Center Parcs Bungalowparken: Nieuws, Acties, Aanbiedingen en kortingen

donderdag 28 oktober 2021

Omzet Center Parcs met 35% gedaald. Maar Q4 vertoont stijging.

After the decline in H1 revenue related to the ongoing health crisis, the Group restored growth over the second half of the year, with revenue over the summer season higher than the summer 2019 level.

Strong reservation trends for the first quarter 2021/2022.

Tourism revenue

Q4 2020/2021:

The recovery in revenue witnessed when the sites reopened during the third quarter of the year, gained further momentum over the summer period. The Group posted strong performances in the fourth quarter with revenue growth in the tourism activities reaching 17.3% relative to the year-earlier period, and +2.2% relative to summer 2019.

- Revenue at Center Parcs Europe grew by a robust 16.4% relative to the year-earlier period, and was even higher than the level seen in Q4 2019 (+14.8%).

This growth was driven by both the Domains located in BNG1 (revenue up 16% vs. 2020 and +21% vs. 2019), benefiting especially from the renovated offer, and by the French Domains (+17% vs. 2020 and +1.1% vs. 2019).

These performances validate the Reinvention strategy to premiumise and renovate the Domains, for a constantly improved customer experience.

- Pierre & Vacances Tourisme Europe posted revenue up 13.3% relative to summer 2020, with a significant recovery in Spain (+82.4%) and a strong performance in France (+5.5%, of which +1.1% on accommodation, despite the 12% narrowing in the offer).

The decline in revenue relative to Q4 2019 (-7.7%) was primarily related to the lack of foreign customers in Spain (revenue down 25%) and the reduction in the stock of accommodation operated in France (revenue down 3.4%, of which -6.1% on accommodation revenue on an 18% decline in the offer).

- The Adagio residences restored growth (+55.2% vs. 2020), even though business remained below the pre-crisis level (-32.2% vs. 2019) given the extent to which the aparthotels are dependent on foreign customers.

Full year 2020/2021:

After a first half affected by the restrictive measures caused by the health crisis, a gradual recovery in Q3 and strong performances over the summer, full-year revenue totalled €801.1 million, down 21.7% relative to the previous year, and -41.3% relative to 2018/2019.

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