dinsdag 30 april 2013

20,000 Trees Being Planted at Woburn Forest

On the 19th March and 20th March, a delivery of 20,000 trees arrived at the new Center Parcs; Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire. The planting of the trees will be overseen by the new Ground Services Manager; Ian Buck from Goldington, Bedford and will help improve the biodiversity of the forest.

As part of Center Parcs’ commitment to the environment and to Woburn Forest itself, 10% of the trees from the original commercial forest have been removed to improve light levels on the forest floor, which in turn will increase the biodiversity by allowing new species of plants to thrive. 18,000 native young trees such as Hazel and Field Maple will be planted during the spring of 2013, along with 2,000 English Oaks which have been grown from locally collected seed.

As Woburn Forest was previously a commercial woodland with very few species of trees, plants and animals, Center Parcs will be using the experience from the existing villages and the research and understanding of the ecology of Woburn Forest to encourage more species to the area.

Ian Buck, Ground Services Manager says:

“An ecological survey was carried out in 2005 to establish the condition of the woodland as it used to be a commercial woodland with poor biodiversity. Once Center Parcs knew what lived here, it was important to protect those species but also take steps to improve the forest and turn it into an area thriving with wildlife.”

Bron: CP UK