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vrijdag 30 juni 2017

Your guide to nature activities

Baby Owls

For who: 1 year+
Where: All villages
What’s it all about: Your little ones can get up close to these magnificent baby birds with our expert falconers on hand to teach you all you need to know. All the family can enjoy our Baby Owls session that allows you to get up close to these spectacular owls like you’ve never seen them before. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

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Who’ll love it: All the family.

Den Building and Decorating

For who: 3 years+
What’s it all about: For those looking for a family adventure, head outdoors for Den Building and Decorating, that is sure to get everyone involved. Using twigs, fern, leaves and other natural materials you find on the forest floor, set to work building your own woodland den in the heart of the forest.
Who’ll love it: Woodland adventurers.

Forest Crafts – Woodland Creations

For who: 3 years+
Where: All villages
What’s it all about: Get creative in our Activity Den session that will have you creating your very own family of woodland creations using natural materials. Build your woodland creations their own habitat before taking part in our creative woodland activities.
Who’ll love it: Creative little ones.

Wildlife Walk

For who: 4 years+
Where: All villages
What’s it all about: Explore the wonderful surroundings of Center Parcs by joining our rangers on their Wildlife Walk. Each walk is unique to each of our villages and our rangers will take you on a 90-minute walk around the forest, discovering the flora and fauna as well as the local wildlife that live there.
Who’ll love it: Wildlife enthusiasts.

Tots Go Wild

For who: 2-5 years
Where: All villages
What’s it all about: In this fun-filled Tots Go Wild session, little ones can explore our wildlife discovery area with the help of our expert rangers, who will be on hand to share their knowledge about our village.
Who’ll love it: Little ones with inquisitive minds.

Wildlife Photography

For who: 14 years+
Where: Whinfell Forest and Sherwood Forest
What’s it all about: Learn photography tips from the professionals as you learn how to snap beautiful wildlife photographs in our Wildlife Photography session. Using our professional equipment you can learn practical tips on how to capture perfect shots – and what better place to practice than in the heart of the forest.
Who’ll love it: Budding photographers.

Willow Workshop

For who: 8 years+
Where: All villages
What’s it all about: If you’re the creative type then try your hand at a traditional woodland craft. Our rangers will show you how to handle these flexible rods as you shape them to create beautiful structures for your garden.
Who’ll love it: Those who are feeling creative or looking for a relaxing afternoon.

Interested in taking part in a nature activity? Take a look at our activity booking website to find out more and book.

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