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maandag 29 augustus 2016

Fears that children at Center Parcs could see online porn: Holiday village offers no filters on its free wi-fi network

  • Campaigners say children at Center Parcs risk being exposed to porn
  • Comes as holiday village does not apply filters on its free wifi network 
  • Alarm was raised after one mother found her son watching online porn 
  • Family had been on holiday at the Center Parcs site in Nottinghamshire 
Children staying at Center Parcs are at risk of being exposed to hardcore online porn, campaigners warned last night.
The holiday village – popular with tens of thousands of families – applies no filters on its free wi-fi network, meaning youngsters can easily stumble across adult images and videos on devices.
The alarm was raised after one mother, visiting the Sherwood Forest site in Nottinghamshire, reportedly told campaigners she discovered her son watching porn on his tablet.

Center Parcs admits that it has no wi-fi filters at any of its five UK sites – and said it was up to parents to install filters on devices.
The Daily Mail has campaigned to make it easier for parents to put a block on online porn in their own home. 
Thousands of businesses, including Starbucks, McDonald's, John Lewis and Waterstones, have also signed up to a 'friendly wi-fi' scheme under which a filter is installed.

John Carr, secretary of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety, said he was shocked to find that Center Parcs, which markets itself heavily as being a family-friendly company, was not playing its part in keeping children safe online.