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donderdag 15 augustus 2019

10 guest top tips for your Center Parcs break

“Pick your lodge when you book – you know exactly where you are and can forward plan” @alicebestwick

At your time of booking, you have the option to pay to allocate a specific lodge. This means if you can plan to be in a certain area, or if you are booking more than one lodge, you can ensure you’re all together.

“Pack comfortable footwear and clothes for woodland walks!” @meg_payne74

British weather can be unpredictable, but the weather doesn’t stop adventures at Center Parcs! Pack for adventures in the forest, and remember to check the weather before you go.

“Arrive as early on the first day and go swimming or have lunch before your lodge is ready” @niamhwalsh98

On your arrival day, you’re welcome to arrive as early as 10am to get your break started sooner. You could even hit the pool in the afternoon, with access to the Subtropical Swimming Paradise available from 2pm onwards on the day of your arrival.

“Do the Treasure Trail on one of the first days. It’s a great way to have family time and also explore” @mrself29

Hop on your bikes and solve the clues scattered around the forest! The Treasure Trail is a great way to familiarise yourself with the village and to use the powers of teamwork.

“Take lots of photos. A break can seem like so long ago but one photo can take you back” @mrs_claire_conroy

Taking photos during your break is a great way to preserve the memories. Why not book in for a Family Photo Shoot? We love seeing and sharing your photos, remember to use the hashtag #mycp so we can admire them!

“Go to the rangers lodge to see what animals have been spotted that week!” @homeisat51

Every village has a Rangers Lodge (or Nature Centre). Our knowledgeable Rangers are on hand to help you discover the environment around you.

“Don’t be scared to try something new and out of your comfort zone!” @xx_dotty_xx

Center Parcs is the perfect place to try something new. Leave the comfort zone behind with activities such as Aerial Adventure, or take on The Drop?

“Bikes are the most enjoyable way to get around, it makes you feel like a big kid again!” @melia_a86

Cycling around our villages is a wonderful way to explore and get around. Our Cycle Centre is on hand to supply you with the perfect equipment for the whole family.

“The Subtropical Swimming Paradise is quiet in the evenings and try the rapids in the dark!” @dmartland1

The Subtropical Swimming Paradise provides joy to the whole family! On average, the pool is quieter in the evenings, and the Wild Water Rapids are even more atmospheric when it’s beginning to get dark outside.

“Book activities and restaurants before you go so you make the most of everything it offers!” @missfittsx

To plan your itinerary, booking your activities and restaurants before you go ensures you don’t miss out on family adventures!

Fancy putting these tips into practice?  Book your next break at Center Parcs.

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