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zaterdag 7 maart 2020

Why you should eat out for breakfast

“Breakfast like a king” – at least that’s the advice. But unless you’re actual royalty, it’s unlikely you’ll have time for a family feast before the morning commute has to begin. Yet when you’re on a break, what could be better than getting out in the fresh air and kicking off your day with a scrumptiously social breakfast?

In fact, more of us than ever are eating out for breakfast in our free time. Across the UK, bookings for breakfast or brunch have more than doubled, with a 65% increase in the past three years. And with more than 89.6 million Instagram posts hashtagged #breakfast, it’s clear we love to share our morning meal with others – online and in real life.

In Britain, we annually spend around £11.6 billion on breakfast foods – and that figure is rising faster than you can say, “I’ll have an extra rasher, please.” So, what is so wonderful about the first meal of the day?

From Instagrammable avocado on sourdough to a traditional fry-up or vegan-friendly banoffee pancakes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a dish that can’t legitimately be eaten as breakfast. Even more wonderful is that word ‘brunch’, which allows you to squeeze two meals into one and get away with eating pretty much anything you like after 10am.

When you’re eating with family and friends, the biggest divide can be whether to opt for a healthy breakfast or an indulgent treat. At Center Parcs, you’ll find our breakfast menus offer something to keep every tummy happy.

Sip something new

Wake up and smell the coffee… just make sure it’s hot and freshly roasted. One of the best things about going out for breakfast is shaking up your morning drink routine. Sure, you can order a traditional breakfast tea if that’s your favourite way to start the day. But if you fancy something out of the ordinary, you’ll discover a delectable range of drinks at all the Center Parcs eateries. From freshly prepared smoothies and juices to luxury hot chocolates and creamy milkshakes – there’s plenty to whet your appetite. And if you’re seeking a change from the usual background of news headlines and traffic reports, just imagine sipping your favourite coffee to the sound of birdsong and the sight of trees. It’s your wake-up drink made better.

Make a plan of action

Our best-laid plans are often made over a hearty breakfast. When you go out for the first meal of the day, your body and mind are rested, your favourite people are with you around the table and you’re kick-starting your brain with mouthfuls of pillowy pancake. It’s the perfect moment to plan the day ahead. Perhaps you’ll draw-up a cycle route to explore every nook and gnarl of the Center Parcs forest, work out how to fit a Wildlife Walk and a High Ropes Challenge into one afternoon or plot a Twilight session at Aqua Sana Spa. Whatever plans you make, a breakfast strategy session over a perfectly poached egg will help you maximise your holiday fun potential.

A sociable way to start your day

We all know that sitting down together for family meals is important. But with the inevitable morning dash (after just one more snooze), how often do we get quality time to talk at breakfast? That’s what makes going out for breakfast so smile-inducingly brilliant: there’s no washing up, no holding a piece of toast in one hand and an iron in the other. You just get up, get dressed and step into the forest.

Get social

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Book it

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