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maandag 24 oktober 2016

Give your family a spooky greeting for Halloween

If there’s something that little ones love to do more than painting, I’d like to hear it. Combine that with covering their feet in the stuff and you’ve got a winning craft idea for Halloween!

All you need is black card, a hole punch and fun ribbons to embellish your greetings card, white paint and a black pen. Oh and a pair of willing feet!

Step one
For little feet, fold your black card in half to make a portrait style card. Using the hole punch, make two holes. Now you are ready to paint your feet.

Step two
Dip the foot into a shallow bowl or plate and if you want to, use a paint brush to even out your white paint over the sole of your foot. Place your foot on top of the black card and press down to make a painty footprint!

Step three
Leave to dry, then add your ghostly eyes and mouth. Thread two pieces of ribbon one at a time, through your pre punched holes and tie in a knot or bow. Now write a spooky message and send to a friend to wish them a Happy Halloween!

Step four
For bigger ghosts footprints, hole punch two A4 pieces of card and tie them together with your ribbons.

How about making a family of ghost feet? Get everyone involved and on a larger piece of card each make a painted footprint. Hang with ribbons on your front door to welcome trick or treaters.

You could even add a little sparkle and sprinkle white and silver glitter on your wet ghosts before the paint dries.

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