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dinsdag 8 november 2016

Do you dare to drop?

Do you have a head for heights, nerves of steel and the constitution of an ox? Then you might want to head down to Action Challenge next time you’re visiting Elveden Forest.

The newest activity to join the likes of Aerial Adventure and High Ropes Challenge is our most thrilling yet. The Drop is a 15-foot tall tower, and the premise is simple: climb the stairs to the top…then jump off.

Double Drop Zip Wire

There may be only one way up The Drop, but there are plenty of ways to come back down to earth. On one side of the tower you’ll find the Double Drop Zip Wire – clip into a safety system and zoom across a clearing back to earth.

Quick Jump

On the Quick Jump, you step off the wooden platform and experience the thrill of freefall before your harness takes your weight and lowers you gently to the ground.

Leap of Faith

On the third side of the tower is the Leap of Faith, where you spring from the platform towards a suspended punch bag, dangling in mid-air. Try to hang on for a moment before you let go and are lowered back down to earth again. You can choose how far away the punch bag hangs to make the leap as easy or hard as you like.

Air Bag Jump

Now that you and gravity are intimately acquainted, it’s time for the big one: the Air Bag Jump. Climb back up The Drop to our first platform while we inflate the gigantic inflatable mattress that will provide your safe and comfortable landing.

Find your feet as you try stepping out from our warm-up 4.5m platform and our intermediate 7m platform.

Finally, those aged 14 and over with bags of bravery will ascend to the top of the tower one last time. There, you’ll walk out onto the edge of the 10m platform.

Take a look over the edge to the inflated bag below – you’re up in the forest canopy and at the height of a three-storey building.

With no harness or rope this time, you’ll step off the platform, experiencing the rush of true freefall until you land in a seated position on the bag below.

If that’s got you chomping at the bit rather than running for the hills, then be sure to book The Drop next time you’re at Elveden Forest.

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