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vrijdag 10 december 2021

Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs: Jaarcijfers: 236 miljoen verlies

  • Agreements signed with the Group’s main creditors under the framework of the conciliation procedure
  • After a first half affected by the health crisis, healthy momentum in the business recovery on the summer period
  • Progress in the process to strengthen the Group’s equity

Revenue: Tourism

After a first half affected by restrictive measures related to the health crisis, a gradual recovery in Q3 and excellent performances over the summer, full-year revenue from the tourism businesses stemming from operational reporting totalled €801.1 million, down 21.7% relative to the previous year, and -41.3% relative to 2018/2019.

Current operating profit/(loss)

After a first half severely affected by site closures or reduced operations (current operating loss of €307.2 million), the second half generated a current operating profit of €70.5 million, again testifying to the relevance of the Group’s fundamentals and its ability to bounce back following the health crisis. The current operating loss for the Group therefore stood at €236.7 million in 2020/2021 (vs. €171.5 million in 2019/2020), penalised by more than five months of closures or partial operation of the sites (vs. 2.5 months in the previous year).

Last MinuteMeivakantie, Pasen, Pinksteren, Hemelvaart
Zomervakantie, Herfstvakantie, KerstvakantieVoorjaarsvakantie

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