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woensdag 16 december 2015

The Linnell family’s Winter Wonderland break

Family time is really important to us at Center Parcs. But between work, school and play, we understand the challenges that prevent many families spending as much quality time together as they’d like.

That’s why this Christmas, we wanted to give a gift to a family who aren’t able to spend a lot of time together. Meet the Linnells! Roger Linnell is a paramedic in the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance, which by its very nature operates all day, every day of the year. Sadly this means he misses out on lots of family occasions with his wife Dionne, and sports events and parents evenings for their six-year-old son Cameron.

So to thank him for his tireless work and dedication, we gave Center Parcs fan Roger and his family a Christmas surprise they’ll never forget. If you haven’t already seen the video (where have you been?) you can watch it here. Warning! You may need tissues.

Armed with a GoPro camera and a weekend full of activities, this is what the Linnell Family got up to on their Winter Wonderland break.

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