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vrijdag 3 februari 2017

What’s new this month: January

Fuel up for the day ahead at Sports Café

The perfect place to start your mornings will be in Sports Café thanks to our new breakfast and brunch menus. From avocado on toast to the Champion’s Breakfast, you can join us for a hearty or healthy breakfast or brunch and prepare for a day of activities.


What will you find on our scavenger hunt?

From a leaf dropped by a leaf monster to twigs that turn into magic keys, our scavenger hunt will have you exploring the forest like never before. Download our scavenger hunt checklist and head out onto the Village to see what you can discover. There’s only one requirement for our scavenger hunt: imagination.


We’ve got the kettle on at Sports Café

If you’re excited about the arrival of the Sports Café menu and you just cannot wait to try it, well the wait is finally over. Here’s a sneak peek into the delicious artisanal tea menu available at all our Villages now!


Cheers to our new selection of craft beer

Journey around the world with the new selection of refreshing craft beers available on the Sports Café new menu. Served in quirky tins and bottles, try a range of great flavours from much-loved brands such as BrewDog, Flying Dog and By the Horns. The new menu is available now, so what are you waiting for?


For busy mornings, there’s only one breakfast you’ll need

For a quick and easy breakfast choice, we’ve got some delicious breakfast pot recipe ideas that will have you looking forward to the weekday mornings. From overnight oats to oaty maple granola, you can make these breakfast pots the night before and look forward to a stress-free morning and perhaps an extra 10 minutes in bed?


Extra special celebrations

The first month of 2017 is complete and at Center Parcs we have had plenty of celebrations so far! At Whinfell Forest, Mr and Mrs Marrs celebrated their wedding with a family break, and there was a proposal at Huck’s for the future Mr and Mrs Boden. Our Action Challenge team at Sherwood Forest experienced a first with a zip wire proposal for Sam and Laura, and at Elveden Forest Mark and Ciara got engaged on the beach with their little boy Danny.


Coming soon…

We’ve kicked off the year with a bang, and the excitement doesn’t stop there! Next month we’ll be letting you explore our imagination trail, introducing you to a few activities that will get your imagination running wild and we’ll be asking you to keep an eye out for a few friendly creatures you might spot along our driveway.

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