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dinsdag 22 december 2015

No mobile phone distractions this Christmas with festive sacks by Center Parcs

Families might be able to enjoy a traditional festive holiday season without the constant distraction of mobile phones, thanks to a new invention by Center Parcs.

Hanging up next to your children's Christmas stockings, the miniature sleeping bags - which are being given out at the holiday resort - could easily be mistaken for a place where elves take a break from wrapping presents and snuggle-up for forty-winks.

But the tiny sleeping-quarters, which could also be used as reindeer hoof-warmers, could help families enjoy each others company without the distraction of smart phones.

The mobile phone sleeping bag is the brainchild of Center Parcs who have begun giving out the festive little sacks to families this Christmas.

Colin Whaley, from Center Parcs, said: "We commissioned a study which revealed that the daily distractions of modern life, particularly those from personal technology devices, have been found to be associated with lower levels of happiness."

"We found a seamstress to develop the miniature sleeping bags and we're equipping 50 families with them so they can get together again and give their mobiles a rest for good quality family time."

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