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maandag 4 april 2016

Build your own Center Parcs Lodge craft

Our Lodge is always one of our favourite things about a Center Parcs break. It’s our home from home, our sanctuary, our forest hideaway. It’s the base camp from which we have all sorts of adventures.

It’s always sad to say goodbye to your Lodge at the end of a break…but now you don’t have to! The clever team at Under the Treetops have created a downloadable kit to make your very own scale model of a Center Parcs Woodland Lodge.

Download the Build Your Own Lodge templates
Download the Build Your Own Lodge instructions

One grey spring day, we took on the challenge. The boys couldn’t believe the detail in the pages whirring out of the printer – windows with curtains, walls with space for them to draw their own pictures, ‘views’ of the forest and of course, the famous Center Parcs chalkboard. It was super easy to download and print, the instructions are simple to follow and there are tips and diagrams to help you fold the more complicated items.

We loved that this was an activity the whole family could enjoy together – Sammy was in charge of cutting out the larger pieces while Ollie stuck the floor plan to the back of an old cereal box to make it sturdy. Master Folder (AKA Dad) worked on the walls and sticking the little tabs to the floor.

You really can’t go wrong if you follow the instructions, and the picture of how the finished 3D Lodge should look kept us on track. As the structure of our Lodge came to life, the boys got started on the window designs – Sammy decided there needed to be a lake in view and a tree (for the squirrel to climb, of course).

The ‘people’ cut-outs which stand up on their own were great fun. You can draw your own family members and even print out extras – Sammy wants to make another family all dressed for swimming next!

Once it was built, we headed into the garden and found the perfect spot amongst some snowdrops where our paper family could do lots of tree climbing, before hopping back to their Lodge.

Our boys needed some help with the trickier parts of the build, but older children would love the challenge of doing it themselves. What will your family’s Lodge look like? What will you see from the windows – sunshine or snowmen? Don’t forget to show us a photo of the finished piece on Facebook, Twitter or at

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