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dinsdag 3 augustus 2021

6e park in engeland voor Center Parcs

Center Parcs has announced a £350 million plan to develop a sixth holiday town in the United Kingdom in Sussex.

The Nottinghamshire-based firm claims to have discovered 553 acres of woodland in West Sussex’s Oldhouse Warren, off Balcombe Road.

It intends to submit a development application to the local authorities “in due course,” and claims that the property is ideal because of its closeness to London’s south. The new location will feature a variety of lodges and cabins, as well as leisure facilities such as the Subtropical Swimming Paradise, similar to the other Center Parcs villages.

The Aqua Sana Spa, as well as a variety of restaurants, cafés, and retail establishments, are located in each village.

“It’s incredibly exciting to have identified a prospective site for another Center Parcs village in the UK,” said Martin Dalby, CEO of Center Parcs.

Bron en hele artikel: Brinkwire

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