way to start. The fishmonger does most of the work, then it’s just 5 minutes poaching in a pan and you have perfectly cooked flakes of white fish and not too much of a smell in the house afterwards.


  • Ask the fishmonger/supermarket fish counter to bone and skin the haddock for you
  • To save time you can swap to microwave Basmati rice and ‘lazy ginger’ from a jar.
  • This makes about 3 generous portions so add more rice for four, or eat between two and save some for breakfast, served with brown sauce on the side!
  • You can cook the eggs, rice and fish in preparation then complete the final bit when you want to eat. You can also mix up the spices in a little bowl ready to throw in.

Ingredients (serves 3-4)

300g (approx) undyed, boneless, skinless smoked haddock
200g basmati rice (or a packet or two of microwave basmati)
2-3 boiled eggs – peeled and quartered
2 bay leaves and a few peppercorns
2 tablespoons of butter
1 large finely chopped onion
1 large teaspoon of fresh chopped ginger or ‘lazy ginger’
1 red chilli, finely sliced
1 teaspoon of each of the following: cumin, coriander, turmeric, smoked paprika, salt
A generous grind of black pepper
2 teaspoons black mustard seeds
Juice of 1 lemon
3 chopped spring onions
A handful of fresh coriander and parsley leaves – chopped
1pt jug of half milk, half water


1. Cook the eggs until almost hard-boiled. I put them in cold water and bring to the boil then simmer for 6 minutes. Plunge into cold water for 5 minutes then peel.
2. Cook the rice in boiling salted water for 10 minutes, until just tender. Drain, rinse well with cold water then let it sit to drain some more. You could also use microwave basmati, just microwave for a minute or so before you add it.
3. Check the haddock for any stray bones then put it in a shallow pan with the bay leaves and peppercorns and cover with the cold milk/water. Bring to the boil, cover and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from pan and leave to cool. Flake the fish into chunks and set aside. Reserve the milk.
4. Mix the cumin, coriander, turmeric, garam masala, paprika, salt and pepper ready in a small bowl.
5. Slice the onion, chillies, spring onions and herbs.


1. Gently heat the butter in the shallow pan then fry the onions until soft but not browned
2. Add the ginger and mustard seeds and cook gently for a few minutes
3. Add the cumin/turmeric/coriander/ paprika/salt/pepper mix and cook for two minutes
4. Add the spring onions, chilli, and lemon juice. Stir in the rice and allow to thoroughly warm through
5. Add the fish back in and most of the chopped herbs and stir through very gently
6. Add a little of the leftover milk/water to moisten the rice, nestle the quartered eggs into the pan and replace the lid, then take it off the heat and leave to rest for 5 minutes
7. Serve your kedgeree from the pan at the table with a few herby leaves and a wedge of lemon

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vrijdag 17 januari 2020

Learn about the wildlife of woodlands during colder months

What creatures inhabit the forests during winter?

At Whinfell, you can expect to spot the captivating red squirrels. Retrieving the food they’ve buried during autumn, they’re regularly seen on the ground. Our ever-growing population of stoats are also active during the winter months, often seen dashing around in the undergrowth, usually hunting. Our bird species probably change the most during winter – some leave us for warmer climates and we get new winter visitors, such as brambling, all of which make the most of our feeding stations around the site. Although you may not see them much, badgers are still around, but spend more time in their setts during spells of really cold weather.

What do these creatures get up to in the cold?

All of these creatures spend the winter trying to shelter from the worst of the weather and find food. The stoats are fantastically adapted to life in the cold, shedding their chestnut brown summer coats in favour of thicker ones. Sometimes this winter coat is pure white with a black tip to the tail, hence why they’re also known as ‘ermine’. It’s fantastic camouflage during snow, but not so great for a predator on the forest floor when there’s no snow!

What’s the best way to spot them?

Our badgers can be seen on Badger Cam on the TV in all Whinfell lodges, generally coming out to feed in the late evening if the ground isn’t too frozen. Our reds are probably easier to spot, as the bare trees make them more visible, plus they spend a lot of time on the ground retrieving food they’ve buried and stored during autumn. They also regularly visit our feeders.

