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zondag 17 juli 2016

The Lowdown on Las Iguanas at Longleat Forest

Las Iguanas, the Latin American-style restaurant founded in 1991, is coming exclusively to Longleat Forest – and is going to rock your taste buds.

The arrival, due in October 2016, was revealed on our Facebook page last week. Since then Center Parcs’ followers have been expressing their love for the restaurant, which is joining well-known classics such as Bella Italia and The Pancake House at one of the UK’s premium short break locations.

Las Iguanas’ popularity comes from its enjoyable dining experience – one that you’ll never forget. The restaurant offers high-quality food in a relaxed setting, which will be situated next to Café Rouge in Longleat Forest’s Plaza.

The menu includes many popular Latin American foods, with starters including succulent Chicken Wings and tasty Quesadillas. The main menu is inclusive of dishes From the Flames’, such as the fiery Flaming Bird and the juicy Picanha steak.

Whether you’re looking to fulfil your love of Mexican or Brazilian foods, Las Iguanas has you covered. Mexican fajitas are served with a variety of different fillings and spices, whilst Brazilian Sea Bass is grilled to perfection and will rock your world.

What can you expect from Las Iguanas?

This restaurant is unlike any another at Longleat Forest. Why not come to ‘Mini-Mexico’ later this year and experience first-hand the vibrant atmosphere.

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