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vrijdag 30 oktober 2020

Saunas and steam rooms are back on the menu

For our heat experience lovers out there, we are excited to announce that our saunas and steam rooms across our UK Aqua Sana Spa’s have re-opened for Center Parcs guests to use once again. To help you fully relax, unwind and pamper with peace of mind we have assessed and assigned all of our experience rooms a new, much lower, capacity. So, we can not only keep our guests safe, but it allows you even more room to relax during your visit. Find out more about the small changes on our website.

With a lot of us in desperate need of a spa day or suffering from ‘maskne’, our saunas and steam rooms could be just what you need. Don’t believe me? Here are some top benefits of using heat rooms that will help you look and feel great.

Relieves stress and reduces tension

Heat is well known for soothing nerve endings and relaxing your muscles which can minimise joint pain, whilst also causing your body to release endorphins along with other ‘feel-good’ hormones, to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Improved skin health

The heat helps to clear skin impurities and improve circulation around the body which can create a healthy glow, helping you look and feel great.

Removes toxins

The heat of a sauna or steam room makes the body sweat which helps relieve the body of waste products. Experts suggest sitting in a heated room for around 20 minutes can rid the body of a whole days sweat and waste products. Also, the aromas used in saunas and steam rooms, for example, menthol and eucalyptus are great for decongestion.

Promotes healthy blood flow

When exposed to high heat, the capillaries in the body dilate which allows blood to flow freely around the body. This allows the heart to pump oxygen easily around the body to the areas that need it.

Need more convincing? Here is a sneak peek of our top sauna and steam experience rooms in our five UK Aqua Sana Spa’s that are sure to help melt your stresses away.

  • Indian Blossom Steam Room (Whinfell Forest) – Themed on the inner sanctum of a Maharaja’s Palace, you’ll be transported back to an era of royal baths with its glittering lights and exotic aromas as you take in the soothing steam and unwind.
  • Treetop Sauna (Sherwood Forest) – Reach new heights with this unique Sauna nestled among the trees. The giant panoramic window brings you one step closer to the tranquil forest accompanied by the sounds of singing birds for complete relaxation.
  • Japanese Salt Steam Bath (Elveden Forest) – Steam, essential oils and salt combine to create the sea atmosphere of this unique inhalation room. It is especially good for clearing congestion and helping you to breathe more easily.
  • Lava-Volcanic Sauna (Woburn Forest) Relax your muscles with intense heat to improve circulation. Designed with lava influences, this hot, dry sauna welcomes the earth’s core for vitality.
  • Moonlight Steam Room (Longleat Forest) – Deep purples of dusk take you into complete relaxation, while the orange light of dawn will bring you back to full energy in this citrus-scented steam room.

Tip: Use our cold showers and ice rooms in conjunction with our heated experience rooms during your visit, the variation in temperature helps stimulate the lymphatics, enhances the detoxification process and helps boost your immune system.

If that has got you ready for a spa escape at Aqua Sana and you already have a break booked, browse our treatment menu and treat yourself to an early Christmas gift from you to you. Or book your Center Parcs break today to get a spa session scheduled in.

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