How should visitors behave with the animals?

Generally, as with all our wildlife throughout the year, if you stay quiet and keep an eye out at quieter times of the day (early morning and evening), you’ll see our wildlife, especially if food is placed out. Squirrel food is probably the best to use as it contains peanuts, which the badgers also love, and also seeds and grains, which lots of birds will take. Try scattering food on the ground behind a lodge – it’s amazing how quickly they find it!

What’s so magical about seeing these animals around during the festive period?

It’s a magical time on-site with our Winter Wonderland in full flow and it’s great to see our wildlife adapting so well to the winter conditions. Our red squirrels are always wonderful to watch and a favourite with guests – their darker winter coats and impressive winter ear tufts look especially fantastic.

Learn more about the nature of our forests on a Wildlife Walk. To book, log in to your Center Parcs account.

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maandag 13 januari 2020

De Vossemeren Run: 22 maart

Lopen of wandelen voor het goede doel! Doe jij mee?
Op zondag 22 maart 2020 organiseert Center Parcs de Vossemeren voor de tweede keer de Vossemeren Run
Voor deze tweede editie behouden we onze Kidsrun (500m) en onze 5km en 10km recreatieve run en voegen daarbij voor het eerst ook de mogelijkheid om een route van 5km te wandelen!
De Vossemeren run zal gelopen worden voor het goede doel, iedere inschrijving draagt bij aan een donatie voor Akindo Vakantiewerking.

De dag indeling ziet er als volgt uit:
  • 10u30 Start 5km wandelen = €5,00pp
  • 12u Start Kidsrun  = €5,00pp
  • 13u Start 5km recreatief = €10,00pp
  • 14u30 Start 10km recreatief = €10,00pp
We starten de dag voor de wandelaars, je kan als familie of groep deelnemen maar ook individueel.

Daarna gaan we verder met de kleinsten onder ons, voor de Orry & Friends kidsrun.
Eerst warmen we goed op samen met Orry en daarna lopen we een parcours van 500 meter.
Hierna starten de 5km en de 10km om beurten.

Het parcours is volledig uitgestippeld op het prachtige domein van het park De Vossemeren, en zal half verhard zijn. Men zal lopen op zowel asfalt- als zandwegen.

zaterdag 11 januari 2020

Nederland boekt vakantie massaal op tweede zondag van januari

De tweede zondag van januari – op de 12e dit jaar – is al jaren dé dag waarop we massaal onze vakantiereis boeken. Maar: zit jij in 2020 met een mojito in je hand op een strand of trek je liever het bos in.
Boek nu snel je verblijf bij Center Parcs

What will you get up to this February half term?

At Center Parcs we have indoor and outdoor activities suited for all, take a look at the top six activities we think you’ll want to try this February half term.

Quad Bike Safari

For who: 12-15 years and 16 years +

Where: Whinfell Forest, Sherwood Forest, Elveden Forest, Longleat Forest

What’s it all about: Start up your engines and hit the dirt track in this exhilarating activity. Grasp all the tricks to mastering your quad safely before heading out onto our specially designed track, filled with challenging terrain for you to conquer. Check out our Quad Bike Safari in action here.

Who’ll love it: Daredevils looking for an adrenaline boost

Segway Experience

For who: 12 years +

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: Put your balance skills to the test as you glide around our Segway track in this futuristic activity. Our expert instructors will help teach you how to guide your Segway safely before letting you head out on to the village to explore. Take a look at our Segway Experience in action here.

Who’ll love it: Adventurous types who want to explore the Village

Pottery Painting Studio

For who: All ages – person over 18 must be present

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: All the family can get involved in this creative session that will have you choosing and painting your very own piece of pottery. Pick from a range of pots and then get to work painting, splodging and crafting your masterpiece. Our staff will glaze your pot overnight, so remember to collect your creation the very next day.

Who’ll love it: Those looking to unleash their creativity

Scavenger Hunt

For who: All ages

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: Explore unique and wonderful areas of our villages on our whimsical scavenger hunt as you use our checklist to hunt down items. With our scavenger hunt free and suitable for all ages you can turn this into a full day of adventure and exploration.

