woensdag 24 oktober 2018

Les Villages Nature: A Different Kind of Disney Hotel

Les Villages Nature: a complete oasis of well-being, imagined and created by a revolutionary partnership between Euro Disney SCA and Pierre & Vacances – Center Parcs. What is it, and is it your average Disney hotel? Read on…

Is it actually a Disney hotel?
As we've said before, the resort now holds official Disney hotel status. Packages booked through Disney each include two-day park hopper tickets, and resort guests do benefit from extra magic hours.

But then it gets interesting. Because even compared to Davy Crockett, LVN is next-level Disney accommodation. The concept here is about getting back to nature and enjoying an immersive getaway for all the family. Nevertheless, this resort is so jam-packed with recreation that anyone who prefers their Disney hotel to be "just a base" should probably look away now.

The resort promises 'harmony with nature', right down to offering workshops on how to build shelters from branches and leaves. Bikes, Segways, mini Jeeps as well as actual ponies are available to get you around admiring the scenery*. There's a bowling alley, escape room, petting zoo, aerial obstacle course, waterslides, spa*…the list goes on. Their goal of introducing guests to new experiences even includes the opportunity to take classes in-resort. Exercise classes, breadmaking, gardening, animal care, wine tasting (not for kiddos) and chocolate making are all on offer*.

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