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vrijdag 9 september 2016

Meet Nutmeg, the baby reindeer

Winter Wonderland has a new star: Nutmeg. He’s also the main character in our new 2016 children’s book: Nutmeg’s Antlers.

Written and illustrated entirely by the team here at Center Parcs Head Office, Nutmeg’s Antlers is an enchanting, traditional storybook that captures the joy of Winter Wonderland and tells the story of one of our baby reindeer.

During his Christmas visit to Center Parcs from his home in Lapland, Nutmeg is enjoying meeting guests when he discovers that he’s too little to join his parents for Santa’s very important mystery task on Christmas Eve. Determined to help, he sets out on an adventure through the forest in search of his antlers, making some new friends along the way. But when Santa’s plans go awry, could little Nutmeg be the one to save the day?

Nutmeg’s Antlers: An Adventure at Center Parcs will be available from Santa’s Woodland Workshop and ParcMarket on all of our Villages from the beginning of Winter Wonderland (Monday 7 November, 2016) until Christmas Eve. It’s the perfect present for little ones to remember their magical Center Parcs break. Also at Santa’s Woodland Workshop is the adorable, cuddly soft toy version of little Nutmeg – complete with tiny antler bumps.

But that’s not all! There’s a new free activity this year with Nutmeg as the star. On the Sculpture Trail, you can explore each of our Villages with beautiful Winter Wonderland sculpture. At the end of each trail is a Nutmeg sculpture, depicting part of the story – Nutmeg meeting swans by the lake, or searching the spooky old oak tree.

At each sculpture, you can bring Nutmeg to life. There’ll be a small code you can scan with a smartphone which will create a virtual reality Nutmeg through your phone camera, so you and your little ones can have your photo taken with little Nutmeg.

Of course, if even virtual reality isn’t quite real enough for you, you can visit our reindeer by Santa’s Woodland Workshop, and meet a real life baby reindeer.

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