Who’ll love it: Those looking for an adventure this half term

Ten Pin Bowling

For who: All ages

Where: All villages

What’s it all about:  Fun for all the family, take to one of our Ten Pin Bowling lanes for either 45 or 60 minutes. The aim of the game is to knock down as many pins as you can in order to rack up points and win the game. Choose strikes and spares over heading for the gutter and you’ll be crowned the winner in your family.

Who’ll love it: Those looking to get competitive with family and friends

High Ropes Challenge

For who: Minimum height 1.22 metres

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: Prepare for a thrilling adventure as you climb up into the treetop canopy to complete the ultimate course of high rope activities. With guidance from our instructors, tackle obstacles in the trees including the leap of faith and climbing wall. Do you have a head for heights?

Who’ll love it: Daredevils looking for a new adventure


Start your adventure by taking a look at all the activities we have available this February half term.


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vrijdag 10 januari 2020

Vacature: 2020-2802 - Project Controller BNG (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany) bij Center Parcs

Functie : (Head)Office functies/Finance - projectmanagement
Contract type : Vast contract
Functiebeschrijving :
Ben jij momenteel op zoek naar een nieuwe uitdaging? Een rol waarbij jij als financiële business partner fungeert voor Construction en Development waarbij jij jouw (financiële) expertise deelt en jouw ervaring gebruikt om kansen en risico’s tijdig te onderkennen. Ben jij op zoek naar een rol met een grote verantwoordelijkheid in een internationale omgeving? Lees dan verder, want bij Center Parcs zijn wij op zoek naar een nieuwe collega: Project Controller BNG (Belgium, Netherlands & Germany) bij Center Parcs Wellicht heb je er al over gelezen: de renovaties van onze parken zijn in volle gang. De aankomende vier jaar zullen er nog zeker 12 parken worden gerenoveerd in België, Nederland en Duitsland voor een budget van ongeveer 600 miljoen euro. Deze vernieuwing is van vitaal belang voor onze Groep. Jij bent de schakel tussen  diverse afdelingen m.b.t. deze renovatieprojecten en draagt er zorg voor dat de financiële reporten van de projectadministratie accuraat, betrouwbaar en compleet zijn. Jij houd je in deze rol bezig met de budgetten en forecasts van de projecten en zorgt voor de verdere ontwikkeling van interne controles. Een voorbeeld hiervan is de implementatie van een interface van het financiële projectoverzicht in SAP. Je hebt maandelijkse meetings met de Construction en Development teams waarin jij deze uitdaagt op aannames in de laatste projectforecast. Je bereid de maandelijks business rapportage voor en neemt deel aan meetings waarin de projectstatus wordt besproken. Daarnaast draag je actief bij aan de optimalisatie en standaardisatie van de Real Estate rapportages. Jij bent betrokken bij het bepalen van het jaarlijkse budget en businessplan voor Development plannen en controleert behaalde resultaten per kwartaal en communiceert deze aan de Group Real Estate Financial Officer. In jouw rol rapporteer je aan de Director Corporate Finance Center Parcs Europe en zal je volgens onze matrixorganisatie ook rapporteren aan de Group Real Estate Financial Officer. Daarnaast heb je dagelijks tot wekelijks contact met de Construction Director m.b.t. het budget, forecasting en reporting en zal je voor dit laatste veel contact hebben met de afdeling projectadministratie om de juiste informatie te verkrijgen.

Minimaal gevraagd opleidingsniveau : Master of vergelijkbaar
Taal / Niveau :
Nederlands : Expert - Vloeiend
Taal / Niveau :
Engels : Goede kennis - Vloeiend

from RSS-export van de vacatures - Seulement les offres à la une : Nee / Métier : Fonctions support / Pays : EUROPE-->PAYS-BAS / Contrat : CDI / Temps de travail : Temps complet

Enjoy your first break with your new arrival

If you’re thinking about having your first getaway since starting the new adventure of parenthood, then a break at Center Parcs is just what you need. While there are plenty of opportunities to spend quality time together as a family, it’s important to set aside some time to reconnect with yourself too. Why not take turns with your partner to look after the little one, while the other takes a couple of hours out for some well-deserved self-care time. Here are some of the experiences that await you…

Space to breathe

For an activity that works both body and mind, make a Yoga class your first port of call. A mixture of strengthening poses, deep, controlled breathing and peaceful meditating, led by one of our experienced teachers, will leave you in a state of pure serenity.

