woensdag 5 november 2014

Children’s activity programme at Center Parcs

Onlangs presenteerde Center Parcs nieuwe activiteiten in Nederland, Belgie, Duitsland en Frankrijk.
Ook in Engeland zijn er nieuwe aktiviteiten geintroduceerd.

www.centerparcs.nl/pakket150 exclusief 150 euro korting
Activities under 3 years
  • Crèche Together and Crèche at the Den: We have a variety of activities at Activity Den, which enable each child to learn, develop and experience their own adventure at Center Parcs, either with or without a parent. Activity Den is Ofsted-registered, so you can feel confident leaving your child in our care, knowing they are in a happy and safe environment.
  • Crèche: Let your baby enjoy new experiences in our nurturing, safe and stimulating environment.
  • •Mucky Pups: Little ones get messy with a range of things such as sand, water, jelly and pasta shapes.
  • Sensory Playtime: A parent-accompanied session designed to help babies explore their senses. 
Activities 2-7 years
  • Mini Adventures Together and Mini Adventures at the Den: Whether they’re learning the art of fencing, painting pottery or bug hunting, parents love watching their children learn new things. Now, with our range of specially tailored activities unique to Center Parcs, they can experience new adventures with or without a parent.
  • Chocolate Chefs Academy: Your little chefs will make their own apron and hat, create tasty treats and play games.
  • Mini Fencing: Little ones can get a taste for fencing using soft foam foils and plastic face masks.
  • Pirate and Princess Adventure: An adventure full of games, character makeovers, music and creative activities.

Branching Out 8-11 years

  • As children get older, they crave independence and begin to seek new experiences they can enjoy without parents or with peers. Our range of activities for children aged 8-11 years provide an opportunity to challenge themselves, try new adventures and create memories they’ll cherish.
  • Creative Canvas: Young ones can get creative, before showing parents their artwork at the gallery finale.
  • Street Boarding: Try something new with a unique fusion of skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing.
  • Tree Trekking: Your children will gain confidence and independence as they navigate through the forest, two metres above ground.

Family Adventures

  • We have an exciting programme of activities for families to take part in and spend precious time together. From energetic activities to calm pastimes, you will find something suitable for everyone to enjoy and remember for years to come.
  • An Encounter with Owls: Get up close and meet some of the world’s most spectacular bird breeds.
  • Forest Crafts Woodland Creations: Craft your own family of woodland creatures as well as a home for them to live in.
  • Den Building: Build and decorate your own den in this traditional woodland activity for the whole family.
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