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vrijdag 15 november 2019

Start a self-care routine on your break

Just spending an hour or two trying a new activity by yourself is all you need to feel recharged and ready to have more fun with the rest of your party on your break. It’s also the perfect way to pick up lost fitness plans. Here are just some of the activities you could take part in to grab a bit of me-time and kick-start your fitness again at Center Parcs.


If you really want to spend time caring for yourself, look no further than yoga. The physical benefits of improved strength and flexibility are great, of course, but it’s the clear-out for your consciousness that really makes it a winner. As your instructor talks you through the flowing movements, you’ll zone in on yourself and emerge feeling lighter, looser and a whole lot happier!

Boogie Bounce

There is no better way to forget your responsibilities than to unleash your inner child with a blast on a trampoline. Boogie Bounce uses mini trampolines to keep your heart-rate up as you bounce your way to better fitness and muscle tone. With motivating music to keep you going, you’ll finish full of energy, with a smile on your face – and the children will never get a look-in on the trampoline at home again!

Gym Pass 

Sweat out your worries with a session in the gym, where you can tune in to your breathing or zone out with music to keep your mind quiet. Choose from a range of cardiovascular machines and weights and go at your own pace.


You’ll need to concentrate on your core in a slow, controlled Pilates class, which aims to target the muscles that support your body. Pilates improves your posture, banishes aches and pains, and helps your body to move well during more intense activities – such as boxfit, or lifting your two-year-old into the car.


Our Kettlecise classes use serious strength training to build confidence and blast away worries. Exercises target major muscle groups and you’ll have expert supervision to ensure your kettlebells technique is spot-on. Keep it up once your break is over and be amazed at how quickly this class can reshape your body and make you feel physically and mentally stronger.

Aqua Sana Spa

For the ultimate in self-care, book a three-hour session at the Aqua Sana Spa. Keep the wellness vibe going with a treatment to soothe aching muscles. The Decléor Bamboo Massage is a powerful deep tissue massage that produces a profound sense of relaxation, serenity and inner wellbeing.

To book all classes and Aqua Sana Spa days and treatments, log in to your Center Parcs account:

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