zaterdag 1 juni 2013

Subtropical Swimming Paradise starts to take shape at Woburn Forest

he iconic Subtropical Swimming Paradise is beginning to take shape at the new Center Parcs Woburn Forest as 46 Glulam pieces (the longest in the UK at 70 metres), start to arrive.

The laminated beams, known as Glulams, are making the 960 mile journey from just outside Vienna in Austria, where they are produced, to Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire.

The Glulams will make up the roof support structure of the Subtropical Swimming Paradise and now on site, will take construction workers 12 weeks to assemble into place.

Don Camilleri, Woburn Construction Director, Center Parcs UK, said:

“The Subtropical Swimming Paradise is such an iconic building, which many families recognise as a significant feature at Center Parcs, so it is exciting that the structure for Woburn Forest is now starting to take shape. Work on site is really progressing at pace now and we are on track for the spring 2014 opening.”

Manufactured at a factory just outside Vienna, it takes up to 195 man hours to construct each of the largest main beams and 50 workers in total to construct all of the Glulams.

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