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zaterdag 8 juni 2019

Recipe: Watermelon Gin Slush

If you’re spending World Gin Day at Center Parcs, why not treat yourself to a glass of gin at Sports Café or Leisure Bowl? The When in Rome Spa Day at Aqua Sana also includes a delicious gin cocktail and the ParcMarket stocks a great variety of gins.

If you are at home and feeling particularly fancy, why not try this Watermelon Gin Slush? You can make an extra layer of green lime or mint slush to add to the top, but it’s just delicious (and very pretty) without.

Make some in advance and keep in the freezer for watermelon based emergencies. You never know when that might happen…

Ingredients – serves 2

1/2 small watermelon – peeled and cubed (about 750g)
2 Shots of gin – 60ml
2 Shots of lime cordial – 60ml
A splash of soda or lemonade


1 Blend up the cubed watermelon
2 Pour through a sieve
3 Stir in the lime cordial
4 Add the gin (optional)
5 Pour into a baking dish and freeze for 2 hours
6 Put two tall glasses in the freezer to make them frosty
7 Scrape the watermelon ice with a fork and add the pink slush to your frosted glasses
8 Top up with a little soda or lemonade to taste

Green topped slushy
Make a small tray of ice with lime cordial, soda and some green food colouring. You can also add chopped mint leaves. Freeze for 1-2 hours, stirring with a fork occasionally. Scrape into green slush with a fork and add to the top of your watermelon cocktail.

After freezing and shaving the watermelon ice you can keep it in a ziplock bag for when you need it.

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