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zaterdag 24 november 2018

New bat arrivals at Sherwood Forest

At the end of October, a bat survey took place at Sherwood Forest over the course of two days. For over five years we have had a strong relationship with Nottinghamshire Bat Group to ensure the bats in our forest are still thriving to keep them a protected species in the UK.

The bat boxes are checked twice a year, once before the bats have hibernated which was just taken place and then another check in the springtime when the bats are beginning to come out of hibernation.

With the large number of 250 bat boxes amongst the forest at Sherwood, the Nottinghamshire Bat Group tend to get around to 80% of the boxes over the two days of checks.

Excitingly over the course of the two days, they confirmed seven bat species at Sherwood including; Common Pipistrelle, Soprano Pipistrelle, Noctule Brown Long-eared bat, Daubenton’s bat, Leisler’s bat and Natterers. Of which three of these bat species were newly found; Noctule, Leisler’s and Soprano Pipistrelle.

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