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zondag 4 september 2016

Celebrate a special occasion at Center Parcs

When we heard about the celebrations happening at Whinfell Forest, we wanted to share these impressive milestone anniversaries with you and show you why Center Parcs is the perfect place for a family celebration.

Mr and Mrs Reeves

Lily and Eddie Reeves celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at Whinfell Forest, joined by their family who travelled from Liverpool and Edinburgh, making up the 11 members of the family celebrating the special occasion. As returning guests of Whinfell Forest, the couples’ daughter Dawn told us they chose Center Parcs because “we knew the accommodation would be perfect for all the family and that there would be plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy.”

Dawn said their fun-filled weekend at Whinfell Forest was full of adventure and family time. She says: “The young ones hired bikes from the Cycle Centre and completed Aerial Tree Trekking.

“On Sunday we all did Paintball, apart from my mum, dad and sister, who watched. It was fantastic and really good fun. The Sunday afternoon was then spent chilling in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise.”

The family celebrated Lily and Eddie’s incredible milestone – their 60th wedding anniversary – with a family meal in Bella Italia. “On the way to our evening meal on the Saturday night, we met one of the managers by the lake who knew who my mum and dad were and wished them a happy anniversary.”

“It was a lovely touch and they were so surprised that he knew about them, it made them feel very special. We had booked Bella Italia and had a lovely meal finished off with a glass of Prosecco to celebrate. A lovely bottle of fizz, chocolates and a card were also left in our Lodge for Mum and Dad and they were so pleased.”

“The whole weekend was perfect, and everyone at Center Parcs made them feel so special,” Dawn added.


Mr and Mrs Makepeace

Returning guests of Center Parcs, Anne and Alan Makepeace were joined by their family to celebrate a very special occasion, their diamond wedding anniversary. This is not the first time the family have visited Whinfell Forest to celebrate a special occasion. 10 years ago, the couple were joined by their children and grandchildren at Whinfell Forest to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary.

Their daughter Carolyn told us why they decided to choose Center Parcs as the destination for their celebrations 10 years ago, she says: “I have four boys so they wanted to choose a destination that would have activities for every age to enjoy.”

“At the time they vowed to return in 10 years time to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary and we did, this year with two extra family members joining us- their great granddaughters. 10 years after we visited Whinfell Forest to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary, there were still many activities at Center Parcs that all ages of our family could enjoy.”

With an extended family joining Anne and Alan for their anniversary celebrations, the group had a relaxing evening celebrating their special milestone in their Lodge.

Carolyn says: “On their special day we ordered a take away from Dining In and we all enjoyed celebrating together in the Lodge. We also enjoyed a BBQ at the Lodge on another evening.”

Speaking of the family’s break at Center Parcs, Carolyn says: “We all had a very enjoyable time on both occasions.”


Mr and Mrs Johnson

When we heard the story of Wilbraham and Audrey Johnson’s anniversary it made us all say ‘wow!’ here at Center Parcs HQ. Earlier this summer, the couple were joined by their two granddaughters, Joanne and Charlotte, and their great granddaughter Kate at Whinfell Forest, where they celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary.

Joanne says: “We decided to go to Whinfell Forest as it’s close to where we live, and Grandma loves the setting of Whinfell Forest – she’s always on the lookout for a red squirrel!”

“We’ve visited Whinfell Forest three times previously and it’s a time for us all to spend time together in a stress-free environment. So we booked the week we did because we thought it would be nice for Grandma and Grandad to celebrate their anniversary whilst on holiday.” And we completely agree!

The family had a relaxing weekend at Whinfell Forest and made the most of spending quality time together. Joanne says: “They loved to play games with us in the evening and spend time relaxing and going out for short walks. On the day of their anniversary they woke up to cards and presents with a card, chocolates and Champagne from Center Parcs. It was a total surprise as they never expect anything. In the evening we all ate out at Bella Italia and it was lovely.”

“All the Center Parcs employees are fantastic, helpful and always think ahead.”


Congratulations to all three couples who celebrated their wedding anniversary at Whinfell Forest. We hope to see you all again next year for more celebrations!


If you’re coming on a Center Parcs break in a large group, we can sort you out with your own personal assistant who can help book activities and restaurants for the party.

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