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maandag 7 augustus 2017

Your time to shine with 10 smart summer hacks

We love summer, but it throws up its own unique set of challenges. With such a narrow window of good weather, don’t waste precious time trying to figure out how to make the most of it.

The good news is we can help you get a head start. With these handy hacks you can enjoy an easy, breezy summer and amaze your friends at the same time.

  1. Ditch the drip

Summer’s too short to spend it washing dripped-on clothes. With a simple cupcake or muffin case, you have a ready-made ice lolly drip catcher. Simply push the lolly stick through the middle and hey presto – the sound of the ice cream van needn’t fill you with dread anymore.

  1. Come unstuck

Heading to the beach? Take some baby powder, sprinkle it on your feet and watch the sand literally fall off. Your car and your carpet will thank you.

  1. Out of sight

The age old problem: what to do with valuables while you take a swim? Here’s an idea – clean out an old suntan lotion bottle and put your phone, money and keys inside. Haven’t got an empty bottle? More incentive to keep slapping on that factor 50.

  1. Time for tea

Don’t cause a stink this summer. Trainers without socks might be a good look, but it’s rarely a good smell. However, you can eradicate odours by popping a teabag in each shoe overnight. Choose fruit-flavoured tea bags for a really summery scent.

  1. Don’t be a spoon bender

Everybody loves ice cream, but do you need a chisel to serve yours from the freezer? If so, pop the tub in a re-sealable freezer bag and it’ll stay soft and easy to scoop. It also prevents ice crystals from forming, keeping it good for longer.

  1. Wrinkle-free in the sun

No one wants to slave over a hot iron on a summer’s day, but those cotton t-shirts won’t de-wrinkle themselves… or will they?  Before you drop them into another cool drink, crack a few ice cubes into the dryer and the steam created will make creases disappear like magic.

  1. A mint idea

If mosquitos tend to enjoy you for breakfast (or lunch or dinner) a dab of toothpaste on the bite will instantly stop the itching and act as a cooling agent thanks to the menthol.

  1. Can cook, will cook

At home, turn a large, catering-style, aluminium can into a portable BBQ by cutting vertically around the top of the can and folding back the ‘tabs’. Next, cover the ‘tabs’ with tin foil to create a ‘dish’. Place charcoal in the bottom and put the rack from your oven on the top – voila, simple but effective.

  1. Illuminating ideas

When camping, save precious space in your backpack by leaving that bulky torch at home. You can make an impromptu lantern by placing a bottle of water on top of your phone. The light from the screen will refract through the water. Just remember to turn off the lock on your phone to keep the light constant.

  1. Let’s chill

Keep those bottles ice cold for longer. Wrap kitchen roll around the bottle and soak in water, pressing the wet paper to the shape of the bottle. Place in the freezer for 15 minutes then remove and enjoy.

So, next time the sun’s shining, or on your Center Parcs break, try one or more of these and you’ll be saving time and money – whether you’re holidaying at home or away.

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