vrijdag 22 juli 2016

Pokémon Go at Center Parcs

There have always been creatures rustling in the bushes at Center Parcs. But over the past few days, there’s been more talk of Squirtles than squirrels, more Rattatas than rabbits (more Butterfrees than butterflies, more Gyrados than geese – we could do this all day. But we won’t).

The Pokémon Go craze that’s sweeping the world has made it to our Villages, and while we’re still not 100% sure what we’re doing (we’re old enough to have played Pokémon the first time round, after all), we have to admit it’s been pretty fun.

Finally there’s a smartphone game crazy that families can play together, that pushes you outside and encourages you to explore your environment. We’re on board.

It turns out, our natural eco-diversity makes us a Pokémon Go haven! With hundreds of acres of forest, wild meadow, streams, lakes and beach, we’re overrun with the little pocket monsters.

So if you’re joining us soon and are yet to catch them all, here are some of our tips…

Go green for grass types

Get right into the forest for a veritable riot of grass type Pokémon. You’ll find plenty of Weedles without straying too far from the path, but you’ll need to really start exploring if you want to catch a Vileplume. Grab a map from Guest Services and start hunting!

There’s more than (Magi)carp in the lake

Unsurprisingly, water type Pokémon hang out by our lakes, ponds and streams. Though we’ve also found a fair few Magikarp floundering in the Village Square. Rumours of a Blastoise hiding in the Cascades at Longleat Forest remain unconfirmed…

Walk it off

Have an egg you need to hatch and want to hit that elusive 10km incubation distance? Well, you’re in luck because we have miles of woodland trails for you to explore in the sunshine while that egg takes its time. Fingers crossed for something cool like a Cubone or an Alakazam or really anything except another Eevee.

Pull out all the stops

There are Pokéstops all over the shop at Center Parcs because we have ‘points of interest’ everywhere you look. Signs, sculptures and bridges are all good bets for a cache of Pokéballs and potions. The ‘sleeping moon’ at Sherwood Forest is our favourite so far – if you can find it.

Hit the gym

Oh, we have gyms alright. We aren’t going to give anything away but while you’re choosing your bike at Woburn Forest or picking up some shopping at Sherwood Forest, you could take some time out for a battle or two. Team Mystic…?

Stay smart

Ok, here it is: please don’t cross the roads without looking, wander too far away from marked paths or get too close to edges of lakes (you don’t want to end up in one of those articles about the stupidest Pokémon Go accidents). And please don’t interrupt other guests’ activities, no matter how rare the spot. We know you wouldn’t anyway.

So there you have it – I bet you never thought you’d read an article about Pokémon at Center Parcs. We certainly didn’t think we’d write one! But if you need 68 Pidgeys and three dozen Magikarp, you know where to come.

What have you found on our Villages? Share your screenshots, best catches and insider tips below.

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