Center Parcs Bungalowparken: Nieuws, Acties, Aanbiedingen en kortingen

zaterdag 7 oktober 2017

Center Parcs hit back at social housing sector criticism

Center Parcs has issued a statement after coming under fire from tenants and housing professionals for refusing to host a meeting between Alok Sharma and tenants.

Center Parcs has said they are unable to proceed with the booking of housing minister Alok Sharma and tenants due to the nature of the event.

When it was first announced on Twitter they were not allowing the meeting to be hosting at its premises, tenants and housing professionals took to social media demanding an explanation.

Some called it “astonishing” and “miserable”, while some poked fun that it may be due to the minister and not the tenants.

But Center Parcs has said it has nothing to do with the fact social housing tenants would be meeting there.

Instead, they said it was because “it is not possible to ensure the meeting remains low key” as was requested by the booking.

They added that “the meeting subject matter is contentious and we do not wish our brand to be associated with this topic at all (even indirectly)” – a nod toward the subject of Grenfell.

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