Time to stretch

If you find yourself feeling stressed or overwhelmed, or you simply want to chill out, our Lavender Relaxation class will do wonders. Lie back and unwind on lavender-scented cushions, while an instructor takes you through a series of controlled stretches, all of which have been carefully chosen to de-stress and relax your body, giving you the headspace you need to feel fully recharged.

Sweat it out

If you prefer something a little faster paced, head to our fully equipped gym for a solo workout to get your adrenaline pumping. Set your heartbeat racing on the cardio machines or build strength in the weights zone – whatever your pace, there’s plenty to choose from.

Try something new

With a variety of fun workouts available across Center Parcs, discovering your new favourite hobby will be a breeze. Let your hair down at Boogie Bounce, where you’ll find yourself bouncing your way to better fitness on mini trampolines to exhilarating music. Or unleash your inner Bollywood star at our Bollywood Dancing class, with an exciting routine that will give your whole body a workout, as well as keep your mind focused. If you’re nervous about trying out a new activity or you’re not sure what to choose, our friendly Center Parcs’ staff will be happy to help you decide what suits you best.

And relax…

For the ultimate in relaxation, book in a spa session at the Aqua Sana spa for three hours of pure bliss. Hidden in the peaceful haven of the forest, take a dip in the heated outdoor pool and reconnect with nature, followed by a steam and sauna, before heading to the Experience Rooms to bask in the peaceful surroundings. Why not continue the pampering with a soothing treatment? The Elemis Thousand Flower Detox Wrap is perfect for banishing toxins, leaving you feeling brand new and ready to take on anything.


To book all classes and Aqua Sana spa days and treatments, log in to your Center Parcs account.

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Aqua Sana Spa brings forest bathing to Longleat Forest

Aqua Sana Longleat Forest has unveiled its brand-new Forest Spa, bringing together 24 spa experiences to harness the proven benefits of forest bathing.

The spa, which has been completely refurbished to include all-new experiences, has drawn inspiration from different aspects of nature, including the changing seasons, rainforest showers, hot springs, ice and some of the most beautiful forests around the world.
Following the £6m investment, Aqua Sana Longleat Forest boasts a huge range of steam rooms and saunas, a heated outdoor pool, an ice cave, a selection of relaxation rooms and reflexology footbaths. The spa has also introduced two brand-new experiences which are exclusive to Aqua Sana Longleat Forest – the Forest Cavern and Moonlight Steam Room.

The unique Forest Cavern replicates the feeling of discovering a cave nestled deep within a tropical forest. Infused with pomegranate and myrrh, and with the soothing background noise of trickling water, the space is designed to create a tepidarium-style heat and is ideal for practicing mindfulness and breathing techniques. The design of the experience draws on the Wiltshire landscape, taking inspiration from the many caves found within the local area.

The Moonlight Steam Room, which is accompanied by a Moonlight Shower to continue the benefits, carries the forest theme through and replicates the sensation of finding yourself in a darkened tropical forest with a dusky glow from the light of the moon. The experience harnesses lunar power to transport guests through the colours and sensations of dawn and dusk, leaving you stimulated, refreshed and soothed.

The spa is spread across five 'zones' – Nordic Forest, Hot Springs, Volcanic Forest, Forest Immersion and Treetop Nesting – each celebrating different aspects of nature through a spectrum of sounds, colours and infusions.

In addition to the overhaul of the spa, Vitalé Café Bar has also received a £340,000 investment to give it a complete transformation, bringing the outside in with an abundance of foliage decorating the space and large windows giving an insight into the rich woodland setting.

