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dinsdag 22 december 2015

12 things to do as a family this Christmas

1 Bake gingerbread

A creative family activity that results in something delicious to eat and makes the house smell amazing? Yes please. If you’re ambitious, try a full gingerbread house, or if you’re less sure, festive gingerbread snowmen.

2 Christmas hunt

Bring the joy of Easter egg hunts to the festive period with an indoor Christmassy treasure hunt. Chocolate tree decorations are the perfect small treat to hide.

3 Practice penmanship

Involve your children with the chore of card writing. Depending on their age, they can practice their handwriting, sign their name or just help with licking and sticking envelopes.

4 If it snows…

Build snowmen, throw snowballs, make snow angels, create an igloo, look for animal tracks… You don’t need inspiration for family activities in snow, the snow is the inspiration.

5 Family film night

As much as we hope for bright sunshine and pure white snow, it’s more likely we’ll have days of grey skies, drizzle and slippery pavements. When the weather is less than picture-perfect, put on a classic family Christmas film and curl up on the sofa together with some seasonal snacks.

6 Story time

If you’re a family that opens one present on Christmas Eve, why not make it a book that you can ready together? Story time before bed will have the added benefit of getting over excited little ones off to sleep easier.

7 Party games

If the stress of December is compounded by a child’s birthday, instead of fighting the festive feeling, why not embrace it with a Christmas-themed party? Pin the nose on the reindeer is the perfect party game to get your theme going.

8 Christmas day breakfast together

How you start the big day itself is an important tradition in many households. Why not involve the little ones this year? Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and a glass of Champagne may be celebratory, but a tower of pancakes is a bit more child-friendly and fun to make together – especially the flipping.

9 Board games

The oldest board game ever discovered is over five thousand years old. There’s a reason we still play them – even in an age of mobile gaming and consoles, there’s an undeniable draw to good old fashioned board games.

10 Winter walk

An official ‘White Christmas’ is declared if a single flake of snow falls anywhere in the British Isles during the 24 hours of Christmas Day. With an unusually mild December so far, it looks unlikely we’ll see a fairytale blanket of the white stuff, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a brisk family walk after all that turkey.

11 Museums when quiet

The lull between Christmas and New Year can be the hardest time to fill when you have bored children at home. We often assume that the whole world closes down for the whole week, but actually museums, zoos and attractions are very often open – and quiet! It’s still school holidays, so there’s a good chance there’ll be special events and exhibitions for little ones too.

12 Make resolutions together

On New Year’s Eve, take a moment to sit together as a family and make some resolutions about your family time for 2016. What are you going to do more of? What new things will you try together? Making the promises to each other holds you accountable, so you can make next year your best yet.

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