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dinsdag 1 maart 2016

A day in the life at… Huck’s

Could you survive a busy shift serving hundreds of guests in the most popular restaurant on our Villages, Huck’s American Bar and Grill? Get a glimpse of what a normal day looks like in this demanding job.

Hi Josh, introduce yourself to our Under the Treetops readers.

I’m Josh, I live in a small village in Bedfordshire and I’m currently a Food and Beverage Assistant in Huck’s at Woburn Forest. I’ve worked there just under a year and a half. I used to work as a waiter in a high street restaurant when a previous manager of mine told me about the Center Parcs role and, seeing all the benefits it offered, I went for it.

How would your workmates describe you?

Well, I did try to encourage the nickname ‘Handsome Josh’ but sadly it never took off.

I consider many of the team I work with to be my best friends. Center Parcs seem to choose their staff carefully; I think they understand that people can be taught skills and protocol, but their personalities are what make them great staff. It means I get to work with interesting, fun-loving, like-minded people, which makes coming to work a real pleasure.

What does a typical work day as Josh look like?

There are different shift patterns, but a regular day at work starts around 3pm. That’s great because it means I have most of the day to sort myself out and get my other commitments in order – or spend time fishing, ideally – before I head in to work.

Once I arrive, the first job on the list is to make a round of coffees. Then we set up the restaurant and wait for the first guests to arrive. On any given day I could be working behind the bar or making desserts, but most days I’m waiting tables. This is what I enjoy the most as I get to chat with guests, share stories and have a laugh.

So I take orders, discuss their break with them and generally try to make them feel welcome and special. I like to try and treat every guest as if they’re already a good friend. And if it’s a special occasion then I do everything I can to make it memorable – after all, I’d appreciate the extra effort if it was my birthday or anniversary.

Of course, not every guest wants loads of interaction, so I try and gauge it. Occasionally you can tell that they’d prefer a quiet night. But more often than not, our guests do like to talk and joke with us. I’m always happy to make recommendations from the menu too!

I love to travel, and working in Huck’s gives me the chance to talk to interesting people from all over the country and, often, the world.

What do you love about your job?

The best thing is the team I work with. They’re crazy but so much fun. I’ve made lifelong friends.

It’s refreshing to work for a private company that uses its size and success to contribute to and support others in its local community. I think this is quite rare, and it’s one of the reasons I’m proud to work here.

What do you need to be to work at Huck’s, in three words?

Friendly, hard-working, fun.

If you like the sound of a day in Josh’s shoes, why not take a look at the Center Parcs roles we’re currently recruiting for near you?

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