To celebrate the launch of the Forest Spa, Aqua Sana Longleat Forest has introduced a new, exclusive two-hour treatment designed to continue the healing benefits of the Forest Cavern. Using all-natural ingredients to deliver an earthy experience, the 'Nature's Ultimate Remedy' treatment lifts, contours and refreshes the entire body. Comprising of a full body brush with a scalp massage, hot stone massage and face mask application, it uses sustainable products supplied by a family-run Bath-based business.

The treatment was designed by Group Spa Manager, Kay Pennington, who used her years of experience in the spa and beauty industry to create a luxurious and completely exclusive treatment.

Kay said: "We are thrilled to be bringing the Forest Spa to Aqua Sana Longleat Forest. Although Aqua Sana Longleat Forest has been a firm favourite for more than 20 years, the new spa experiences give it a completely new personality – we've effectively opened a brand-new spa! I'm so excited to begin welcoming guests, from loyal spa aficionados to complete newcomers. Aqua Sana is wonderfully unique in offering such high-quality experiences and attentive guest service, whilst also remaining a welcoming and friendly environment. We seek to create a space where people can truly relax - the perfect location for your first or your fiftieth spa experience.

The first Aqua Sana Spa opened at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest in 1987 and employed a team of five. Since then, with continued investment and development, the brand has grown to include six spas, employing more than 650 people. The new spa will bring together the most popular elements of the existing Forest Spas, while also utilising the latest innovations and technology.

Kay added: "We see this as the next evolution of Forest Spa and part of our ongoing commitment to continually develop and ensure we're offering the best experiences for our guests."

Aqua Sana Longleat Forest offers a range of spa days and packages (from £59pp) and spa breaks (from £169pp). Guests on a Center Parcs short break can also enjoy spa sessions (from £45pp for three hours).

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donderdag 9 januari 2020

Center Parcs intensiveert samenwerking Koninklijke Gazelle met focus op vernieuwende vakantiebeleving

Center Parcs slaat voor de komende vier jaar opnieuw de handen ineen met Koninklijke Gazelle. Na een succesvolle samenwerking de afgelopen vier jaar bereiken de partijen een nieuwe mijlpaal met een vernieuwde focus. Op alle Center Parcs parken in Europa gaan Gazelle en Center Parcs zich verder inzetten om samen een vernieuwende vakantiebeleving neer te zetten.

De samenwerking krijgt invulling door op zoek te gaan naar toepassingen van nieuwe mobiliteitsoplossingen om te blijven aansluiten op de toekomstige behoeften van de gast. Bovendien worden de mogelijkheden bekeken om elkaars doelgroepen kennis te laten maken met beide A-merken door middel van joint promotions.

Volgens Pascal Ferracci, CEO van Center Parcs Europe, sluit samenwerking aan op de koers van Center Parcs de nieuwe standaard te zetten in familievakanties en gasten te blijven verrassen: "Center Parcs en Koninklijke Gazelle bundelen hun krachten met het gezamenlijke doel de beleving te verrijken. Door de hoogwaardige kwaliteit, duurzame en innovatieve producten van Koninklijke Gazelle stelt Center Parcs haar gasten in staat om nog meer te genieten van een ontspannen tijd samen. Fietsen op een goede fiets midden in de natuur levert hier een waardevolle bijdrage aan." 

Center Parcs verlengt samenwerking Koninklijke Gazelle  met ingebruikname 15

Koninklijke Gazelle levert sinds 2014 een uitgebreide collectie fietsen. Verspreid over alle locaties, beschikt Center Parcs Europe over zo'n 15.000 huurfietsen, waaronder mountainbikes (van FOCUS, een zustermerk van Gazelle), elektrische fietsen en stadsfietsen. Vooral de vraag naar elektrische fietsen stijgt snel. Het aanbod huurfietsen van Center Parcs bestaat nu voor vier procent uit elektrische fietsen. Naar verwachting zal dit in de komende jaren verder stijgen.

"We zijn erg blij dat Center Parcs ook in de komende vier jaar met Koninklijke Gazelle in zee gaat en we fietsen mogen leveren voor al haar parken in Europa. Een fietstocht maakt mensen meer ontspannen en blij en dat voegt dus echt iets toe aan een verblijf op Center Parcs," zegt Huub Lamers, CEO van Koninklijke Gazelle.