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donderdag 21 juli 2016

First look at Mini Captains’ Adventure in action

Mini Captains’ Adventure is up and running at Elveden Forest. If you haven’t heard about our adorable new water-based activity yet, here’s everything you need to know.

What’s it all about?

  • Mini Captains’ Adventure is a new and unique activity for a little one aged three or over and a parent
  • It’s available at Elveden Forest now
  • You’ll find it at the Boathouse

So what’s involved?

You’ll learn the ways of the water before heading out to conquer the lake. But first things first: you need to look the part…

After donning a tiny captain’s hat, your little one will be shown by one of our instructors how to salute the other captains and how to talk on a radio. You’ll learn your port from your starboard and your ‘over’ from your ‘out’.

Then it’s time to start your voyage in one of our bespoke, tiny trawlers. These adorable boats have been designed by the Center Parcs team and are perfect for little hands to steer. Both kitted out in very fetching buoyancy aids, you’ll be helped into one of the colourful boats and handed a map.

Now it’s up to you, as First Mate, and your Mini Captain to make your way around the lake, finding every buoy on your map as you go. Each one will have an answer you need to fill in your activity sheet. Once it’s completed, head back to the jetty and see if you’re the first crew back on dry land!

If you think your little one would have a splashing good time at Mini Captains’ Adventure, it’s available to book now.

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