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Take a look inside the Las Iguanas menu

We’re counting down the days to the opening of Las Iguanas at Longleat Forest this autumn. So whilst we wait, we’ve created our perfect Las Iguanas dining experience from starters to dessert including a few after-dinner drink options to celebrate your break.

A little taste of Latin America

Starting off our Las Iguanas ‘try me’ list are two incredible starters that are sure to get your taste buds tingling.

A new addition to the Las Iguanas menu is their take on the Brazilian classic, Dadinhos. A perfect dish to take away the hunger whilst you wait for your main, this starter consists of crispy, cheesy cubes served with a chilli jam for that hint of spice.

Pato Taquito is a dish consisting of a chargrilled tortilla filled with roast duck and caramelised onion with a side of fiery cranberry salsa to dip. Yes please!

Fiery mains

Now you’ve got a preview of the menu with the scrumptious starters, explore a wide range of smoky and spicy Latin American mains. Here’s just a glimpse of what we’re craving to try.

Picanha is a popular choice in Brazil and a popular choice for us when we set our eyes on the menu. An 8oz rump steak served with molho à campanha salsa, a tomato salsa traditionally served with grilled meats in Latin America. Choose from either a mix of sweet potato and cassava fries, sweet potato mash or for a lighter option, salad and chipotle butter or fresh herb chimichurri.

Our favourite vegetarian dish from the Las Iguanas menu is the Halloumi Churrasco Skewers. A mix of fiery flavours, the dish combines flame-grilled honey-glazed halloumi, beetroot, artichoke, red onion and red pepper to create the ultimate skewers. Served with honey peri-peri sauce, salad and your choice of cassava fries or sweet potato mash.

Added extras

If you’re looking for something to compliment your main then Las Iguanas offers an exciting selection of delicious sides.

Patatas bravas in bits is described by Las Iguanas as spicy spuds on sticks. The spicy spuds are served with a smoky chipotle sauce and creamy aioli. The perfect option for those who love that extra kick.

If you’ve made the shift from potato fries to sweet potatoes fries, it’s now time to try Cassava fries. Made from manioc root, this tasty alternative is served with homemade tomato salsa; the perfect accompaniment to any Las Iguanas dish.

A sweet treat

My favourite part of any meal is dessert. The Las Iguanas menu caters for all types of dessert lovers, whether you’re a chocoholic or wanting a refreshing after-dinner treat.

What better way to end a meal than with an all-time favourite and classic go-to dessert, Churros? Choose from either three or six cinnamon-sugar sprinkled churros, served with a choice of delicious chocolate ganache or sweet dulce de leche.

Tembleque is the perfect choice of dessert after a fiery flavoured main. This classic Puerto Rican dessert is a creamy coconut pudding served with a fruity selection of mixed berries and mango purée.

Join the carnival with a cocktail…or two

Enjoy the taste of Rio with an extensive list of classic and crazy cocktails. Why stop at one when you could enjoy happy hour and get two for the same price?

Simply because we love the name, the Hombre Bombre cocktail is our first choice to raise a glass and celebrate our Center Parcs break. Hombre Bombre is a mix of Chivas Regal, Las Iguanas Magnifica cachaça, fruity pineapple juice and ginger syrup.

If that sounds intimidating, don’t fret, the selection of cocktails at Las Iguanas includes all your favourite classics and we’ve chosen the Long Island Iced Tea for a refreshing drink. Served by the glass or by pitcher, enjoy the mix of vodka, Havana club Especial rum, Beefeater gin, Olmeca, tequila, triple sec, lemon juice and coke.

Now that we’ve teased you with what you can expect from Las Iguanas at Longleat Forest, we hope you are just as excited as we are for the grand opening in October.

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