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donderdag 8 juni 2017

Your guide to Action Challenge

Aerial Adventure

For who: Minimum height 1.22 metres

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: Prepare for a thrilling adventure as you climb up into the treetop canopy to complete our aerial course. Swing through the trees, trek to the highest points and make your way back down to the ground by zooming down our zip wire through the trees – if you’re brave enough, the zip wire at Elveden Forest, Woburn Forest and Longleat Forest will have you flying over the lake!

Who’ll love it: Daredevils with a need for adventure.


High Ropes Challenge

For who: Minimum height 1.22 metres

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: Our thrilling combination of High Ropes activities is not for the fainthearted! Guided by an Action Challenge instructor, enjoy three activities in one, including the Leap of Faith and Climbing Wall. Will you step up to test your nerve and prove your head for heights?

Who’ll love it: Adrenaline junkies.


The Drop

For who: 8 years +

Where: Elveden Forest

What’s it all about: Perfect for those looking for an adventure they’ll never forget, The Drop will have you tackling four unique elements. Will you zoom down the Double Drop Zip Wire, tackle the Quick Jump, make a break for the Leap of Faith or conquer your nerves on the Air Bag Jump? There’s only one way up and four ways down.

(Age restrictions on the Air Bag Jump apply, see our website for details.)

Who’ll love it: Thrill-seekers.



Aerial Tree Trekking

For who: Minimum height 1.10 metres

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: Fancy exploring our aerial rope course situated just a few metres from the ground? With our Aerial Tree Trekking session you can build your confidence as you swing, climb and crawl your way through the forest, tackling challenging obstacles as you go.

Who’ll love it: Those looking for a treetop challenge.


Mini Trek

For who: 2 years + (maximum height 1.2 metres)

Where: Whinfell Forest, Sherwood Forest, Longleat Forest

What’s it all about: If your little ones have seen you swinging through the trees on Aerial Adventure, then Mini Trek is perfect for your little daredevils who are looking for an adventure of their own. Once harnessed into our safety system, they can make their way around our 1-metre-high course with you by their side.

Who’ll love it: Mini adventurers.


Tree Climbing

For who: Minimum height 1.22 metres

Where: Sherwood Forest and Woburn Forest

What’s it all about: If you’re looking for a forest adventure, look no further than our Tree Climbing session. Experience a range of different tree climbs by scrambling up trees using unique climbing holds which are configured on trees to allow you to make your way to the very top.

Who’ll love it: Those with a head for heights.

Interested? Take a look at our range of indoor and outdoor activities and book your next adventure today.

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