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maandag 16 januari 2017

Sports Café new menu: craft beers

The new Sports Café menu is nearly up and running and we‘re eager to share some of the exciting features with you. So we asked Group Executive Chef James Haywood all about the new selection of craft beers.

We’re intrigued to find out what new beers you’re bringing to Sports Café?

The craft beers we are introducing to the new menu include a range of world beers from great brands such as BrewDog, Flying Dog, By the Horns and many more. The craft beer menu is an exciting addition as all the beers are of great quality and offer a great extension to the Sports Café drinks menu.

Why is craft beer a perfect fit for Sports Café?

We started selling craft beers in Sports Café a couple of years ago and they did so well and were so popular with guests that we moved them into Huck’s and The Pancake House. We introduced craft beers from areas of America into Huck’s to match the brand, and in The Pancake House we decided on a selection of world beers. Guests really loved these so we decided to include some in the new Sports Café menu.

How did you choose which ones to include?

By tasting them! We started with around 30 types of craft beers and began by tasting them all so we could decide which would work on the new menu. We did this in rounds until we ended up with the few we have now. The end result is a great selection of craft beers in bottles and tins.

So if you’ve tasted them all, which is your favourite?

That’s tough because they all taste so good! I think my favourite would to be the BrewDog Elvis Juice which is brewed with grapefruit peel. It’s a strong craft beer of 6.5% but the acidity from the grapefruit peel gives it a great freshness.

Excited? We are! We’re counting down the days till we can head to Sports Café for a taste of the new menu which will be available at all Villages from 27 January 2017.

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