Center Parcs Bungalowparken: Nieuws, Acties, Aanbiedingen en kortingen

donderdag 1 oktober 2015

The Enid Blyton Estate joins forces with Center Parcs

The Enid Blyton Estate has joined forces with Center Parcs to celebrate a Summer of Adventure with families across the UK. The two brands are working together to inspire families to get out and experience everything that the outdoors has to offer.

With activities including an opportunity to create your own short story recalling the fabulous summer adventures you’ve had and a guide to how to build your own hide-out, it’s an irresistible call out to families everywhere to get more active and involved in creating wonderful and adventurous memories.

The Famous Five has been one of Enid Blyton’s best-loved collections since its release in 1942. Almost three quarters of a million copies of the 70th anniversary editions of The Famous Five books have been sold since 2012. In May 2015 Hodder Children’s Books released new covers for the next five books by some of the most highly respected and well known children’s illustrators - Five On Kirrin Island Again (Shirley Hughes), Five Go Off To Camp (David Tazzyman), Five Get Into Trouble (Polly Dunbar), Five Fall Into Adventure (Babette Cole) and Five On A Hike Together (Tony Ross).

Generations of children and parents have joined the friends on their many adventures - from spending the weekend hiking in the countryside to solving the mystery of kidnapped Timmy!

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